What Lipstick Makes You Look Older and What Younger? Find Out Now!

Written by Kristiyana Burdeva

As a woman, after you reach a certain age, it is common for you to want to put in even more efforts into properly taking care of your appearance. Don’t you think? Often, you have to say goodbye to the mini skirts and shorts of your 20s and 30s, and leave out the bold black eyeshadow game to the younger generation. That being said, the makeup routine you will adopt after your forties will play a vital role in the way you look. Questions like “How to look younger after 40” and “What lipstick makes you look older?” will arise, and you will have to be properly prepared for their answers. Are you ready? Let’s dive in then!

Makeup Advice for Mature Women

does pink lipstick make you look older

By the time you have reached your forties, you should be thinking more about how to look good and age-appropriate. You may have already found the first gray hairs and notice signs of ageing skin, but that is all completely normal and doesn’t mean that you still can’t look fabulous. With the right makeup advice, you will be informed of what looks good on you and what should be left in the past. Keep on reading to find out more!

Should Lipstick Be Worn Alone or Not Over 40?

This is a very common question that comes to mind. I myself love to just put on a bright shade of red lipstick and nothing more, but after a certain age this look will no longer do you good. A lip colour alone can create a harsh contrast with your ageing skin, so you should think of lipstick as just one part of a whole makeup routine. To look younger, you must invest in a quality foundation that matches the tone of your skin. A good concealer is also essential for covering the dark circles under your eyes.

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What Lipstick Makes You Look Older?

what lipstick makes you look older

Unfortunately, for the fans of bright, dark, and bold red lipsticks the following bit won’t sound so favourable. Such colours can surely make a statement, however they also bring unwanted attention to yours ageing facial features. When a woman over 40 wears a bold red or dark lip, she is highlighting any wrinkles and age spots that might have developed. Also be sure to avoid matte formulas as these tend to dehydrate lips and will just make you look older.

Does Pink Lipstick Make You Look Older?

Depending on the shade of pink lipstick you choose, you can avoid looking older. There are many beautiful shades that are appropriate for ageing skin. When you are picking a pink lipstick, make sure it’s one that sits well with your skin tone. Usually, pink hues like soft pink, coral, rose and mauve are suitable for mature women. Avoid too bright tones.

What Color Lipstick Makes You Look Younger?

best lipstick color for over 40

As already mentioned, lip colours like soft pinks, corals, rose pink and mauve can look good on a woman over 40. Other colours you can try are nude shades and peach pinks. However, always be sure to try them on if you can before you purchase any, as the colour might not sit well on your skin. And if you really can’t go on living without wearing a bold red lip at least once or twice a week, no one said it’s out of the question. Just make sure you pick a red lipstick with a subtle shiny or satin finish.

What Lipstick Makes You Look Older: Mistakes to Avoid

makeup advice for mature women

Now that we’ve discussed which lipstick colours make you look older and which younger, it’s time to focus on some advice on mistakes you should avoid when putting on your lipstick. Are you curious to find out which they are?

How to Choose the Right Lipstick Formula?

The colour of your lipstick is not the only important element for looking younger, but its formula as well. We mentioned that matte finishes can make you look older after 40. The right lipstick formula to choose for a mature woman should be a creamy one or such with a bit of gloss. To keep your lips nourished, you can also apply a hydrating lip balm before putting on your lipstick. Pick one with natural ingredients. Also, tend to avoid lipsticks with high-shine finishes and lacquer-like lip glosses. These can look unflattering on older lips.

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Adding a Lip Liner

what color lipstick makes you look younger

A lot of women tend to avoid wearing a lip liner as they think it creates an outdated look. But this is only the case if you pick a too dark liner colour for your chosen shade of lipstick. A lip liner can create a beautiful and polished look for your mature lips. It can prevent the bleeding of lip colours into the small creases around your mouth, which we all know is quite unflattering. A good lip liner can also enhance and contour the shape of your lips, making them look bigger and fuller. Select a lip liner that is a shade darker than your preferred lipstick.

How to Keep Your Lips Looking Healthy?

The right shade and formula of lipstick can really do wonders for the way you look, but if you have cracked and dry lips, adding lipstick will only make it look worse. There is nothing more unflattering than seeing the highlighted cracks in someone’s lips thanks to their lipstick. To avoid suck situations, always remember to apply a moisturizing long-stay lip balm and exfoliate your lips at least once a week. I personally always keep my lip balm close to me, and even apply a layer before I go to sleep. My preferred lip palm is Mixa’s anti-dryness one for dry and flaky lips. For a lip scrub, you can make one at home with one teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of sugar.

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