DIY Thanksgiving Fruit Centerpiece Ideas to Try This Year

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Fruit bowls are known to have decorated the tables of ancient Roman emperors. Citruses, fruits and berries not only charge with additional energy, but also create a relaxed atmosphere. How to decorate the table with fruits to please even the most demanding guests? DIY Thanksgiving fruit centerpiece ideas will help you create a spectacular table decor. Decorating a festive table with fruits is beautiful, always appropriate, fragrant and very tasty.

DIY Thanksgiving Fruit Centerpiece Ideas to Try This Year

To decorate the celebration with fruits, compositions with the addition of flowers, nuts, beads, fabrics, etc. are used. Thanksgiving is a holiday that every family celebrates and it is full of positive emotions. Special attention is paid to the setting and decoration of the festive table.

How to Choose The Right Fruits For Your Thanksgiving Centerpiece?

How to Choose The Right Fruits For Your Thanksgiving Centerpiece


Table decor consists of two elements – a central composition and additional decor which is everything that we place in every guest place. Everything that nature creates is flawless and so perfect for a festive table setting. DIY Thanksgiving fruit centerpiece ideas are a real proof of that! Favorite fruits can be not only a source of gastronomic pleasure, but also the main accent in the table decor. Fruits can float in bowls and vases, stand in wicker baskets and make beautiful bouquets. What are the best fruits for beautiful centerpieces and how to choose them? Here are some tips from experienced decorators:

  • Use seasonal fruits. Fall is the season of harvest and you have pumpkins, apples, pears, grapes, etc. When buying fruits, make sure you choose only the best – fresh, without skin damage, ripe and firm.
  • Choose a color scheme or your favorite fruit if you want a monochrome decoration. For example, a sunny composition with oranges, an apple composition, etc.
  • Determine your preference for decor: fruit compositions with flowers, garlands, surrounded by candles, etc.

Beautiful DIY Thanksgiving Fruit Centerpiece Ideas to Inspire You This Year

DIY Thanksgiving Fruit Centerpiece Ideas to Inspire You This Year

Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to bring fall mood and eco-friendly decorations to your home decor. It is a tradition at this time of year to use natural decorations and these beautiful DIY Thanksgiving fruit centerpiece ideas are based on using the gifts of Nature.

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Centerpiece

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Centerpiece DIY table decoration

One of the most famous symbols of Thanksgiving is the cornucopia. Most often, the horn of plenty is made from wicker, filled with fruits and vegetables, and placed on the table. Also, in addition to fruits, flowers can be carefully woven or inserted into the cornucopia. Optionally, you can bake cornucopia bread and fill it with fruits.

DIY Thanksgiving Pumpkin Centerpiece

DIY Thanksgiving Pumpkin Centerpiece

Pumpkin is the Queen of fall and one of the main elements in seasonal, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations. A large pumpkin can be used as a wonderful vase for fall bouquets and become a fabulous table centerpiece.

Small fruits can be used as candlesticks, decorating them with twigs and leaves. Decorative pumpkin varieties of miniature sizes can be simply beautifully laid out on a table or a large platter.

Pumpkins can be painted white, they can be gilded or decorated with glitter, and add a touch of glamour to the table.

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DIY Apple Centerpiece for Your Thanksgiving Table

DIY Apple Centerpiece for Your Thanksgiving Table

Apples of different varieties bring freshness and a bright accent to the table setting. You can place a basket in or a wooden box the center of the table and fill it with apples, flowers and cinnamon sticks. By scattering apples on the table you will create the impression that your table is in an apple orchard. Add some leaves, fall flowers and twigs to the decor.

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpiece with Pears

thanksgiving centerpiece table fruit basket with nuts pear apples

There is something exceptionally charming in this fruit. Their shape is unique and they are a fantastic element in every composition.

Creative Table Centerpieces with Artichoke

Creative Table Centerpieces with Artichoke

Artichoke is the most stylish plant. It is an unpretentious element of décor and can be used for centerpiece compositions. The shape of artichoke resembles a flower and is easily combined with fall fruits and flowers.

easy edible centerpiece for Thanksgiving table decorations

Of course, when we talk about DIY Thanksgiving fruit centerpiece ideas, you can use whatever you want. Nature provides many opportunities. Persimmon fruits, citruses – lemons, oranges, tangerines, pomegranates, grapes, nuts, etc. Just use your imagination and add the colors and aromas of fall to your festive table!


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Fruit centerpiece ideas for Thanksgiving to decorate your table

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