20 FREE-To-Print Thanksgiving Coloring Placemats for Kids and Adults!

by Stephanie Yankova

Right before the Christmas holidays, another wonderful celebration gathers the family around the table – Thanksgiving! While this is a wonderful time for relatives to catch up and uplift each other’s spirits, it’s no secret that the youngest of the bunch can get quite bored and restless. Keep the kids occupied at the dinner table with a pack of colored pencils and our FREE-to-print Thanksgiving coloring placemats! 

Thanksgiving Coloring Placemats with Games

find the turkey maze coloring thanksgiving placemat

Thanksgiving is a National Holiday that’s celebrated annually on the second Monday of November in Canada and on the fourth Thursday of the same month in the US. This is a time when families travel from near and far to get together and celebrate the harvest with a big festive dinner! Traditionally, you’re guaranteed to find pie, potatoes, gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and, of course, turkey! It’s definitely a feast worth attending to!

thanksgiving coloring placemat maze game word search


Every family has their own traditions, which makes the celebration quite unique and intimate for everybody. Some like to prepare the food together, others prefer to have every guest bring something they’ve cooked at home.

grateful thankful blessed coloring placemat tic tac toe game kids

Some common activities during that day include watching the parade and the NFL Thanksgiving games. A ritual most people like to take part in is to give thanks to each member of the family, whether it’s for something particular or just in general. The more superstitious ones like to break a wishbone for good luck.

happy thanksgiving coloring find the pumpkins maze word search thankful list

It’s safe to say that this is usually a really fun family gathering that leaves everyone feeling a little more connected to each other (and a pound or two heavier). However, the little children can sometimes feel left out as they simply can’t take part in the adult conversations being held at the table. If you don’t want to be bothered by a constant “Mommy, when are we going home?”, these fun coloring placemats will really come in handy! They will not only keep the children occupied while waiting for and eating their food but will also help to protect your festive tables cape stain-free!

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coloring thanksgiving placemat tic tac toe game

You can give them an extra task by asking them to write down in the designated areas on the print sheets what they are thankful for. This will help them feel more engaged in the conversation once it comes time for everyone to express their gratitude towards each other.

thankful list maze thanksgiving image coloring kids

Another great quiet game that I find to be really entertaining, as well as time-consuming (especially for the younger ones) is the maze! This one in particular is more advanced, so if you need a couple of minutes to yourself, this will keep them occupied!

thanksgiving coloring placemats kids tic tac toe game

Here’s a more simple one that you, too, can take part in with a quick game of Tic Tac Toe!

draw your meal kids thanksgiving coloring tablemat

This placemat allows for more creative freedom – it invites the kids to use the empty plate as a canvas to draw their meal!

More Coloring Placemats for Kids

color the squirrel thanksgiving placemat kids

Which colors would you pick for these best friends and their turkey? 

boy and girl holding hands turkey pumpkins thanksgiving 2023 coloring page

Write your thanks to your mom and dad and read them out loud!

easy happy thanksgiving placemat for coloring

Turn this into a festive fall image with colored pencils in shades of green and brown!

simple preschool thanksgiving coloring placemat 2023

What’s your favorite part about Thanksgiving? Point at the image that represents it best! 

pie corn turkey hat acorns thanksgiving coloring page

Are you not a fan of the holiday dinner? What would you like to have on your plate instead? Draw it on the sheet below!

simple thanksgiving coloring placemat kids

Coloring Placemats for Adults

coloring placemat adults thanksgiving

Minimalist ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ Placemat with Fall Leaves and Pumpkins

adult coloring thanksgiving placemat pumpkins fall leaves

Now that’s one coloring page I would like to frame! 

2023 thanksgiving coloring placemat adults

Add an elegant twist to your table with this illustrative harvest dinner!

elegant thanksgiving coloring placemat 2023

What’s your favorite leaf color? Use it to bring this fall coloring page to life! 

happy thanksgiving coloring page

Give it up for the star of the evening – the turkey! 

turkey pumpkins coloring thanksgiving placemat kids adults

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