Rosé Birkenstocks: This Is How Cool We Are Styling the Shoe Trend in Summer 2023!

by Kremy

Comfortable, convenient and a great eye-catcher – Birkenstocks are one of the biggest shoe trends for summer 2023, and with good reason! Birkenstocks in black or white? We all know that! Rosé Birkenstocks are our new favorite for the coming season! What makes the trendy shoes so special? How can you combine Birkenstocks to create a stylish summer outfit?

sandals trends summer 2023 rose birkenstocks

For a long time, Birkenstock sandals were considered an absolute fashion no-go. But since Sarah Jessica Parker wore the comfortable shoes on the set of “And just like that”, Birkenstocks have become the ultimate shoe trend in summer 2023. The classic models in black, white or beige always work, but in recent months fashionistas have been crazy about a specific model. Rosé Birkenstocks are being hailed as THE sandal trend and we couldn’t be happier. What do the shoes look like and what is the best way to combine them?

Rosé Birkenstocks: This Is What the Trend Shoe Will Look Like in Summer 2023

rose birkenstock summer shoe trends 2023


Once frowned upon as an ugly medical shoe, Birkenstocks have bid farewell to their reputation of being old fashioned and have received a major fashion upgrade in recent months. The sandals are robust, extremely comfortable and a must for all women who value comfort. But this summer, we’re embracing color – and not just for our outfits.

how to wear rose birkenstocks fashion trend summer 2023

Rosé Birkenstocks are the popular Arizona model, which is in a soft rose gold. The playful color is especially effective in sunlight and literally makes our feet shine. Rosé Birkenstocks also have the typical cork sole, which provides more wearing comfort and the two wide straps remain as well. The trendy shoe is clear proof that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or style for a beautiful outfit.

Rosé Birkenstocks Can Be Combined In So Many Different Ways

what sandals are in trend in 2023 how to combine rose birkenstocks

You can’t create a fashionable look with Birkenstocks? But we see it differently! You can actually wear rosé Birkenstocks as a shoe trend with absolutely any piece of clothing from your wardrobe. Whether with shorts, mini-skirts or airy maxi dresses for a romantic outfit – combining Birkenstocks couldn’t be easier! But so that you don’t get bored when styling, we’ll tell you our favorite combinations with Rosé Birkenstocks.

Combine Birkenstocks with Shorts

how to wear birkenstocks rose birkenstock shoe trend summer 2023

As soon as it gets nice and hot outside, our favorite shorts become our most loyal companions in everyday life. So it makes sense that we pair our new Rosé Birkenstocks with them! The playful shade of the trendy sandals looks almost neutral and looks stunning with absolutely all colors. Sometimes with bright neon colors, white or soft pastel shades – anything you like is allowed. If you like it sporty, you can wear a casual T-shirt. But even in a style break with feminine blouses, the rosé Birkenstocks make a great impression and provide a cool effect. And if you want to show less skin in summer or hide wide hips, you can also combine Bermuda shorts with Rosé Birkenstocks.

Combine Jeans and Birkenstocks

rose birkenstock summer shoe trends 2023 outfit ideas

Rosé Birkenstocks also look great with our beloved jeans and the result is a really trendy look that is perfect for cooler summer days and evenings. Which top you choose is purely a matter of taste. Whether with a casual top, a more elegant blazer or a shirt blouse – the outfit combo really always works.

In a Style Break with Dresses

combine birkenstocks with dresses shoe trends summer 2023

Style breaks are more popular than ever this year and summer is all about having fun with our outfits. Rosé Birkenstocks can be wonderfully combined with feminine dresses for an airy and trendy styling. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a mini, midi or maxi dress – the result is always a great summer look with a wow effect. Elegant dresses get a super casual touch by combining them with the chunky sandals. It looks especially harmonious when the Birkenstocks are color-coordinated with the rest of the outfit. But this is not a must – so don’t be afraid to experiment with different color combinations.

Birkenstocks and Fabric Pants or Dungarees

sandalen trends sommer 2023 rose birkenstocks kombinieren mit jeans

Wide pants made of linen, silk or satin as well as comfortable dungarees are simply part of summer and our wardrobes would be unimaginable without them. And if you don’t feel like wearing sneakers or high heels, then give your feet a little cooling and combine your favorite pants with rosé Birkenstocks. The elegant lightness of the pants and the chunky shoes create a cool style break that immediately catches the eye.



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