How to Recreate The Viral Latte Makeup Trend: Turn Yourself Into a Sun-Kissed Goddess!

by Gabby

When I do my makeup in the Summer, I always aim for this bronze and dewy J. Lo look. Well, TikTok surprised us once again with the latest trend that we all want to recreate – the latte makeup! What is latte makeup? How to create it? What products to use? 

latte makeup trend how to create it bronze summer 2023

What Is Latte Makeup?

I’m sure you’ve already seen this picture circulating around the internet as everyone is talking about latte makeup. But what is it really? This much-hyped trend on TikTok is actually not new at all. This look in the picture was created by makeup artist Tanielle Jai and she shared on her social media that she did it in 2018… However, people on TikTok are obsessed with this bronzed Goddess-like look and named it the latte makeup, because of the brown caramel tones of the eyeshadows and the bronzer, which is perfect for Summer 2023. Even Hailey Bieber adapted it recently, and showed it proudly on her Instagram.

The content creator Rachel Rigler used the 2018 look as her inspiration and it has sparked the whole trend. Jai says that she loves the name and it perfectly describes the aesthetic. The good thing about the latte makeup is that you can recreate it easily and it looks goon on every skin tone out there. All you have to do is play with different shades of brown to create this smoky, dewy and bronzed vibe! Now, let’s see how to recreate properly!

hailey bieber latte makeup trend 2023 summer


What Products to Use for Latte Makeup?

As we already mentioned, this trend is very easy to do since most products that are used, we use every day. There aren’t many techniques to make it difficult for you. You need to focus on creating a dewy base that will make you look glowy. With the eyes on the other hand, you have to play around with brown shadows to give you that smoky effect. If you want to learn how to transform yourself into a true bronzed goddess, let’s get started! Grab yourself a latte and enjoy. Alexa, play God is a woman by Ariana Grande!

We have created a list with products for latte makeup, that you are going to need. However, if you have dupes, you can use them instead, of course.

  • Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer
  • Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation
  • Channel Cream Bronzer
  • Tarte Shape Tape Concealer
  • Laura Mercier Color Infusion Blusher
  • Natasha Denona Bronze Palette
  • Tom Ford Controur Duo
  • Pat McGrath Labs Lust Lip Gloss

latte makeup products used how to create it 2023

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How to Create Latte Makeup?

Do you already have your products lined up for the latte makeup trend? If you already have your bronze goodies in front of you, now it is time to follow the steps and create this look:

  1. Start by priming your face with a dewy base. If you have the Milk Hydro Grip Primer, use that one. It will do a good job of holding your makeup for the entire day and it will also give you the glowy effect we opt for.
  2. Then, using a beauty blender, apply your dewy foundation. We recommend using a makeup sponge. The goal is to create a flawless finish without using too much makeup and the sponge will take some of the product away, which is perfect in that case.
  3. Using a beauty blender, grab some of the cream bronzer and apply it.
  4. After that you can contour your face as per usual.
  5. Apply some non-cream bronzer. You can use one that has a bit of sheer finish, for that glowy effect.
  6. Here comes the blush! Apply the blush on your cheeks and a little bit on your nose. It will create the feeling that you are sun-kissed.
  7. Don’t forget about the highlighter as well. Put some on your cheeks, your nose tip and on the upper lip area.
  8. Now, we have to do the eyes. Start with a lighter shade of brown, almost beige (latte color) and apply it on your eyelids. Drag the color up and out on the sides of the eyes. If you don’t have a shade like that you can use your bronzer. Grab a darker color and apply it on your eyelids. Gradually start a darker shade on your outer corners. If you want a smokier look, you can put brown eyeliner on your waterline and lash line. Finally, find a bronze golden shade and apply it on your eyelids.
  9. Finish off with mascara, lip gloss and a dewy mist.

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latte makeup trend 2023 summer dewy bronze smokey eyes

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