How to Do Face Lift Makeup? 9 Easy Steps to Follow for a Youthful Look

by Kristiyana

One of the many things that is so great about makeup is that you can use it to strategically highlight or hide some of your facial features. What’s more, by using the right makeup routine, you can even look younger than you actually are! Lately, social media has been exploding with tutorials and hacks on face lift makeup. What’s face lift makeup, you ask? These are well-thought-out makeup techniques that can lift your face naturally, no surgery required. Do you want to learn how to do them by yourself? Just keep on reading!

Face lift makeup: How to look younger with a few easy steps?

face lift makeup hack face lift makeup tutorial

Everybody wants to look younger, you can’t convince me otherwise! However, I myself am a supporter of more natural ways for achieving this. I mean, of course if you want to get a surgical face lift or Botox, it’s your own choice. But for me, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and following a few easy hacks to achieve a youthful appearance with makeup sounds much more alluring, and cheaper! Don’t you think?

How do you make your face look lifted with makeup?

The secret behind achieving a lifting effect with makeup is all about blending and strategic placement. Each part of the routine consists of blending the makeup upwards and applying it in specific places to give your face a lift and achieve a radiant glow. As an example, you won’t apply blush to the apples of your cheeks, but onto your cheekbones and temples.

Interested to find out more about it? Here are these 9 easy steps to follow to get the perfect face lift makeup!

Step 1 – How to create an even base for a face lift makeup?

how to create an even makeup base face lift makeup


The first step for achieving a flawless face lift makeup look is to create a smooth and even base. This will help keep your skin hydrated and prevent your makeup from drying out. Before applying your choice of foundation, make sure you have moisturized your skin. Blend in your base with a makeup sponge or beauty blender to get that even makeup look.

Step 2 – The right way to apply concealer makeup

Want to lift your eyes? Then you should skip the outdated technique of applying concealer in a large triangle under them. What’s more, when it comes to concealer, the key factor here is that less is more. To lift your eyes, apply it upwards on the inner and outer corner of the eye. This method will guarantee you beautiful results with less product.

Step 3 – Where and how to apply blush for a face lift?

how to apply blush brush draping

For a face lift makeup look, it’s time to apply the blush draping technique. What is that, you ask? With blush draping, the product is applied on the high points of the face, instead of blushing the apples of the cheeks. This method makes the shape of your face look better. To achieve it, apply blush on your temples and cheekbones.

Step 4 – Contouring the face for a youthful appearance

How to correctly contour your face for a more youthful look? With contouring, you always have to remember to blend it upwards your face. What’s more, a creamier solution might be a better choice, as it will not only give you a natural face lift, but will prevent your contour from looking shabby. Also, don’t over-contour your forehead. This will close your face.

Step 5 – How to use a highlighter to lift your face?

how to apply highlighter to lift your face highlighter technique

Isn’t highlighter just magic? God, I adore it. By applying a small amount of highlighter to the tips of your cheekbones, nose and at the high points of your brows, you can highlight your face’s bone structure and make your skin appear tighter. The method behind applying highlighter is to blend in an up and out direction when you are brushing over your cheekbones.

Step 6 – Elongate the eyes with a lifting eyeliner technique

And who wouldn’t want to make their eyes appear bigger? A lifting eyeliner technique can help lift your face and eye area. Start your eyeliner at the tear ducts with a nice saturated line along the upper lash line. When you get to the pupil of your eye, don’t go down but make your eyeliner go slightly up for a lifting effect. This will make your eyes appear bigger and brighter.

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Step 7 – Creating a face lift makeup look with mascara

how to lift your eyes mascara hack

How to lift your face with mascara, you ask? The method behind the lifting effect is to concentrate your mascara application on the centre of your eyes. Don’t apply too much on the outer corners or on the bottom lashes. If you want to make your eyes pop even more, use a beige eyeliner on your bottom lash line. Avoid a white one, as it can create a sharp look.

Step 8 – How to do your brows for a face lift effect?

Beauty experts recommend that if you want your eyebrows to lift your face, you should opt for a subtle and softer brow arch. You can draw inspiration from Audrey Hepburn’s iconic brow look. Eyebrows which are more of a lateral shape will elongate your face and put emphasis on your eyes and bone structure. Also, make sure you brush your brows with a clear mascara in an upwards directions to give them extra height and volume.

Step 9 – Lift your lips and make them look fuller

face lift makeup how to lift your lips with makeup

Applying lipstick is my favourite part of any beauty routine. The right colour and technique can make your lips look bigger and fuller than they actually are. To lift them, start by overlining the bottom line of your lips with a lip pencil. By keeping the pencil inside the lip line, move it upwards towards the outer corners of your mouth. This will create the illusion of a lifted lip. If there are any edges, soften them out, and fill in your lips with a lipstick that matches the pencil.

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