Veil or No Veil: 10 Tips for Brides to Help You Decide If You Want One

by Kremy

The veil is a very traditional element of the bride’s wedding look, but many girls doubt whether to wear it or whether it is better to abandon. In order to weigh the pros and cons and help you decide, we will give future brides 10 tips to help them decide!

Bridal Veil: Yes Or No? How to Decide?

Veil or No Veil 10 Tips for Brides to Help You Decide

What is the bride of the 21st century? How does a young woman want to look on her wedding day? Now, the great thing about modern times is that you have the right to look in a way that pleases you! If you have dreamt for a white dress and a floor-length veil – go for it! If you are a more daring and extravagant bride, who is not afraid of experiments – go for it! Everything is possible and the main thing is to feel comfortable and beautiful.

Bridal veil yes or no


So we come to the question – veil or no veil? Many brides choose it as the final touch to their wedding look. It is a traditional element but the fact is that we see its triumphant return to wedding fashion trends. Before deciding, you should weigh the pros and cons that will help you understand exactly what you want and take the decision.

What Are the Advantages of a Wedding Veil?

Advantages of a Wedding Veil

Whether you choose a chapel or a cathedral veil, shoulder-length, floor or knee-length, the wedding is THE occasion when you can wear one. Let’s look at the pluses for wearing one!


wearing a veil is a beautiful tradition

On the first place, wearing a veil is a beautiful tradition. It is a symbol of purity and is worn by our mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers. Very often it is a treasured heirloom passed from mother to daughter.

It Is a Part of the Classic Bridal Look

The veil is a part of the classic bridal look

Classic never goes out of style. A veil is always associated with a wedding and the happy smile of a girl who has found her love. This accessory will make your look romantic and magical.

The Wedding Is a Unique Moment in Life

Wedding Is a Unique Moment in Life

This is a special accessory which can only be worn on the occasion of a wedding. If you have dreamed of feeling like a princess since childhood, it’s time to make dreams come true!

It Can Hide Your Figure Imperfections

A veil Can Hide Your Figure Imperfections

The right choice of veil can hide the imperfections and emphasize the advantages of the bride’s figure. For example, a long model makes a girl look taller.

You Will Look Magnificent on Photos

Brides with veil look magnificent on photos

This may not be the reason to make you wear this hair accessory, but it is true that it can be a great accent in wedding photos. Photos of brides with veils, taken by skilled photographers, are truly masterpieces.

What Are the Arguments Against Wedding Veil?

What Are the Arguments Against Wedding Veil

To wear or not to wear a veil is a disputable question and every bride has its own arguments. After we listed some of the most important arguments in favor of this bridal accessory, let’s see the minuses.

Can Be Inconvenient

A veil can be inconvenient in windy weather

A veil is associated with something fragile and rather light, an airy accessory. However, no matter how airy your model is, it is an extra load on your shoulders. Any model will constrain your movements and cause some discomfort. A long one (no matter how luxurious it looks) can get dirty or tangled underfoot, and a short one is easily blown by the wind. In addition, when if you weal a long model you need to be careful so that someone does not accidentally step on it or pull it out of your hair.

Wedding Hairstyle Choices

wedding hairstyle with veil

Not every wedding hairstyle can be combined with a veil. It is best if you consult with your stylist whether your bridal hairstyle is suitable.

It Is Not Suitable For Your Wedding Theme or Style

The veil is not suitable for your wedding theme

There is no doubt that the style of the wedding dress and the overall look should match the theme of the event. There are quite many concepts and themes – from Rustic to Minimalistic, from retro to Boho chic and each one has its own rules that brides need to keep into account when choosing their attire and accessories.

It Will Hide Your Figure and Dress

The veil will hide your figure and dress

A veil usually covers the shoulders and sometimes the entire back. The beauty of the dress will be hidden from the eyes of the guests. The fact is that after spending a lot of time in choosing the dream wedding dress, not many brides are ready to hide it.

Do you need to wear bridal veil

Now that you know all the plusses and minuses, you can easily decide how you want to look on your wedding day!



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