How to do eye makeup for over 40? 8 steps for achieving a glamorous and age-appropriate look!

by Kristiyana

Doing your eye makeup is an important part of any woman’s beauty routine, no matter her age. However, as we get older, our skin changes and so should the way we do our makeup in order to enhance our natural face features. When you are over 40 years of age, you need to use makeup products specifically designed for mature skin and techniques to help you create a glamorous and age-appropriate look. Luckily for you, in this article, we will provide you with just the tips and tricks you need to achieve the best results you possibly can! Here are 8 steps to follow on how to do eye makeup for over 40.

How to apply an eye makeup primer over 40?

primers for mature skin_eye makeup for mature skin

The first step of how to do eye makeup for over 40, is to apply a primer onto your upper eyelids before you move on to other makeup. Choose a primer that is moisturizing to keep your lids hydrated, as with age, our skin tends to get drier. Also look for one that contains light-diffusing particles that can help blur fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. A primer will help to create an even base for your eyeshadow, which ensures it lasts longer and doesn’t crease or smudge throughout the day.

Choose a moisturizing and creamy concealer

concealer for mature eyes_how to apply concealer


Dark circles can be one of the most difficult issues when it comes to ageing eyes. But with the help of the best possible concealer, they can be perfectly hidden! Look for a formula that is moisturizing and creamy. When you make sure that the skin below your eyes is moisturized, your under-eye concealer will blend it better with any harsh lines or dark circles. Use your ring finger to apply the product from the inner corner of your eye outward in small dots along your under-eye area. Then blend it into your skin with gentle tapping motions until there are no harsh lines left behind. Perfect!

Makeup advice on filling in eyebrows over 40

how to do eye makeup for over 40_eyebrows for mature women

Do you want to have the perfect eyebrows over 40? As we age, our brows tend to thin out, which is completely normal. But they are key to framing our face, so you should take time every morning to fill them in with a powder or pencil. This will open up and lift your entire look! Be sure to use short strokes instead of long ones when filling in your brows to achieve a natural-looking fullness. Skip doing the block brow for the best results. Once filled in, don’t forget about brushing through the hairs with a spoolie brush too, so everything looks soft yet defined at once!

How to do eyeshadow makeup over 40?

eyeshadow for over 40_eyeshadow for mature eyes

Nowadays, women over 40 tend towards more subtle eyeshadow colours than dramatic hues like black or navy blue, as these can easily make them appear overly “made up”. Glittery shades may seem fun, but unfortunately this type of texture tends to emphasize wrinkles more, so better stick with matte textures instead. Opt for warm brown tones (like taupe or espresso). Additionally, keep shimmery eyeshadow limited strictly on lids only. Excess sparkle near the corners of your eyes can cause further highlighting on delicate areas such as crow’s feet, which won’t be that flattering…

Makeup advice for beautiful eyelashes

eye makeup for over 40_mascara for mature eyes

How to make your eyelashes look great after 40? Before reaching for that mascara, make sure you first use a curler. This simple trick adds instant life back into drooping/flat lashes without requiring too much effort. Adding extra volume & length to your eyelashes via mascara is always a good choice. However, do avoid thickening formulas at all costs if you want natural looking results. Instead, opt for lengthening mascaras specifically designed for mature eyes. Create a lifting effect for your eyelashes by applying mascara on the outer ends of the lashes.

How to make the perfect eyeliner after 40?

cat eye makeup over 40_eyeliner over 40

Overdoing eyeliner has been known ‘to drag down’ facial features, making us girls appear aged beyond our years. So go easy here by skipping black liquid liners altogether. Replace those thick cat eye wings outwards past temples with softer nude/brown options, or paler darks and eye pencils. You can press the liner into your lash line and smudge it a bit with the help of a small angled brush. This way everything still looks beautiful without being overwhelming! Just remember, less really IS more here.

Creating the illusion of bigger eyes over 40

how to do eye makeup for over 40_natural eye makeup for 40 year olds

Do you want to enhance your eyes even more after 40? Lining your eye waterline will enhance your appearance. However, do avoid dark pigments near your lower lash line. Otherwise, you risk creating shadowy hollows beneath. Instead, skip on traditional jet blacks/charcoals tones and replace them with saturated hues like bright whites /pinks. These colours will allow light reflection to occur, thus creating the illusion of bigger eyes. Plus, it will help mask potential discolouration caused by dryness associated with the ageing process.

How to brighten up your eyes over 40?

highlighter for mature skin_how to apply highlighter after 40

To finish off your glamorous over 40 eye makeup, let’s brighten up your eyes with some glow! Adding a quality highlighter, specifically designed for mature skin, will make you look well-rested and energized. Apply it by dabbing your ring finger in a glowy highlighter and press it into the inner corners of your eyes. Notice how they instantly brighten up!

These tips and tricks for doing eye makeup over 40, will ensure you have beautiful, youthful looking eyes regardless of age! Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep trying different techniques for applying your makeup until you find the ones that work perfectly for you. Good luck girls!

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