Mcdonalds Bangs Are the Biggest Tiktok Hairstyle Trend for Summer 2023!

by Kremy

You’ve probably heard of curtain bangs, wispy bangs, and even slip bangs, but have you ever heard of McDonalds bangs? Yes, you got it right! The latest 2023 bangs hairstyle trend is all over TikTok and it’s named after the popular fast food chain, but not for the reason you’re probably thinking…

mcdonalds bangs remind of farrah fawcett with bangs from the 70s

The McDonald’s Bangs is a voluminous bangs in the shape of the letter M, mimicking the fast food chain’s iconic symbol. It strongly resembles the curtain bangs, but the key difference between the traditional bangs version and its new twist is that the McDonald’s bangs are voluminous at the base. The bangs hairstyle very successfully reminds us of the look of the 70s fashion icon Farrah Fawcett. The whole trend conveys the classic, stylish and sexy flair of those years.

The Mcdonalds Bangs Trend – Then and Now

even marilyn monroe was wearing this bangs hairstyle at the time but with a side parting


Would you have guessed that the common thing between the hottest hair trend for summer 2023 and McDonald’s fast food chain we all reach for at certain moments (with or without regret) would be the name of a new bangs fashion ?!? Personally, I don’t, but I’m definitely having fun with this fact! And I’m thrilled that this style is back, with a name that is true to its time, and I’ll tell you why!

I’ve been a fan of McDonald’s Bangs since before it was called that on social media. Since the days when there was no social media and the big stars were surrounded by mysteries and secrets. Even Marilyn Monroe wore this bangs back then, but with a side parting! And its current version 2.0 is in no way inferior to the previous one, only the context in which it exists is different.

the tiktok hairstyle trend 2023 mcdonalds bangs is very stylish

The TikTok Trend: In 2018, “Follow the Arches” appeared on hundreds of billboards. The purpose is to guide drivers to the iconic golden arches of the McDonald’s logo in the shape of the letter M. However, in 2023, TikTokers gave this slogan a new meaning. The McDonald’s bangs received more than 194 million views on the social network and quickly became an unexpected source of inspiration for summer hairstyles.

mcdonalds bangs are similar to curtain bangs but have more volume at the root

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the trend, let’s describe exactly what McDonald’s bangs are. We’ve already mentioned that it’s a kind of curtain bangs. It’s cut very long, creating two soft, voluminous waves around the face. However, unlike curtain bangs, McDonalds bangs do not fall flat on the forehead, but are shaped at the base in such a way that they do not cover the face, but on the contrary – reveal it. They can be perfectly combined with medium length and long hairstyles. Here’s how to style McDonald’s bangs at home.

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How to Style Your Own Bangs Hairstyle with a Hairdryer?

how to style your own bangs hairstyle with a hairdryer

To style your McDonald’s bangs, you’ll need a medium-diameter round brush (too small isn’t great for creating the volume you need, and too big makes it difficult to work with short strands), a hair dryer, and a few skillful moves.

However, first apply a heat protectant to your hair to protect it from the hot air of the blow dryer. Then take the round brush, place it at the roots below your bangs and start blow-drying your hair inwards (towards your face). This is the first step to create the volume that is the foundation of this look. Next, part your hair down the middle, take the brush and place it at the base of the bangs on the left side and this time start blow drying the section backwards (away from the face). Do the same on the right side.

Finally, to get the final M shape, put the round brush – first at the bottom of the bangs on the left side and blow dry the hair outwards (away from the face), repeat the process on the right side. Fix it with hairspray. McDonald’s Bangs are ready!

How to Get Mcdonalds Bangs without Heat?

what are mcdonald's bangs

To shape your McDonald’s bangs without heat, it’s important to style them while your hair is still wet. Depending on your hair texture, there are two ways to do this. The first is to just push your hair back and use your fingers to create the signature arch for McDonald’s bangs. After that, if you want, you can spray hairspray and let your curls dry freely in this shape.

what is tiktok mcdonalds bangs trend

If your hair doesn’t do well with this method, try the second one. Once you’ve shaped the signature bangs shape with your fingers (again, on wet hair), secure your left and right curls left and right with hair clips and let dry. Then simply remove the clips and fix with hairspray.



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