Sandals for Women Over 60: Which Ones Are Suitable and Which Ones Aren’t, According to Experts

by Kremy

Summer and sandals go hand in hand. And the variety of styles, colors and materials from which summer shoes are made gives everyone the opportunity to find the right pair for themselves, depending on their tastes and needs. However, women over 60 should be particularly demanding when shopping for sandals because as you age it is essential that you prioritize comfort and support. Sandals for women over 60 – which models are suitable and which ones you should avoid? Find out the answers in this article!

Sandals for Women Over 60 – Which Models Are Comfortable and Fashionable

sandals for women over 60 which models are comfortable and fashionable

The most suitable sandals for women over 60 are the ones that you can wear all day and feel completely comfortable – they are cushioned, adjustable and breathable. These are some of the factors that foot care professionals consider when evaluating the models available on the market.

However, the aesthetics should not take a back seat. Many comfortable sandals combine elegant details with a really beautiful design: flexible straps, for example, support the foot and relieve pressure on it, and wedge sandals (wedges) shift the weight from sensitive areas like the heels. What are the most comfortable and stylish sandals for women over 60 that you can wear with pleasure all summer long? Take a look!

The Best Women’s Sandals for Long Walks Have Flexible Insoles

the best womens sandals for long walks have flexible insoles


The most comfortable sandals for walking are those that have an adjustable footbed and a flexible latex sole. Models made using Soft-Air technology are able to relieve the joints, so they are great for older ladies.

shoe models with soft air technology relieve the joints

A tried-and-tested model from a brand that has earned the respect of orthopedists and which we can recommend without hesitation is the Helen by the French brand Mephisto. From a fashion point of view, this choice comes in more than 20 different colors and styles, so you can combine it with both casual and evening wear.

Combine Comfort & Fashion with These Models with Supportive Soles

summer shoes with supportive soles combine comfort and fashion

For a fashionable option that provides stability, orthopedists recommend sporty models of sandals with adjustable straps and a platform from the Italian brand Geox.

for a modern option that provides stability choose orthopedic platform sandals

These models perfectly combine comfort and fashion. Also, platform sandals or wedge sandals are surprisingly comfortable and good for your feet, especially if you have sensitive heels or suffer from plantar fasciitis. That’s because they’re designed to take the weight off your heels, which is helpful if you’re suffering from swelling or inflammation in that area. If you choose wedges, make sure that the sole does not drop too much so that your balance is not disturbed when walking.

Tip: What is the difference between platform sandals and wedge sandals? Platform soles are usually the same thickness at the front and back, while wedge soles have a raised heel. You can choose either option, depending on what works best for you.

German Classic Birkenstock Offers the Best Sandals for Women Over 60

the german classic birkenstock offers the best sandals for women over 60

There’s a reason you’ve heard so many people, of all ages, rave about how comfortable and supportive Birkenstocks are over the years. According to the brand, their original insole, made from a mix of cork and latex, is the basis for all their models. It features a deep heel cup – which can help control the inward rotation of the limbs when walking, arch support and a spacious toe box.

All in all, it won’t surprise you to hear that Birkenstocks are recommended for everyone. They are especially good if you have flat feet or arch pain.

The Best Summer Shoes for the Arch of the Foot

the perfect summer sandals for women over 60 who love a sporty style

Soft orthopedic sandals for women: the American brand Skechers uses technology in the production of its models that makes its sandals just as comfortable as its sneakers. These models were developed by orthopedists who analyzed data from 120,000 foot scans over 20 years. Their adjustable insole supports the arch of the foot and ensures perfect weight distribution. Their models are the epitome of comfort and the perfect summer sandals for women over 60 who love a modern, sporty style.

What Else You Should Consider When Buying Sandals?

wedge sandals shift the weight from heels

  • Materials: Choose lightweight, durable materials that won’t weigh your foot down. Leather is elegant, durable, easy to care for and flexible in warm or humid weather. Rubber is a cheaper option that also repels moisture. Regardless of the material, not every pair of sandals lasts forever. As soon as your shoes show signs of wear, you should replace them because the support is no longer there. Also, avoid buying used shoes as they have adapted to another wearer’s foot pattern, which can cause you pain.
  • Size and Fit: Just like with clothing, each shoe brand tailors their sizes differently. It is best to try the shoes on at home to see if they are really comfortable.
  • Heel Height: Avoid shoes that are too flat as they don’t provide enough cushioning and support.
  • Test quality: To test the comfort and quality of shoes, do as the experts do. Hold your sandals by the toes and heel and bend them. The sole should be somewhat flexible, but not so much that you can fold it in half.

Sandals for Women Over 60 That You Should Avoid

sandals for women over 60 that you should avoid

Find out which models carry risks that experts say outweigh the benefits.

High Heel Sandals: It’s time to say goodbye to high heel sandals. This is because high heels can put undue pressure on the feet, leading to pain, poor posture and an increased risk of falling. They can also worsen existing foot conditions, such as arthritis.

Wearing flip flops is not a good idea after 60: Flip flops provide minimal arch support and poor foot protection, so don’t wear them after 60. Due to their lack of stability, they can lead to foot pain, blisters, and an increased risk of tripping and falling. The thin strap between the toes, on the other hand, can lead to friction, irritation and possible toe deformation. In addition, many people feel unnecessary tension in their feet when wearing flip-flops, as they and the toes have to work much harder to be able to keep the shoe on.

  • Styling Tip: Replace your beach flip flops with Birkenstocks. Not only do they offer comfort and support, but they also look way more stylish.

Slip-on sandals: Although easy to put on, slip-on sandals can cause problems with your walk and balance. Because they don’t provide ankle support, they can increase the risk of falling or stumbling, or contribute to foot fatigue.

  • Note: Don’t confuse slip-on sandals with Birkenstocks. As we have already told you, the latter have a specially designed deep sole that wraps the heel and provides comfort to the toes.

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