How to Preserve Bridal Bouquet? 6 Easy Methods to Save Your Beautiful Memory Forever!

by Kristiyana

The wedding is over – of course, you want to keep the bouquet as a beautiful memory for eternity. Lucky for you, there are 6 easy methods for how you can preserve your bridal bouquet forever.

How to Preserve Bridal Bouquet? The Methods at a Glance

 preserving bridal bouquet guide methods

There are basically several ways in which you can preserve flowers. Among other things, you can:

  • Dry the flowers by pressing them and display them in a glass frame
  • Hang the entire bridal bouquet upside down and let it dry
  • Use silica gel to preserve the bridal bouquet
  • Preserve with epoxy resin
  • Preserve the flowers with wax
  • Paint the flowers with wax paints

Press and Dry the Flowers Individually

preserve bridal bouquet


To dry the bouquet by pressing, remove the decorations and carefully take it apart. Choose flowers, bouquets and grasses that look fresh and have not yet lost their colour. You can find wax paper in craft shops, it is great for flower caning by pressing. This way you will preserve the flower’s colour. Lay the flowers flat between two sheets of wax paper and place several heavy books on top. Let the flowers dry for about a week. Then you can arrange them in a glass frame.

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Preserve Bridal Bouquet: Hang Upside Down

flower drying head hanging

The next method is also quite simple and very straightforward. Simply hang the bridal bouquet upside down in a dry and dark cellar or attic room and let it dry there for about 60 days. The sooner you take the flowers out of the cellar, the more likely their colour will fade later.

Dry Wedding Bouquet with Silica Gel

flowers in silica gel drying instruction

Silica gel offers several advantages: The flowers dry faster, retain their colour, and you can preserve both individual flowers and entire bridal bouquets. Simply fill an airtight container halfway with the silica powder, then place the bouquet and cover the plants completely with silica gel. Put the lid on, close the container airtight and let the plants dry for 5 to 7 days.

Preserving Bridal Bouquet with Epoxy Resin

bridal bouquet with epoxy resin make durable

You can use epoxy resin to preserve the beautiful bridal bouquet for eternity. Craft shops sell silicone moulds and special casting resin that hardens quite quickly. The result is a delightful art object with a smooth surface. Dried flowers in epoxy resin are a real eye-catcher and can be staged to great effect.

For this purpose, simply buy a transparent casting resin and mix it at home in a plastic container. Along with the casting resin, you should also get a hardener and a large silicone mould. First you need to fill the mould halfway with epoxy resin and then place the flowers in it. Pour additional epoxy into the mould so that the flowers are completely covered. Then allow to harden – following the manufacturer’s instructions on the packaging. Then carefully remove the detail from the mould.

bridal bouquet preserving with epoxy resin instruction

You will soon notice that the flowers have retained their attractive colours and do not look like “normal” dried flowers, but like freshly picked flowers. However, so that you can enjoy the beautiful decoration for a long time, hang the epoxy resin detail in an out-of-sun place. Direct sunlight can cause the colours to fade and the resin – to yellow.

Preserve Flowers with Wax, and Dye with Wax Paint

flowers in wax preservation guide

Alternatively, you can preserve flowers individually with wax. To do this, simply take apart the bridal bouquet, removing the decorations. Buy candle wax, melt it in a water bath and dip the flowers and grasses individually into the wax. Then place the flowers in empty vases and let them dry.

By the way, you can find flower dipping wax in flower shops. This can also be dyed without any problems and is used to preserve fresh flowers. Alternatively, you can first preserve the flowers with wax and then paint them with wax colour.

Which Method Is Best for Preserving the Bridal Bouquet?

flower drying which method is the best

Each of the above methods have advantages and disadvantages. Pressing flowers takes quite a long time, and dried flowers fade in strong sunlight. If you hang the bouquet upside down, the flowers may rot if the humidity in the room is higher than 70%.

The method with silica gel guarantees quick results and is an inexpensive alternative. However, you have to dip the flowers individually into the gel, which takes up considerably more time.

Epoxy resin is a somewhat expensive option, but the end result is fascinating and will last a long time. Similarly, preserving with wax can work well, as long as you have a little patience and dip the flowers individually into the melted candle wax.

If you want to preserve a bridal bouquet, you have several options. If you want to do it quickly and easily, silica gel is a good choice. Or, if you can wait a little longer, you can hang the bouquet upside down or dry it by pressing. Epoxy resin and wax are other creative methods that have gained popularity recently.

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