Spectacular Cornucopia Decoration Ideas for Thanksgiving 2021

by Kremy

Cornucopia is very popular in fall decor. It can be styled in completely different ways every time. You can fill it with cones, flowers, vegetables, fruits of different or the same color. You can even bake cornucopia bread as an edible centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table.

Thanksgiving 2021 Spectacular Cornucopia Decoration Ideas

It is true that pumpkin is the most popular and beloved symbols of the fall season. It is often the star of outdoor and indoor decorations for the fall holidays. Fall is the season of harvest, of richness and abundance of colors. We will show you spectacular cornucopia decoration ideas to try this Thanksgiving. These magnificent arrangements represent the spirit of the holiday and everything that we should be grateful for!

What Is the History of the Thanksgiving Cornucopia?

short thanksgiving cornucopia meaning and history


The word “cornucopia” is derived from two Latin words: Cornu which means “horn,” and Copia, meaning “plenty.” For those unfamiliar with Greek mythology, the horn of plenty is indeed an ancient object – a horn broken from the head of a magical goat (Amalthea) which fed baby Zeus in his childhood. The horn emitted a constant supply of food for Zeus and that is how the “horn of plenty” came to symbolize prosperity, wealth, and abundance. In Greek and Roman folklore, the overflowing cornucopia is depicted as an item carried by gods and goddesses like Hercules, Fortuna, and Demeter. Now cornucopias are used to symbolize good fortune and prosperity and are often used as Thanksgiving decor.

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Cornucopia Decoration Ideas – An Eye-Catching Centerpiece for Your Thanksgiving Table

Cornucopia Decoration Ideas Centerpiece Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving decorations should be selected in such a way as to emphasize the comfort, kindness, light and joy of the home. It is very important to carefully approach the decor of the home as well as the festive table setting.

Original, artistic and very easy to make, Cornucopia decoration ideas are usually based on using natural materials, fruits and vegetables, nuts and flowers. These materials bring the warm and friendly atmosphere of fall into your home during the cold months.

A Thanksgiving horn of plenty, overflowing with seasonal abundance is definitely an eye catching element of the festive décor. You can find wicker cornucopias at craft stores and arranging a beautiful composition will only take minutes.

How to Style Your Cornucopia?

How to Style Your Cornucopia Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

What can you place in your Thanksgiving cornucopia decoration? Generally, you can fill it with just about anything. However, you need to decide whether you want to create a centerpiece full of edible products or display a decorative item that represents the bountiful harvest.

Cornucopias are commonly filled to the point of overflowing with apples, pears, gourds and small pumpkins. It is best if you combine colors that are specific to the fall season. You can also use wheat stalks, fresh flowers or succulents, corn, etc.

You can use the cornucopia as a bouquet container for fresh fall flowers. Their majestic colors will make any home look more elegant and inviting. Sunflowers, gerbera daisies and Chrysanthemums, roses, cinnamon sticks and colored leaves will make a gorgeous Thanksgiving composition for your coffee or dining table. You can include flowers here and there as pretty accents in a cornucopia filled with grapes, apples and pumpkins.

cornucopia filled with fall fruits home decor ideas


In conclusion, we need to say that there are no strict rules for styling cornucopias. If you are looking for new and original ideas to dress up your festive table, have a look at these cornucopia decoration ideas for 2021 Thanksgiving and you will be amazed by the variety of options. You don’t even have to arrange everything in strict order. The main idea is to fill the cavern of the cornucopia with fall fruits and vegetables, flowers and nuts that represent the harvest and create a beautiful and naturally looking centerpiece without any effort.


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