How to Achieve the Perfect 90s Blowout at Home? A Guide for Long & Short Hair

by Kristiyana

How do you do a 90s blowout? Can you achieve the gorgeous celebrity hairstyle with short hair as well? An easy step-by-step guide to get the perfect 90s blowout for long and short hair. 

How to Easily Achieve the Perfect 90s Blowout Hair?

how do you do a 90s blowout how to do a 90s blowout hair at home

Most girls might prefer an easy old money hairstyle compared to one that involves more work, but can you really compare the feeling you get when you enter a party after you’ve spent half an hour or more doing your hair? I really can’t think of anything better. Well, besides ordering take out on a rainy Sunday night and watching romcoms. Anyway, retro celebrity hairstyles have been blowing up like crazy lately, and the bombshell supermodel 90s blowout is the star of this trend. So if you want to look like Cindy Crawford without visiting the salon, here’s how to do it!

90s Blowout Guide for Long Hair

90s blowout long hair how to do a 90s blowout without rollers


Before you proceed to use hot styling tools for achieving the perfect 90s blowout with your long hair, it would be best to first prep it. Wash the hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to get the perfect base for your fluffy hairstyle. After you’ve washed your hair, and while it is still damp, apply a styling product. If you have fine hair, use a volumizing mousse throughout your strands, for medium to thick hair types apply a spray for volume at the roots. Always use a heat protectant when you are treating your hair with hot styling tools.

What you will need:

  • hair dryer
  • round brush
  • duckbill clips
  • stronghold hairspray

Step 1: First, starting from the nape of the neck, divide your hair in 2 to 3 inch/ 5 to 7.6 cm sections.

Step 2: Once you’ve divided your hair in sections, take the round brush to dry your hair in an upwards motion.

Step 3: After you’ve dried each of your sections of hair, roll them up with your fingers into a pin curl, then secure with a duckbill clip.

Step 4: Once you’re done with all of your sections, release the pinned curls and rake your hair with the help of your fingertips. Set it in place.

Step 5: Finish your fabulous 90s blowout hairstyle by spraying a stronghold hairspray to keep your hair in place.

How Do You Do a 90s Blowout for Short Hair?

90s blowout short hair 90s blowout layers

Want to try the gorgeous celebrity hairstyle with your short hair? Just follow my lead! Start again by prepping your hair. Wash it with a voluming shampoo and conditioner. While it’s damp, use a strengthening rice spray at the roots and throughout your strands to enhance the healthy and shiny look of your hair. Then apply a mousse at the roots for extra volume. Don’t forget your heat protectant!

What you will need:

  • hair dryer
  • duckbill clips
  • big barrel curler
  • small hair rollers
  • texturing spray
  • hair spray to hold
  • shine hair spray

Step 1: So, how to achieve the perfect 90s blowout with short hair? Start by blow-drying your hair until it is mostly dry.

Step 2: Create clean sections with your hair with the help of duckbill clips.

Step 3: Take a big barrel curler and subtly curl your sections. Then roll them with the help of your fingertips, put in the small rollers and secure with the duckbill clips. Leave your hair like this for 1–2 hours.

Step 4: After the time has passed, apply a texturing spray to your rolled hair and then proceed to unroll it.

Step 5: When you are done removing the rollers, apply a hairspray to hold and one for extra shine.

How Do You Do a 90s Blowout for Short Hair – Tutorial


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