How to Dry Hydrangea Blooms? Best 2 Methods to Preserve Their Beautiful Colour!

by Kristiyana

Hydrangea flowers always look beautiful on a bush. But did you know that a dried hydrangea blossom could be just what your wreaths and autumn decorations need for that touch of romance? As long as, of course, the attractive colour is preserved and the flower does not turn brown. Learn how to dry hydrangea blooms without losing their magical colour! 

How to Dry Hydrangea Blooms Without Losing Their Colour?

dried hydrangea bouquet how do you dry hydrangea flowers at home

Dried hydrangeas are a real eye-catcher. There are many methods to dry them, but only two promise good results if you want to preserve the flower’s colour. You can dry the flowers with silica gel to preserve them permanently, or you can dry them directly in the vase. Which option you choose depends mainly on where you got the flowers from. If you get the flowers from your garden bush, then the vase is ideal. Store-bought flowers dry faster and better with silica gel. We describe the two methods below.

Drying Hydrangea Blooms in the Vase: Instructions

how to dry hydrangeas how to dry hydrangeas in vase


If you want to dry hydrangeas in a vase, then the right time to cut them is crucial. At the end of the flowering period, the flowers begin to dry up directly on the plant. At this time, however, they are not yet discoloured. This is when you should cut them off. It is best to take sharp secateurs early in the morning and cut off at an angle along with the stem.

what's the best way to dry hydrangeas how to dry hydrangea blooms

Shorten the stem to about 40 cm and remove all the leaves. Fill a vase with enough water so that it barely covers the bottom, and arrange the flowers so that the air can circulate freely between them. Place the vase in an off-sun but still bright spot. Then it’s a matter of waiting for the water to evaporate. If the flowers are still not completely dry, pour more water into the vase and wait again. After about two weeks, the flowers should feel like paper –  this is when they have dried.

How to Dry Hydrangea Blooms with Silica Gel?

how to dry hydrangea blooms with silica gel how to dry hydrangea blooms

Silica gel is a popular product that can be found in packets at numerous drug stores and craft stores. The gel attracts moisture and keeps the chosen object dry. You can use the contents of the packets found in shoes, bags and other goods for the next tutorial. Proceed as follows:

  • Open the packets and pour the contents into a plastic container. As an example, clean and dry yogurt cups are a good option.
  • Trim the stem of the cut hydrangea flowers to 7 cm and place them in the container. Cover completely with silica gel and let them dry for about 3 days.
  • Allow the hydrangea flowers to dry in the gel in an off-sun location. After about 48 to 72 hours, the gel will turn green. If its colour becomes particularly intense, then the flowers are dry.
  • The colour is guaranteed to remain. Therefore, this option is perfect for cut flowers that have already spent some time in the vase.

how to dry hydrangea blooms drying hydrangea at home

You can then use the dried hydrangeas for wreaths or autumn decorations. In addition to this, you can treat them with hairspray to preserve the colour. Otherwise, if the flowers are hung in a sunny place, they may fade after some time.

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