BIAB Nails: Benefits, Design and Everything You Should Know About the New Top Nail Trend 2023!

by Kremy

Have you heard of BIAB Nails? It’s one of the top nail trends for 2023. BIAB stands for Builder in a Bottle, also known as Builder Gel. If you want to try a new unique manicure that will add strength and texture to your nails, then BIAB Nails are for you!

This nail technique is based on a nail strengthening treatment. Your nails will be smooth, plump and strong, but in a limited color palette. BIAB is usually clear or available in colors such as pink. Basically it is a stronger and thicker gel. Many women who have tried this new manicure think that BIAB nails are amazing and that their manicure has never been so durable and elegant at the same time. So if you want to know everything about the new nail trend, read on as we explain all the details.

What Is BIAB Gel?

biab actually strengthens the nails and prevents breakage

The BIAB was developed for naturally weak nails to strengthen and grow the nails. This new technique very quickly became indispensable for nail technicians all over the world. It is a soak off gel that is harder than conventional gel. It is ideal for creating strong nail top layers and serves as a reinforcing barrier for natural nails BIAB can be used alone or as a base under traditional gel to add extra strength to nails and is gentler than acrylic, but thicker than regular nail polish and gel polish.

Is BIAB Harmful to Your Nails?

Exactly the opposite. This nail polish actually strengthens the natural nail and prevents breakage or weak spots. BIAB is tough so the underlying nail remains protected. This nail technique is ideal for keeping your nails long, strong and healthy. Builder gel allows you to achieve the same look, hardness and strength as acrylic or SNS nails without damaging the natural nail underneath.

How Does the Nail Gel Work?

how long does it take to get biab manicure


BIAB works like a gel but dries strong and durable, reducing the risk of chipping between sessions. This nail technique is versatile. If you already have great nail length but your nails break easily, you can apply BIAB under a gel polish to make your manicure last longer. The nail gel also comes to the rescue if you have a broken nail and want to repair it.

Nail biters can also enjoy perfect nails by choosing BIAB because they can get extensions for each individual nail. You can easily top your manicure with BIAB if you want to change your nail color. This is not possible with SNS nails. This procedure saves time and protects your nails.

BIAB Nails Design

how long does biab last on your nails

Here are the layers you can expect in BIAB nails:

  • The base consists of a thin layer of BIAB. The nails are cured under a lamp.
  • The BIAB Gel consists of a thicker layer of paint that is applied with a brush.
  • Next, the shape is created by gently shaping and pressing the BIAB gel into a smooth and plump layer using a very fine brush. Then it is cured under the lamp.
  • After each nail is made, the top of each nail is filed and polished for a smooth finish.
  • Finally, a top coat is applied after the nails are cleaned. This is how you achieve a livelier look.

Can You Lengthen Your Nails with Nail Gel?

nail biters can also enjoy perfect nails by choosing biab

Absolutely! BIAB stretches beautifully over nail shapes and creates a strong, restorative extension that not only does not damage the nail, but actually improves its strength and ability to grow. Experts recommend using this nail technique only for short to medium length extensions.

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Manicure Done?

If you choose BIAB manicure, you have to expect that it will take a little longer than other gel treatments. Your nail technician should take plenty of time to prepare the nail perfectly, so plan on about an hour and 15 minutes to an hour and a half.

Is BIAB Gel Durable?

is biab good for nails

According to experts, BIAB lasts up to at least four weeks. Maintenance appointments should be regular and consistent to ensure the health of the natural nail. Can you extend the lifespan of BIAB? You can do so by scheduling an appointment for a regrowth nail refill. Refills are best done every 3 to 4 weeks.

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How to Remove The Nail Gel?

If you want to remove BIAB gel, it is essential that this is done by a nail technician. A nail file or an electric nail file is used for this purpose. Then the nails are cleaned with a cotton pad soaked in acetone. Finally, nail by nail is gently scraped off with a metal cuticle pusher to completely remove the gel. After removal, nail technicians rehydrate nails with cream and oil.

Is This Nail Technique Suitable for Everyone?

biab nails benefits design and everything you should know about the new top nail trend 2023

BIAB is suitable for everyone, but for women with weak natural nails it is perfect and helpful to get pretty and durable nails that they want to grow or for women who want the strength of extensions.



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