Milk Nails: The Most Popular Nail Trend for Summer 2023

by Kremy

Are milk nails the hottest nail trend in summer 2023? What are Blueberry Milk Nails? What are the trending milk nail designs for summer?

Colorful nail designs are definitely a great option for summer, but Milk Nails have proven that a neutral manicure can also be trendy and elegant. Popular with celebrities, this nail design adds a shiny accent to any look. If you prefer a neutral manicure that goes with any outfit, Milk Nails can be a great choice for your next nail salon visit.

Milk Nails: Don’t Miss These Design Ideas

milk nails the nail trend for summer 2023

Milk Nails are more about the color of the nail polish than the design and decoration. They are an example of minimalist and chic manicure. The softer version of an all-white manicure offers a bit more color than pure nude and leaves the nails looking clean and polished. As the name suggests, the finished look resembles a glass of milk, whether you prefer whole, strawberry or blueberry milk. And there are countless ways to upgrade your Milk Nails if you want to decorate them differently.

Classic Milk Nails

gentle manicure milk nails summer trends


The classic milk nails are not just white. They have a glossy, almost creamy finish that makes them a soft, refreshing change from the traditional bright white manicure.

And the best thing about them is that they are not too difficult to replicate at home. All you need is a soft white nail polish that is not completely transparent but is a little more translucent than traditional white nail polish. Apply two coats of it and finish your nails with a glossy top coat. It’s that simple!

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Milk Nails with Tiny Hearts

milk nails with tiny hearts

Decorate your Milk Nails with tiny dainty black hearts to create a romantic, cute look. This great idea works for both long and shorter nails. And you can experiment with the color of the hearts to your liking.

French Milk Nails

milk french nails are perfect for every occasion

Creating a French version of Milk Nails is a real nail trend. Go for a monochromatic look with a milky white base that contrasts with the crisp white French tips so they barely show through. The effect is still neutral enough to complement any outfit, but gives an extra standout look.

Pink Milk Nails

pink milk nails

Pink Milk Nails are the perfect choice for those looking for something between a neutral shade and a color block. Still, milk pink nails are softer than a flashy nail style and subtler than the glossy, glazed donut nails that have been trending for the last year.

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With a Touch of Gold

milk nails with gold flakes

This chic nail idea combines two nail trends, milk polish and metallic. It has the simplicity of a simple milk manicure adorned with gold flakes. The stunning design is suitable for a special occasion, such as a wedding.

Milk Bath Nails with a Floral Pattern

milk bath nails are the new summer trend

Milk bath nails, in which a milky shade with flowers or petals is enclosed in the varnish are also trending. If that’s too much DIY for you, decorate your milk nails with floral nail stickers.

Blueberry Milk Nails

blueberry milk nails are hot trends for summer 2023

Blueberry Milk Nails seem to be everywhere at the moment. The trendy nail design still has a creamy touch, but the soft blue pastel shade that comes from crushing blueberries in a cup of milk takes center stage.

The versatility of the style allows customization and personalization, making it even more attractive. Some ways to style these nails are pale blue colors, blue mixed with a clear coat, or blue with a chrome finish.

Metallic Accents

decorate milk nails with metallic accents

If minimalism is a bit boring for you, get inspiration from this nail idea. You can still join the milk nail trend even if you prefer an edgier look. This nail design features a milky white base crossed by bright green and blue metallic streaks.

Spice Up Milk Nails with Pastel Shades

spice up milk nails with pastel shades

If you want to bring a little color, you are not supposed to go for the milk manicure. Instead, do one or two milk accent nail on each hand with a pastel-colored polish like baby blue, baby pink, or pastel orange.

Trendy Nail Ideas for Summer

shimmery milk nails are stylish and elegant

Add a little sparkle to your milk nails with some silver glitter on the tips. This shimmery look is still delicate enough, but the dreamy glitter makes it look a lot more elegant.

Romantic Milk Nails with Delicate Flowers

decorate milk nails with delicate flowers

Milk Nails with Color Accents Are Perfect for the Summer Vacation

enhance milk nails with color accents in summer

Give the Look More Elegance with Tiny Golden Details

stylish milk nails with a thin golden line

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