Mixie Haircut Is the New Hairstyle Trend for Summer 2023 That We Are Obsessed With!

by Kremy

If we look at the hairstyle trends for summer 2023, it quickly becomes clear to us – short hair is more popular than ever! The good old bob and pixie cut, while always great choices, have plenty of competition for the coming season. The Mixie hairstyle is a huge wave and is the new favorite of all fashionistas. What’s behind it? Who does the Mixie haircut suit and how is the short hairstyle styled?

short hair in summer mixie hairstyle trend 2023

Anyone who thinks that short hairstyles are boring and old-fashioned is very wrong. Short hair is not only super practical for the summer, but also a real eye-catcher. While bob and pixie have dominated short hairstyle trends until now, that is about to change. If you are looking for an effortless and cool hairstyle, then maybe the mixie haircut is just what you need for summer!

Mixie Haircut: This Is What Defines the Hairstyle Trend

mixie cut styling ideas short hairstyles trends summer 2023


Hybrid haircuts have been one of the most popular hairstyle trends for the past year and it’s impossible to imagine our heads without them. The mixie cut is also a hybrid of two popular haircuts – the mullet and the pixie cut, hence the name “Mixie Cut”.

mixie cut hairstyles trend summer layered short hairstyles 2023

Versatile, quirky and effortlessly cool – the trendy hairstyle is perfect for anyone who likes to experiment with their hair and wants to stand out from the crowd. The mixie cut combines the bold layers and textures of the mullet with the playfulness and timeless elegance of the pixie cut. The result? A really great look with a guaranteed wow effect.

Who Can Wear the Mixie Haircut?

What makes the mixie haircut so special and unique? Due to the many layers, the short hairstyle can be adapted to any face shape without much effort and will look stunning on women of all ages. It doesn’t matter whether you are if you are 30 years old or need ideas for trendy hairstyles for women over 50 – with the mixie haircut you are always in good hands. Different hair structures can also benefit from the fringed cut.

mixie haircut trendy summer hairstyles short hair 2023

While the multiple layers provide more volume and dynamics for short hair, thicker or curly hair gets more shape and structure. In addition, the mixie haircut is the perfect transitional hairstyle for anyone who is letting their pixie cut grow out. But also for those of you who don’t dare to go for completely short hair, but still want a change, the mixie hairstyle is a great option.

How to Style the Mixie Haircut?

short hairstyle trends 2023 mixie haircut trend summer

And here’s the good news – there is hardly any other haircut that can be styled as effortlessly and quickly as the mixie hairstyle. The short hairstyle thrives on its casualness and requires almost no styling effort at all. Simply fix the hair with some hair gel and you’re ready to go! However, if you want more dynamics in your hair, you can complement the mixie haircut with loose waves or casual beach waves for short hair. The trendy hairstyle looks even cooler if you do it like in the photo above and spice up the haircut with a trendy, bold hair color.

short hair trends summer 202 what is the mixie haircut

Here’s a little styling trick to add an exciting touch to the look. Switch the direction of the curls – wrap the first section backwards towards the back of your head and the next one forward towards the face. This will accentuate the layers even more and make the hair look more voluminous and lively.

short hairstyles mixie cut hairstyle trend summer 2023

But even when straight, the mixie haircut looks really classy and the short hairstyle is much more elegant The trendy hairstyle is a clear proof that short hair is anything but boring and can easily compete with a long mane.

Mixie Haircut: The Hairstyle Trend in Summer 2023 Looks So Chic

short hairstyles with bangs mixie haircut trend summer 2023

The Mixie Haircut as a Trendy Short Hairstyle for Women Over 50

mixie hairstyle trend summer 2023 lively short hairstyles women over 50

The Trendy Hairstyle Gives Us the Best of Both Worlds and Ensures a Glamorous Appearance

bangs hairstyles for women over 50 mixie haircut summer trends 2023

Complement the Mixie Cut With Loose Curls and You’ve Got the Perfect Effortless Summer Hairstyle

mixie haircut trendy hairstyle summer 2023 hairstyles for women over 50

Bangs Go Perfectly with the Layered Haircut and Add a Playful Touch

mixie haircut is the new hairstyle trend for summer 2023 that we are obsessed with

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