Why You Should Choose Lipstick Shade Based on Your Eye Color + Guide

by Kristiyana

Should lipstick match eye color? Why you should choose lipstick shade based on your eye color? How to find the perfect one? 

guide for choosing the right lipstick color for your eyes

When it comes to the world of makeup, picking out the right lipstick shade can make a whole lot of difference in the way you look. Some colors can drag your skin down, while others can give you a vibrant and youthful glow, and flatter your hair or eye color. Considering the color of your eyes when choosing lipstick can create a striking balance between the two and make you look all the more stunning! That’s why today, Deavita.net’s makeup experts are offering you an advanced guide on how to choose lipstick shade based on your eye color!

Why You Should Choose Lipstick Shade Based on Your Eye Color?

how to choose lipstick shade based on your eye color

Some of you might be asking yourselves, but why does eye color matter when looking for the perfect lip? How will this enhance your appearance? Different eye colors have unique characteristics that can be further highlighted with the right lipstick shade. You know how when you are trying to match your lipstick to your outfit and some shades look good, some not so much, and there are such that just make your whole look all the more emblematic! Well, it’s the same with eye colors. By coordinating these two facial aspects, you can create a cohesive and polished look that emphasizes your best personal features. Here’s how to do it:

Best Lipstick Shades for a Blue Eye Color

the right lipstick shade for blue eyes

For blue eyes, we would recommend wearing warm lipstick colors such as peach, coral, and apricot. Their warmth will complement the cool undertones of the blue eye color. Want to wear a more dramatic lip? Experiment with red lipstick shades! Look for such with orange undertones to make your blue eyes pop.

How to Complement Green Eyes?

lipstick shade for green eye color

How to choose the perfect lipstick shade to flatter a green eye color? The natural beauty of green eyes can be complemented by earthly tones such as terracotta, brown, or mauve. For a bold lip, try a rich red or deep berry color to create a striking contrast between your green eyes and the vibrant shade.

The Right Lipstick Shades for Brown Eyes

brown eye color pairs great with nudes and pinks

“And you, my brown-eyed girl” – such a classic! For us brown-eyed ladies, we are very lucky, as there are many versatile options when it comes to complementing lipstick shades. A brown eye color can pair well with nudes, pinks and berries for a casual everyday look. But for something more intense? Experiment with vibrant lipstick colors like deep purples and plums. Personally, I have fair skin and dark hair, so I think a deep red lip makes me look like Snow white, which I think is a plus! Give it a try yourselves.

Which Lip Color for Hazel Eyes?

best lipstick shade for hazel eyes

Which lipstick shade would be best for hazel eyes? This interesting mix of colors can be complemented by earthly tones such as warm browns, or even a more feminine coral peach shade. A dull or copper orange shade can also be experimented with to emphasize the beauty of your eye color. For a dramatic look, opt for burgundy and plum shades to bring out the green undertones in your hazel eyes.

Matching Lipstick Shades with Gray Eye Color

mauves and cool toned nudes for gray eyes

And last but not least, how to pick the perfect lipstick shade for gray eyes? The cool and subtle nature of this unique eye color can be flattered all the more by hues such as soft pinks, mauves and cool-toned nudes. When wanting to make a statement with your look, wear a dusty rose or lavender lipstick shade for a sophisticated and more alluring appearance.

How to Choose Lipstick Shade Based on Your Eye Color: Tips & Advice

why you should choose lipstick shade based on your eye color guide
  • Consider skin undertones: When choosing a lipstick shade based on your eye color, that is not the only personal facial feature you should consider. The undertones in your skin plays a vital role in the way a color can sit on you. Generally, cool undertones pair well with cooler lipstick shades like blueish or purple tones, while warm undertones work best with warmer hues like reds and soft pinks.
  • Daytime vs. Nighttime: During the day it’s more advisable to wear softer and more natural lipstick shades, while at night you can experiment with bolder and more dramatic colors for evening events.
  • Don’t betray your personal style: At the end of the day, this guide is simply a recommendation for the lipstick shades that can suit your personal eye color most, but you should never forget about your personal style! Don’t be afraid to try out new things that can make you feel confident and look even more beautiful.

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