Women’s Style Guide: The Hottest Summer Shoe Trends 2023 has Inspired Us to Try!

by Stephanie Yankova

Summer is almost here which means that it’s time for us to revisit our closets before the new season officially commences! My absolute favorite thing to shop for is shoes, and if it’s yours, too – you’ve come to the right place. I’ve always believed that a shoe has the power to either make or break one’s outfit. The best thing about them? They’re affordable, so you don’t need to spend a fortune in order to wear the latest trends! On that note, let’s take a look at some of the rising shoe trends for summer 2023! Which ones do you love, and which ones you could never be caught wearing?

The Hottest Summer Shoe Trends 2023

summer shoes trends 2023 platforms slingbacks ballet flats marry janes espadrilles cage sandals elevated thong sporty sneakers

The thing about trends is that they are cyclical. Some of them stick around for longer, and others vanish after a season. There is really no way for us to determine the longevity of a certain trend. This is why it’s good to be mindful of the way you shop for fashion. A friend of mine who’s worked in the fashion industry for over a decade taught me a really useful shopping rule. It’s called the 80/20 rule – 80% of your budget should go toward your capsule wardrobe, and 20% towards trends. The upside of shoe trends is that high-street brands jump on them quite quickly. This speeds up the trickle-down process and makes the most popular shoes accessible to all! Let’s find out what they are for Summer 2023!


platforms summer shoe trends 2023 street style essentials sandals sneakers


Last year the chunky platforms made their phenomenal comeback all thanks to Valentino! This year, we are continuing to see more people giving this daring shoe silhouette a try. Whether it’s high-platform sandals, sneakers, or boots – this is undeniably the biggest shoe trend of 2023! If you’re feeling intimidated by the height – you’re not alone. However, you’ll be delighted to learn that these shoes are actually incredibly comfortable! That’s because they displace your weight thanks to the small gap between the ball of the foot and your heel. Another great advantage – they elongate your legs! For someone like me who’s 5’6, that’s all I really need.


summer shoe trends 2023 slingbacks classic neon colors elegant street style fashion

A timeless classic that’s recently grown in popularity amongst fashion gurus is the slingback shoes. They are the perfect combination of elegance and comfort. My favorite element – the kitten heel! Its height is just enough to give you a little confidence boost, but not too high to damage your feet.

Ballet Flats with Straps

ballet flats with straps summer shoe trends street style fashion inspo 2023

If you were born in or before the 90s, you probably owned a pair of ballet flats at some point in your life. Surprisingly enough, they are back! This time, however, with a little twist. New edgy designs of the flats with straps and ribbons are currently named the “it-girl” shoe of Summer 2023!

Mary Jane Shoes

mary janes high heel summer shoe trends 2023 fashion styling inspo

If this is the first time you’re hearing about other Mary Jane shoes, I won’t be surprised. People have always had a love-hate relationship with them. If you loved them in the past, you probably still do to this day. And if you didn’t, you probably won’t hop on this trend now either! Whether you’re on the YAY or NAY side of this debate, there’s no denying the fact that we’re yet to see more Mary Jane’s on the streets!

Platform Espadrilles

high platform espadrilles summer shoe trends 2023 claasic black nude beige high heels

Espadrilles – the evergreen summer shoe! If you’re looking for a trendy sandal to splurge on this season – this is the one! Why? Because it’s a timeless classic that I guarantee you’re not going to want to take off your feet! Contrary to their high platform design, these are probably some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Not only that, but they are also incredibly versatile! You can easily pair them with skirts, dresses, or even wide-leg linen pants!

Caged “Fisherman” Sandals

caged fisherman sandals summer 2023 shoe fashion trends street style inspo

Polarizing and controversial shoe, indeed! I remember owning a pair of the fisherman style sandals when I was a kid. Quite frankly, I never would’ve guessed that someday it would come back as a trendy adult shoe! You’re probably noticing that they don’t look as bad as you may remember them. No, your memory is not lying to you. They were atrocious! However, their modernized silhouette with a chunky sole and all-leather design is what makes them appear more aesthetically pleasing. I must admit, they might not be the prettiest shoe to look at, but they sure are one of the comfiest!

Elevated Thong Sandals

elevated thong sandals trendy summer shoes 2023

If you want a shoe that’s really going to accentuate your feet and do your pedicure justice – it’s this one! The “barely there” elevated thong sandals! It’s another timeless summer shoe that will make your money worth if you decide to invest a little bit more in a pair.

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Sporty Sandals

sporty sandals summer shoe trends 2023 what to wear fashion inspo

Teva sandals and Birkenstocks are like the summer equivalent of the dad sneakers. I must admit, I do have a complex relationship with those. They kind of grew on me. In fact, their silhouette is so iconic that high-end fashion houses such as Chanel and Fendi have created sandals inspired by them!


white tan suede sneakers summer shoes trend 2023 street style fashion inspo

Last but not least, my favorite trend of all – the sneakers! This summer we’re expected to see a big wave of chunky all-white sports shoes, like the New Balance 574 and 550. Another big sneaker trend to look out for is tan suede designs, like these Loewe high-top Flow Runner.

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