Low Heels: This Is THE Hottest Shoe Trend for Summer 2023, Replacing High Heels!

by Kremy

You could look in your grandmother’s closet for the most sought-after shoes of 2023. Instead of sneakers and sky-high stilettos, in summer 2023 you’ll opt for a vintage compromise: the low heels.

low heels the hottest shoe trend for summer 2023

The importance of comfortable shoes for the city cannot be overstated. This fashionable shoe trend that will save your feet is pretty practical too. Although low heels have been around for a long time, they have only recently become a chic, trendy type of shoe. Options for this micro-heeled design range from early 2010s flip-flops to cute strappy sandals.

Low Heels – The Current Shoe Trend for Summer 2023 Flatters Younger and Older Women

low heels is the hottest shoe trend for summer 2023 replacing high heels


Low heels are only up to 2 inches/5 cm high. In the 1950s, they were all the rage for young ladies who couldn’t handle sky-high heels due to their manageable height.

low heels the current shoe trend for summer 2023 flatters younger and older women

Worn by icons like Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy in the ’60s, and by numerous supermodels and even Princess Diana herself in the ’90s, low heels eventually became a fashion standard for women of all ages. Since then, however, the trend has disappeared from the catwalks.

low heel shoes for women of all ages

Recently, however, the tiny heel has become fashionable both on the catwalks and among influential celebrities.

Style Low Heels Properly

Low heels are the perfect addition to any wardrobe because they’re easy-care, universally flattering and can be worn with just about anything. These heels are fashionable footwear suitable for both work and leisure.

Now might be the time to change your style with some cool low heel shoes up for it and don’t want to walk in painful stilettos.

The Most Popular Types of Shoes

slingbacks with low heels summer 2023 shoe trend

  • Slingbacks

One of the hottest shoe styles this year is the slingback. This shape design been popularized by many major fashion houses.

style low heels properly

  • Strappy Sandals

A chic outfit is only complete with the right shoes, such as thong sandals with a low heel, which are perfect for summer.

open toe mules trendy summer shoes

  • Open Toe Mules

Your best shoe purchase of the year is going to be a great pair of open-toe mules.

shoe trend for summer 2023

  • Flip Flops

Flip flops with a heel are a favorite footwear item during the warmer months. They are trendy and have a retro look.

Combine Jeans with Low Heels

combine jeans with low heels casual outfits

Add a seductive touch to a casual outfit by pairing your favorite jeans with a pair of low heels. Your casual favorite jeans will look 10 times more interesting thanks to the heels. To create a charming and casual outfit, put on a matching t-shirt or modern shirt.

Style a Business Outfit

style a business outfit

Do you think your stiletto heels paired with a suit might be too provocative for a professional setting? Try a pair of low heels instead. Add a feminine touch to your business attire with a pair of low heels. They look sophisticated and delicate without being over the top. Low heels are also pain-free, which makes them a good choice for women who spend a lot of time in the office.

Mini or Midi Skirt and Low Heels

mini or midi skirt and low heels

You can wear your favorite mini skirt with a chic, fashionable top. With a pair of low heels with a shorter skirt, you will look sophisticated and adorable. During the warmer months, this outfit is a no-brainer, especially when combined with a pair of shoes in a bright hue like pink or purple.

Wear a Flowy Dress with Low Heels

wear a flowing dress with low heels summer fashion shoe trends

Flowing skirts and dresses are making a comeback this year after first becoming popular in summer 2020. A flowy skirt or dress and low heels create a casual look that suits any boho woman. Perfect for summer, these shoes add a touch of romance to flowing dresses.

Stylish Outfit for the Summer – Jumpsuit

stylish summer outfit jumpsuit

Heels with a jumpsuit are a great way to look chic without trying too hard. Jumpsuits are a great way to spice up your outfit without sacrificing functionality. You can easily run after the kids, walk in the park or go shopping with your girlfriends in low heels.

The Slip Dress Is Very Trendy

trendy summer outfits slip dress

A midi-length silky slip dress is the epitome of seductive femininity and a beautiful tribute to nightgowns. Add another level of sophistication to your slip dress with a pair of low heels.

Wide-Leg Pants and Low Heels for the Office

wide leg pants and low heels for the office

Wearing slim, low heels with wide leg pants is a chic office look because of the contrast. To accentuate them, wear flip flops or slingbacks.

Pencil Skirt and Blouse

pencil skirt and blouse with low heels summer fashion shoe trends

The combination of a pencil skirt and a blouse is another great option for the office – it reminds of the updated style of the 50s. Wear a shirt or a neutral blouse for a casual look.



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