How to defrost ground beef fast? Let’s see 4 of the safest methods to defrost quickly!

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Coming home from work and having to cook bolognese pasta is one of the most soothing thoughts for me. Pasta and a glass of wine sounds even better after a long day at work. However, having a busy everyday life sometimes makes me forget things, like defrosting the ground beef. For the ladies like me that often cook with ground beef, I am coming to the rescue. Let’s find out 4 of the best ways on how to defrost ground beef fast!

How to defrost ground beef fast?

how to defrost ground beef fast tips and tricks ideas microwave cold water fridge

Ground beef is basically a kind of minced meat that allows you to create so many delicious dishes. You can cook pasta, tacos, lasagna, burgers, or you can even try some of the best seasonal recipes like ground beef stuffed squash. Defrosting ground beef, however, can be very time-consuming sometimes. It takes several hours if you take it out of the fridge and just let it defrost naturally. Also, it is very important to mention that it is good to know the right ways to defrost, since it can be dangerous for your health and cause food poisoning. When defrosting something, the moisture increases, which means the bacteria can grow easily if food is left in warmer temperature. How to thaw ground beef safely? Let’s check out 4 of the best solutions!

1. Cold water

defrosting ground beef in cold water methods to defrost meat safely and quick


This is the safest method to defrost ground beef quick. Putting it in hot water means that you should keep an eye on, since the meat can boil if leave it for a longer time. You can either keep the meat in its original packaging and place it in a bowl with ice and water, or use a zip-top bags. If the meat cannot fully submerge into the water, use a heavy object to press it in. The water should cover the entire packaging since you want it to defrost evenly. Check on it after 30 minutes, and if the water is warmer, you can add in more ice cubes.

2. In the microwave

defrosting ground beef in the microwave save methods quick fast

If we are talking about defrosting meat fast, this is absolutely the quickest way. Remove the meat from its original packaging and place it on a microwave-safe plate. Put it in the microwave and set it to the defrost setting. If your microwave does not have that function, you should defrost the ground beef for about 5 minutes, and repeat until you feel that is ready. Keep in mind, and be very careful, because with this method the meat can start cooking and we don’t want that. You can flip it over in between to make sure it will defrost evenly. Also, it is good to cook it right after defrosting in that case. Refreezing it after it was placed in the microwave is not possible, since it can cause bacterial growth.

3. Pound it out

paunding out ground beef defrosting it quickly and fast methods

This method can only be used if the meat is almost defrosted, but you can still find some ice in it. It is simple, if the meat is thinner it will defrost way quicker. You are going to need a parchment paper. Remove the ground beef from its original packaging. Place the meat between two pieces of paper, then pound the meat gently, using a plastic bottle with water or a rolling pin. This will definitely help you thaw the meat and enjoy your favorite recipes faster.

4. How to defrost ground beef overnight? Try using the fridge!

defrosting meat in the fridge quick ways and methods overnight

This method is recommended to use when you have more time to defrost the meat. Depending on the weight, it can take from 6 to 12 hours to defrost if you leave it in the fridge. However, it is the safest way since the ground beef will never be exposed to higher temperature, which means the bacteria will not spread easily. It will also defrost evenly, and you will not need to microwave, or pound it out. To avoid contamination, place the ground beef on a plate and carefully move it from the freezer to the fridge.

How to store meat in the fridge safely?

how to store meat in the fridge savely methods health lifestyle

As you probably already know, the shelves in our fridges do not have the same temperature. That is why it is very important to know how to store the meat correctly. If you store it on the wrong shelve with a higher temperature, some bacteria can start growing. How to avoid that? Store the raw meat on the lowest shelf, meaning above the fruit and vegetable drawer. The temperature there is ideal for any raw meat. You can keep it in its original packaging, or place the meat in a zip-top bag. You should always keep the meat away from any other foods, just in case. How long can you keep it in the fridge? Normally, you can keep raw meat in the fridge for 3 to 5 days. Specifically for ground beef, I would say to keep it no longer than 3 days. It is also good to note that you should always keep the hygiene in your refrigeration on point. Clean it regularly with the right cleaning products and set it to the right temperature.

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