How to Transition Halloween Decorations to Thanksgiving Ones? Cheap and Easy Ideas

by Kristiyana

Sadly, Halloween has passed, and now we are left with a bunch of spooky decorations that we just can’t find a place for. Should we throw them out? Or can we save some for next year’s Halloween? Or maybe we would like a new and trendy decor by then? So many questions! Another important one, what will we do for Thanksgiving? DIY or order online? Hmm, what if we can work out something by using all our recent Halloween craft and reshape it for Thanksgiving?! Well, that sounds like an amazing idea! Do you want some cheap and easy advice on how to do it? Keep on reading and find out how to transition Halloween decorations to Thanksgiving ones for this year’s celebration!

Transition Halloween decorations to Thanksgiving ones 2022

pumpkin thanksgiving decor_thanksgiving decorations

After Halloween, we are left with so many beautiful DIY decorations, and it’s such a waste to have to get rid of them! Did you spend your how afternoon pumpkin carving? Are you wondering how to decorate your festive table for Thanksgiving? Still looking for that unique table centrepiece that just says it all, and completes your stylish room decor? Buckle up, and let’s see discover all the answers to these questions! Can’t wait, can you?

1. How to transition Halloween pumpkins for Thanksgiving

how to transition halloween decorations to thanksgiving_thanksgiving decor ideas


Do you have a bunch of lonely Jack-o’-lanterns lying around your garden and home? Well then, I have just the tips you need to make them into beautiful Thanksgiving decorations! Cut off the top of the Jack-o’-lantern and use the pumpkin as a vase for colourful fall leaves, branches, and flowers. If parts of the carved face are visible, make sure you turn the pumpkin with the clean side facing towards you. You can also glue the leaves on those parts to perfectly hide them. Place the pumpkin vase on your table, or anywhere you would like to accent that Thanksgiving mood!

pumpkin thanksgiving decorations_painted pumpkins decoration

If you have Halloween-styled-painted pumpkins, I know just the thing on how to prepare them in time for Thanksgiving! Take some white paint and dye them all over. To finish off, glue some leaves, flowers, and other ornaments you feel will create a Thanksgiving atmosphere. If you want to go with a different approach and make some stylish gilded pumpkins, you can apply gold instead of white spray or paint. Golden pumpkins will add additional lux to your whole fall decor. Display them on your coffee table or on the porch.

thanksgiving table decoration_stylish thanksgiving decor

Searching for an idea on a Thanksgiving table decoration? Place any uncarved Halloween pumpkins in the centre, along with a vase of fresh fall flowers, and complete with orange tableware. You can again paint some of the pumpkins you have in different Thanksgiving-themed colours, link green, yellow, red, or brown. Smaller pumpkins will go best here, but if you like, you can just place a big one at the centre and surround or fill it with other fall ornaments.

2. How to reshape spooky lanterns into Thanksgiving decor

lanterns decoration ideas_fall decoration ideas

In need of more ideas on how to transition Halloween decorations to Thanksgiving? Do you by any chance have any black spooky lanterns hanging by the stairs of your house or outside your windows? Then bring them in and let’s give them a makeover! If there are any old white candles inside, you can change them with fresh ones, and even mix it up with trying some different colours like orange or red. Decorate the lanterns with vibrant fall leaves, acorns, grapes, etc. You can also add some tiny pumpkins to finish off your Thanksgiving lanterns. Display them by the table, couch or on your window.

transition halloween decorations to thanksgiving_thanksgiving decor lantern

Isn’t this the cutest design! I made one just like that for our Thanksgiving table. If you and your family love to spend your get-togethers outside, like mine does, this stylish and colourful lantern would look great at the centre of the family table. Leave the candles behind, and fill it with tiny bright pumpkins to share the festive mood with your loved ones. I just hope my little cousins don’t break mine, because whenever they come to visit, something somewhere always seems to fall and shatter to a million pieces!

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3. How to make Halloween candy bowl into table centrepiece
thanksgiving centerpiece turkey_thanksgiving decorations

Halloween might be over, but that doesn’t mean that the treats have to disappear! Make your candy bowl into a cute turkey with some glue and card stock in red, orange, black, and white colours! Create it’s tail with festive napkins and fill it with your favourite biscuits or candy. Have it as your table centrepiece and get a smile out of every guest you invite for this year’s Thanksgiving!

transition halloween decorations to thanksgiving_thanksgiving table centerpieces

Looking for more stylish and unique ideas on Thanksgiving table centrepieces? I thought so! Use your Halloween candy bowl to make this Thanksgiving-themed terrarium and blow everyone away! To make it, you will have to place small rocks on the bottom, then add a thin layer of glass/green moss on top. After comes the potting soil, and finish off by adding any festive fall ornaments you would like! Small pumpkins, pine cones, a string of lights, leaves, the choice is yours!

Ah, don’t you just feel amazing when you don’t have to throw out your precious creations, but can reshape them into new ones? Transitioning Halloween decorations to Thanksgiving ones might be my best idea yet! So cheap, useful and eco-friendly! My festive room looks breathtaking, I have my grand table centrepiece, and I am completely ready for this year’s Thanksgiving holiday! Are you?

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