15 Cute Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas: Creative and Affordable Decorations for Every Taste

by Kremy

Thanksgiving is approaching and many of us wait for this holiday as it gathers the whole family. The days until the holiday are dedicated to decoration, planning the menu, getting all the supplies, products, etc. and all these, seemingly little things, are so thrilling! To make your holiday extra special, we have 15 cute thanksgiving table setting ideas that will add to the festive atmosphere and will make your home cozier and more inviting!

Cute Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas and Affordable Decorations

15 cute thanksgiving table setting ideas creative and affordable decorations

Preparing the Thanksgiving table doesn’t have to be an extremely complicated project. The elegant simplicity of these cute thanksgiving table setting ideas will help you no matter if you prefer traditional design, a more minimalist approach or you feel like something really simple with just one or two glamorous accents. Whatever your style, we have the perfect Thanksgiving table decorating idea for you.

Choose a Color Scheme for Your Decoration

choose a color scheme for your thanksgiving table decoration

The traditional colors are the colors of fall – orange, yellow, gold, red and brown. Orange is also associated with pumpkins and other symbols of the harvest. Buy napkins that match your chosen color.

napkins with fall prints thanksgiving table setting ideas

There are numerous napkins with fall prints that can be suitable for decorating. You can combine colors to create a unique atmosphere at the table.

Use What You Already Have

use what you already have

You will notice that most of our cute Thanksgiving table setting ideas are based on simple arrangements. You can recreate them with what you already have at home. There is no need to buy anything new or expensive. Even the basic white dinnerware will look more festive with contrasting napkins.

Use Nature for Inspiration

use nature for inspiration cute thanksgiving table setting ideas

Fall is the season of harvest, so you can emphasize the theme using natural materials. These are easily available to everyone! Just take a walk in the park or look around your backyard. With a little imagination you will have a unique Thanksgiving table setting. For example, you can arrange clean fallen leaves, pinecones and twigs as a centerpiece or individual place setting decoration.

A DIY Pumpkin Vase Centerpiece

a diy pumpkin vase and flowers centerpiece

Have you got pumpkins from Halloween? Why not make a pumpkin vase for your Thanksgiving table? It’s an easy craft and all you need to do is scoop the seeds, place a plastic bag or suitable food container inside and arrange your flowers! Find out a detailed guide here!

Cute Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas – Fill a Cornucopia with Fruits

cute thanksgiving table setting ideas cornucopia composition

A cornucopia can be placed on the table as a symbol of a rich harvest. You can fill it with fruits choosing them to complement your color scheme and décor theme – red apples, yellow pears, pomegranates, hazelnuts, wallnuts, etc. Even if you haven’t got one, you can bake a cornucopia bread! Now, that would be some really unique decoration for your Thanksgiving table! And the best? It would be totally edible!

Craft Small Thanksgiving Symbols from Paper

thanksgiving craft ideas table decorations

Thanksgiving craft ideas are so many! When it comes to table decoration all you need is a pair of scissors, simple brown paper or craft paper in any color that will work with your theme. You can cut out leaves, birds, pumpkins, etc. Use them as name tags or simply write a message foe each member of the family.

Fall Flowers Add Color and Freshness

fall flowers add color and freshness to the thanksgiving table setting

Thanksgiving decor should definitely include fresh flowers and plants. Use red, orange, and yellow colors to add a festive tone to your home. In addition use apples, pumpkins, and other fruits to create an original arrangement that your guests are sure to love.

Do Not Forget the Candles

thanksgiving table setting ides candles centerpiece

Candles are a great ally when we want to create a festive atmosphere. That is why they should be a part of the Thanksgiving table décor. Candles fit perfectly into a fall arrangement and you can choose them in different heights, you can decorate them with dried orange slices or wrap them in leaves, flowers, twigs and berries, etc. Yu can also use tea candle holders, they will complement the atmosphere of coziness and comfort in your home.

More Inspirational Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Table Setting

awesome thanksgiving table decorating ideas

Keep it fresh and simple with a green twig

fresh and simple table setting for thanksgiving

Nature inspired decoration

nature inspired decoration thanksgiving table ideas

Cute idea in natural colors

cute thanksgiving table setting in natural colors

A beautiful Thanksgiving table setting doesn’t have to be expensive

beautiful thanksgiving table setting with pumpkin centerpiece

Antlers and fresh flowers as a centerpiece

antlers and fresh flowers as a centerpiece

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