DIY Thanksgiving door decorations: Best fall front door decor ideas 2022!

by Anjelina

Thanksgiving is nearly knocking at the door, and you’ve probably already thought about how you and your loved ones will celebrate the holiday this year! Perhaps you have already planned the menu, made a grocery list, thought about how to arrange the table, and so on. But haven’t you forgotten something? Let’s check! Have you thought about your guests’ first impression once they approach your home? Wouldn’t you want to put big smiles on their faces as soon as they catch a glimpse of the front door? We’re sure you would! That’s why we’re ready to share with you some great DIY Thanksgiving door decorations in case you need a little inspiration!

DIY Thanksgiving door decorations

diy thanksgiving door decorations fall wreath pumpkins lights

You can decorate the front door and the surrounding space with any materials you can think of. All you need is the desire to do it and a little creativity! We’ve prepared some great DIY outdoor fall decorations for the holiday, and we would be very happy if we could inspire you to create something unique that has a lot of love put into it! We are sure it will be appreciated by your family and friends!

1. DIY fall wreath

diy fall wreath hanging front door leaves flowers pine cones


Wreaths are very often preferred when talking about door decoration! Of course, there are many types sold on the market that you can choose from, hang on your door and be done with the decor – quickly and easily! However, it is quite another thing when you make your own wreath – the feeling of creating something with your hands is incomparable! We encourage you to find a few hours and indulge in this wonderfully creative and relaxing activity! Here is what you’ll need:

1. To make a wreath from natural materials, you will need a stable base – it can be wire, or you can cut a circle out of cardboard, styrofoam or any other material you have at hand.

2. Start weaving twigs by twisting them around the base – you can use thread in a similar color to secure them better.

handmade fall wreath leaves twigs weaved around base

3. If you don’t have twigs, you can use autumn leaves – the easiest way to attach them is with a hot glue gun.

4. Choose any decorations you like – pine-cones, dried flowers, acorns, decorative pumpkins, etc. Make sure they are securely attached to the base, you may use the hot glue gun again to make sure everything stays in place.

5. Other ideas for decorating the wreath include using jute ribbon (to go with natural materials) or adding a “Thankful” sign. The choice of how to decorate is entirely yours!

6. Your handmade unique wreath is ready!

2. DIY front door flower basket

decorate your front door easily for fall flower basket

If you don’t want to hang a wreath and are looking for another original way to decorate your front door, we suggest you pay attention to our next idea! Why not hang a beautiful wicker basket filled with fall flowers to bring in the spirit of the season and the holiday? Did we manage to give you an interesting and exciting idea? We hope so! Now, let’s see what you’ll need to make it yourself at home!


  • flat back wicker basket
  • a piece of foam
  • newspaper/craft paper (optional)
  • flowers/leaves/greenery of your choice
  • wreath hanger


  1. Place a piece of foam in your wicker basket. If your basket is too long and the foam goes too low, and you’re worried that the flowers and greenery won’t be visible, you can simply place some crumpled sheets of newspaper or craft (packaging) paper at the bottom to fill some of the space.
  2. Stick the flowers to the foam, arranging them as you like! ​A nice idea is to put the longest ones at the back to create depth.
  3. Run a rope from one side of the basket to the other to make a sturdy hanger if your basket doesn’t have one. Use the rope to attach the flower basket to your front door wreath hanger.

Creating festive ambience – additional tips and ideas

diy thanksgiving door decorations wooden crates pumpkins wooden sign fall wreath

There are so many ways to decorate your front door and surrounding space to achieve a festive look! Here are our best suggestions:

  1. Place wooden crates by the entrance. Arrange pumpkins or other fall decorations in them. Think unconventionally and put them one on top of the other!
  2. Make a garland from fallen leaves and find a place for it among the decorations – you can hang it above the front door, for example.
  3. Make a Thanksgiving wooden hanging sign to welcome your guests. Hang it in a prominent place around the door!
  4. For even more holiday spirit, you can hang some lights.

The most important thing is to decorate with love, have fun while doing it and rely on your own taste! Rest assured, there is no way your efforts won’t be rewarded with multiple compliments!

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