Thanksgiving drawings: 20+ ideas for kids to draw and have fun while learning about Thanksgiving

by Gabby

There are a few days left before Thanksgiving and we are all very exited. This holiday is all about the family, gathering together and cooking our Thanksgiving dishes. As this can mean a lot of fun for the adults, we have to think how to entertain our little ones. What better way than to keep them busy with some easy Thanksgiving drawings? Let’s find out how to draw a turkey, a pumpkin, and others!

Easy Thanksgiving drawings to entertain our kids

thanksgiving drawings 2022 how to draw a turkey step by step

Thanksgiving is approaching, as there are only 14 days left before the 24th. I can already imagine the taste of the cranberry sauce in combination with the festive stuffed turkey.  How to make it interesting for your kids as well? How to keep them occupied? Well the answer is simple as most of the children love to draw. This is also a great method to teach them more about the holiday and create a tradition in their life. Let’s teach them how to draw a turkey first!

How to draw a turkey?

how to draw a turkey step by step thanksgiving kids drawings 2022


Drawing a turkey can seem like a pretty hard job for a toddler, however having the correct step-by-step tutorial can make it really fun. You can start by drawing the body and neck, then the head, the feathers and so on. You can see on the picture that is very simple.

Try adapting another technique on how to draw a turkey like shown in this very quick YouTube tutorial. As we know, the turkey is one of the main symbols when it comes to Thanksgiving, so you and your kids can enjoy stories about it and drawing at the same time.

How to draw a pumpkin?

pumpkin drawings autumn thanksgiving fall season how to draw

Having pumpkins on our Thanksgiving table is a necessity. Drawing them with your kids can be a very fun activity. Their simple round shape allows your children to quickly learn how to create them on paper and make the most beautiful Thanksgiving drawings to share with you. Don’t forget to remind them to separate the paper into 4 parts. Like that, their drawing will be more symmetrical.

how to draw a pumpkin step by step tutorial learn kids toddlers thanksgiving

How to draw a corn?

The corn is one of the most traditional Thanksgiving vegetables. In this short tutorial, you can check out how to draw the perfect corn. Obtaining these skills can help your kids make a full Thanksgiving drawing like on the first picture of the article. If you want to make it extra fun, you can print the drawings or free coloring pages and make a coloring wallpaper. This can be a really entertaining activity for the entire family, and you can spark their imagination.

Other ideas for Thanksgiving drawings

how to draw a pilgrim and native american step by step tutorial


A cute Pilgrims and Native Americans drawing to inspire you

thanksgiving drawing learning how to draw tutorial kids children

Let’s not forget Thanksgiving is all about the family gathered together!

family thanksgiving dinner drawing ideas craft art

This is an easy and fun way to draw a roasted Thanksgiving turkey!

roasted turkey thanksgiving how to create this drawing step by step

A must-have on the Thanksgiving family dinner is the cranberry sauce!

cranberry sauce drawing kids todllers arts and crafts

Apples are my favorite seasonal fruits. Let’s learn how to draw them!

how to draw an apple step by step for kids and toddlers art

Are you feeling inspired to draw a pumpkin yet?

cute idea for a pumpkin drawing colorful kids art

You can teach your kids how to draw a feather just in a few steps!

step by step tutorial on how to draw feathers teach your children art craft

Scarecrows are also very traditional during this time of the year!

how to draw a scarecrow thanksgiving traditional art for kids

How to draw a leaf? Check it out!

how to draw a leaf autumn drawings thanksgiving inspiration art for kids

Try drawing a leaf using water paint!

draw a leaf using paint easy arts and crafts for children

If your kids are already masters in drawing, you can try to craft a turkey instead!

thanksgiving turkey craft art for kids ideas entertaining

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Free coloring pages to download and enjoy with your children

happy thanksgiving coloring for kids and adults to enjoy

Let’s color a Thanksgiving turkey!

turkey coloring for kids and adults fun activity thanksgiving

Have fun by coloring a scarecrow!

coloring scarecrow turkey thanksgiving for kids inspiration art and craft

You want to color a traditional Thanksgiving dinner? Have fun!

thanksgiving dinner traditional coloring page for kids and adults

Try coloring this beautiful traditional Thanksgiving picture!

thanksgiving coloring for kids inspiration traditional

Use your favorite colors on this family Thanksgiving dinner picture!

family dinner thanksgiving drawing children kids toddlers art and craft

A scarecrow, pumpkins, and cute children

coloring kids playing autumn scarecrow thanksgiving november ideas

Let’s color a squirrel picking up acorns!

acrons thanksgiving squirrel coloring for kids art and craft

Scarecrow and pumpkins – the perfect autumnal picture

coloring scarecrow pimpkins thanksgiving spark your imagination kids

Another cute traditional Thanksgiving coloring picture

traditional thanksgiving coloring for kids have fun activity


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