Summer Wedding Ideas on a Budget: Create A Special Festivity Without Breaking Your Bank!

by Snezhana Besarabova

Gathering together of two persons in a family is such a significant event, that it requires some more special celebration. Though, do you think that the light of this festivity should be dimmed by breaking your bank? Is there a way to escape from a financial collapse after the remarkable event? Perhaps you’ll convince yourself that it is possible, after looking through these summer wedding ideas on a budget.

What Time is Best for a Summer Wedding?

summer wedding ideas on a budget near the beach decor

Choosing the time for the event is in tight connection with the implementation of your summer wedding ideas on a budget. There are suitable hours for timing a wonderful overall experience for both you and the guests, without breaking the bank:

  • In the evening or in the morning? An evening event is associated with a romantic atmosphere, and, of course, the couple and the guests can benefit from memorable sunset views. On the other hand, the advantage of morning wedding is the possibility to beat the heat, because of the cooler temperatures. The other plus is that the ceremony can be followed by a brunch reception, which is easily to be organized, and is rather more wallet-friendly than an evening affair.
  • Timing around meals? In case you prefer a midday wedding, you may plan only a light meal, scheduling the celebration after lunch and before dinner. This is important for lowering the catering costs, giving the chance for the guests to enjoy some refreshments instead.

Summer Wedding Ideas on a Budget in Decoration

outdoor wedding ideas for summer on a budget use a lake or a park for decor element


It’s possible to prepare a pretty decoration that is in harmony with your summer wedding ideas on a budget. Choose such an art creation to set a celebration ambiance, which turns into an admiring focal point on the ceremony:

  • Handmade DIY centerpieces: Come up with the design and make your own centerpieces from affordable materials like mason jars or wine bottles. Fill them with artistically arranged wildflowers or seasonal blooms, as a budget-friendly solution.

summer wedding ideas on a budget search for native flowers

  • Admiring nature decor: Embrace summer colors and beauty to incorporate greenery and flowers, and seashells into your decorations. You can substantially cut down on costs, bringing locally sourced decorative plants.

summer wedding food ideas on a budget a buffet

  • Fairy lights with paper lanterns: This sparkling decor creates a really romantic atmosphere, which is simultaneously cost-effective. Hang the paper lanterns and fairy lights around the reception area, and on trees, or on ceilings for the wedding couple and guests to be surrounded with a magical glow on your venue.

wedding reception ideas for summer on a budget hand colorful lights

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What are the Best Summer Wedding Colors?

A joyful color palette would emphasize the summery vibe of the event. There are some color combinations, which are able to enhance the mood of the wedding participants in a special way:

  • Vibrant palette: Express the bright shades and energy of the summer with vibrant and bold colors. For instance, citrus shades like tangerine, lemon yellow, or lime green bring a lively and sunny atmosphere to the event. It would be interesting to add these colors into your invitations, table linens, and in the celebration accessories.

summer wedding decorations on a budget use sunny summer colors

  • Pastel shades: Soft pastel tones like lavender, mint green, blush pink, or baby blue evoke a romantic and airy feel. These colors are in a great harmony with the colors of the summer, and an ideal idea for inclusion in the dresses, floral and table decorations.
  • Pops of colors with neutrals: Consider an ivory, beige, or light gray as a background neutral color palette, adding pops of bright colors as accents. This is an elegant and sophisticated combination that brings a delightful summer flair.

Wedding Reception Ideas for Summer on a Budget

summer wedding ideas on a budget use nature features for decoration

You should think creatively about the kind of the guests’ reception, which is the highlight of the celebration. There are many possibilities for simple wedding ideas, which are brilliant and memorable, while not overspending:

  1. Outdoor wedding: Take advantage of the warm summer weather by choosing an outdoor venue such as a garden, beach, or park. Use the surrounding beauty elements as a natural background, and add only minimal decorations, saving your bank from braking.
  2. Food stations or a casual buffet: Consider a casual buffet or food stations, instead of a formal dinner. This not only lowers the costs for catering meals, but is also a relaxed and interactive way to accompany the reception, which will please the couple and the guests.
  3. Signature wedding cocktails: Prepare signature cocktails, which to serve at the reception to the guests. This is a wise for your budget alternative to a full bar, and an expression of a lovely personal touch to the festivity.

summer wedding centerpiece ideas on a budget photo booths wedding decor

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With some careful planning and a flair of DIY magic, you can have your beautiful and unforgettable celebration of love without sacrificing the financial stability.

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