What Bangs for My Bob? Our Expert Advice before Daring to Take the Step

by Kremy

To highlight a face, we say yes to the bob haircut with bangs! Easy to maintain, modern and adaptable, it is the most versatile haircut that suits many face shapes. The same goes for bangs! Combined with a bob, you’ve got the winning duo to be right on trend with the hair of the moment. “But what bangs for my bob?”, you ask. Take a tips from our experts before calling your hairdresser!

What Bangs for My Bob When It Is Short?

what bangs for my bob shaggy bob hairstyle

Essential and elegant in all circumstances, the bob sometimes has the disadvantage of looking too classic! Fortunately, there is a simple but effective solution to spice it up: bangs. To upgrade a short bob cut, there’s nothing like a voluminous and unstructured lock of hair. Tapered, curtain, French bangs… you are spoiled for choice to enhance your cheekbones and chin. In terms of maintenance and styling, unstructured bangs are less restrictive than the straight styles. Its gradient shape allows you to space out appointments with the hairdresser as well as to avoid the accumulation of dirt and oil. A few sprays of dry shampoo and a light blow-dry are all it takes to style it like a pro.

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And for a Lob?

winter trend 2023 long shaggy bob with thick curtain bangs

While the short bob is a good idea for faces with prominent features, the lob highlights oval faces. And there is no need to choose a fringe to go well with it, because it goes with all styles: long, short, straight, asymmetrical, curtain, tapered, wispy, etc. You can dare to try out the latest trends in terms of bangs, like McDonald bangs, chin bangs, baby bangs, shag bangs or even blunt bangs. Our favorite look? A bob + straight, wispy bangs.

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Inverted Bob with Long Bangs: Yes or No?

inverted bob with long bangs short haircut trend winter 2023 2024

Looking for a short women’s haircut to highlight a square face? Bet on the inverted bob! But to adapt it to current tastes, combine it with long bangs! In addition to softening your features, the XL strands will highlight your eyes. Chin bangs or bottleneck bangs, the choice is yours. Both are very easy to maintain.

What about the Wavy Bob?

what bangs for my bob fall winter 2023 trends

Ah, the wavy bob! The hottest hair trend of the moment which promises to mark winter 2023-2024! Both glamorous and rejuvenating, the wob offers a variety of looks to suit every hair type. Its unstructured style allows it to enhance each face shape, particularly round ones. Two types of bangs go hand in hand with this anti-aging haircut: frayed bangs and Bardot Bangs. In other words, lightness is essential when choosing bangs for a wavy bob. Both styles pair wonderfully with the wob. They blend into the hairstyle without weighing down the facial features. In addition, unstructured bangs are very easy to wear.

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What Bob with Bangs after 50?

what bob haircut for women 50 years old bangs with glasses winter 2023

The best way to look your best after 50 is to opt for a layered bob with curtain bangs (or another unstructured style). It refines the round face, erases the signs of aging and brings that ultra glamorous “je ne sais quoi” to its wearer. And since it is an unstructured fringe, it is very easy to maintain. A trim every three months is enough to keep your bob with asymmetrical bangs in shape. Aside from the chic look and low maintenance of this trendy hairstyle, it gives the impression of a slimmer face and highlights the nape of the neck and neckline. In other words, there’s no reason not to give in to the temptation of this star hairstyle!

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wavy bob with bangs short hair trend winter 2023 2024

Airy blonde bob with wispy, unstructured bangs

what bangs with short voluminous bob airy bob hairstyle trend winter 2023 2024

What bangs for a blunt bob? Bet on chin bangs

lond blunt bob winter 2023

Bob cut with bangs for women with an oval face

what bangs for a wavy bob short hair winter trend 2023 2024

Wavy effect and curtain fringe to modernize a classic bob

what bangs for my bob hairstyles for square face

Wavy lob with short, tapered bangs to enhance a square face

long wavy bob with straight wispy bangs for oval face

Voluminous bob with short curtain bangs

short bob with curtain bangs for elongated face

Blurred bob for 40-year-old woman with unstructured bangs

rejuvenating bob haircut with curtain bangs for women 40 50 years old

Short curtain bangs + shaggy bob cut

shaggy haircut layered bob with curtain bangs for oval face

Wob with mini tapered bangs to enhance an elongated face

what bangs for a bob haircut and elongated face

Bob cut with bangs for a square face

bangs for women with oval face shape


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