Thanksgiving wreath of flowers – beautiful front door decor ideas

by Kremy

DIY beautiful wreath of flowers hydrangea decor ideas

Thanksgiving wreath of flowers are exceptionally beautiful as they reveal the splendor of fall and the amazing colors of the season. Everyone loves autumn for its bright colors, the abundance of fruits and vegetables, and, of course, for the coziness, comfort and special atmosphere of the home and the seasonal holidays. Many people like to create interesting and beautiful home decor from natural materials. In the fall, Nature is generous in colors, and the whole world is a riot of color. Fantastic wreaths made of autumn wreaths, pine cones, acorns, dry branches and other gifts of Nature adorn front doors of homes, add to the joyous mood and remind us of the coming holidays.


Thanksgiving wreath of flowers – how to choose and combine the materials

how to make a wreath of fresh flowers autumn decorating ideas


There is a great variety of bright flowers blooming in autumn and all of you who prefer Thanksgiving wreath of flowers can use Chrysanthemum, Dahlia, Zinnia, Marigolds, Sedum, Rudbeckia, Perennial sunflower, Marigold, Celosia, etc. Maybe you grow them in your backyard, but even if you do not, these are the most popular seasonal species and you can find them in many flower shops. To give your decorative front door wreath a richer appearance you can also use fallen tree, brushes with berries like viburnum, various dried flowers like Physalis, Gypsophila, Gomphrena, Helichrysum, chestnuts, ears of corn, leaves, miniature pumpkins, apples, etc. Of course, faux flowers are also an option. They can be bought from craft stores and you can find almost any variety. Faux flowers will last much longer than fresh ones so it comes to the personal preferences of each person which type to use for decoration.

How to prepare the materials for your wreath of flowers for Thanksgiving? Although it is not a very difficult project to craft a flower wreath, one should keep a few rules in mind.

Do not overdry the tree leaves you collected, otherwise they will become too fragile and will crumble right in your hands while you try to fix them on the base. Ideally, you only need to slightly dry the leaves and sprinkle them with hair spray. This little trick will make the leaves stronger. You can use this simple technique for dried flowers as well.

how to make wreath of flowers for front door

Those of you who want to add dried flowers to their autumn or Thanksgiving wreath should know that each flower has its own cut-off period. Some flowers must be dried, hanging upside down, while others, on the contrary, should be hung with heads up.

As a base for your wreath you can use thin flexible branches, grapevine, thick wire, floral sponge, etc.

Crafting a flower wreath is not different from crafting any other type of wreath. You need to form a circle from the wire or branches and fix it in several places by florist or ordinary wire. If you are going to use a base made of sponge, then prepare for an additional base of thin plywood, chipboard or very thick cardboard. Lay a layer of foil or cling film, and then fix the wet floral sponge on this base. Foil or film will serve as an insulating layer so that moisture does not harm the base.

All flowers and decorative elements are attached to the wreath with the help of hot glue or wire. Ears of corn and flowers on long stems can be woven into the wreath. For decoration you can use ribbons, bows, twine, burlap, small wooden ornaments like letters and anything else that you like. Just use your imagination!

DIY Thanksgiving wreath of flowers – step by step tutorial

beautiful DIY wreath of flowers tutorial step by step

The natural colors of autumn wreaths are exceptionally pleasant to the human eye, they soothe and create a special atmosphere of comfort. Fresh and dry leaves and flowers are very beautiful and once again confirm that the best artist is Nature. Here is a quick and easy DIY Thanksgiving wreath of flowers idea which will take half an hour and you will have a fantastic decoration on the front door for the holiday:

What you will need:

  • Grapevine wreath base
  • Chrysanthemums flower picks or other variety of your choice
  • A roll of burlap ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters


DIY wreath of flowers tutorial step by step

Step 1 – Trim the base of your wreath of flowers. Twist the grapevines in a circle or oval and tie their ends. It does not matter that the place of binding will not be very beautiful. You will decorate it with a burlap ribbon and flowers.

Step 2 – Wrap a vine around the base. In this way you will fasten the grapevine base better. Use wire to tie the ends of the vine and try to do this in the same place where the ends of the base are fastened.

quick and easy DIY wreath of flowers tutorial step by step

Step 3 – Use the wire cutters to cut the stems of the flowers. Make sure you leave about 1-2 inches (3-5 cm) of stem to secure into place on the wreath. Arrange the flowers up the side of the wreath, tucking the stem into the base. Use a hot glue gun, if needed, to fix them.

Step 4 – Wrap the burlap ribbon around the other side of the wreath. You can replace it with a satin ribbon, tartan or other bright ribbon. Finish up with a beautiful bow.

Step 5 – Hang your wreath of flowers on your front door or mount on your mantle.

Of course, this is just one of the many DIY Thanksgiving wreath of flowers ideas. You can get inspired by the fabulous wreath in the gallery below and make your own unique design.



autumn wreath of flowers DIY decor ideas

autumn wreath of flowers DIY ideas

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wreath of flowers and fruits for thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving wreath of flowers front door decorating ideas

thanksgiving decoration for front door flower wreath


flower wreath ideas for thanksgiving decoration

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fall wreath of flowers thanksgiving ideas for front door

dry leaves and pine cones wreath for front door fall decorating ideas

DIY Thanksgiving wreath of flowers fall decorating ideas

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beautiful flower wreath physalis autumn decorations



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