Box bob 2023: Find out what exactly it is + inspiring looks and styling ideas!

by Anjelina

Bobs are considered versatile and won’t go out of style anytime soon, much less in 2023, rest assured! The different options that hairdressers are introducing and imposing in the fashion world can serve as inspiration for many women who are fans of short and medium hairstyles. Moreover, the bob hairstyle suits most face types and hair texture. Among the most famous variations of the bob are the asymmetrical bob, the layered bob and the A-line bob. In 2023, however, we another one will be at the peak of popularity and that is the box bob. It is this variant of the bob that stylists believe will be particularly fashionable this year. Therefore, we suggest you read on to find out exactly what it is, and we’ll also give you plenty of inspiring looks that include the amazing box bob 2023!

Box bob 2023: What exactly is it?

trendy and chic wavy hairstyle for women 2023

The box bob haircut adds lots of volume to the hair that is visible even without styling it. The hair is cut very bluntly, usually reaching to the chin and overall creating the illusion of fitting the face into a “box”. Many of the pleasing facial features are thus pleasantly emphasized. In addition, several layers are also created in the haircut, which help the hair look more voluminous and healthy. One of the great advantages of this hairstyle is its easy styling and maintenance. It looks stylish, neat and very elegant.

Who does the box bob suit?

box bob 2023 short hairstyle trendy chic elegant look straight hair


As mentioned before, the box bob hairstyle goes on everyone because it simply has the wonderful ability to accentuate the good features of your face, regardless of its shape. It’s also a great bob variation and is suitable for any hair texture. By this we mean that it would look amazing on straight, wavy or very curly hair as well. Of course, ladies with thinner hair will be able to benefit from the fact that the haircut adds exceptional volume, which is one of the indicators of healthy, beautiful and well-groomed hair. By the way, the box bob is suitable for women of any age, not just young ones. It would suit business ladies extremely well as it is very elegant, trendy and feminine at the same time.

How to style the box bob?

brown hair short blunt cut bob and bangs

Once you get this trendy and beautiful haircut, the styling possibilities are endless. And even if you choose not to style your hair, you’ll still look great! Since the main goal of the cut is to increase volume at the roots, a slightly messy look will be nothing to worry about – your hair will look effortlessly chic! You can still experiment in all sorts of ways with different hair tools and appliances, if you want – you can curl your hair, straighten it, blow-dry it and whatever else you can think of. A great idea would be to use a volumizing mousse that you can rub nicely into your hair and let it dry on its own, or use a blow-dryer to speed up the process.

Box bob 2023: Inspiring looks and styling ideas

box bob trends light blonde thin hair slightly curled at the ends

We’ve put together plenty of looks to inspire you to try the modern box bob in 2023! There’s nothing better than keeping up with the trends, so we’re sharing some amazing ideas that will hopefully give you the final push you need to get a gorgeous new hairstyle! We’re sure you’ll get lots of compliments as well, so take a look at what we’ve got for you and hurry up and book an appointment with your hairdresser!

Modern box bob on straight hair

straight and flat light brown hair balayage blunt cut

The short box bob hairstyle looks stunning on straight hair. An extremely feminine and elegant look that especially suits working women. Naturally, straight hair usually gives the impression of being thinner than wavy hair, but this is no longer a problem as this haircut gives the necessary density, texture and volume. However, if your hair is not naturally straight, it would be a great idea to use a straightening iron.

Wavy box bob and bangs

wavy bob hairstyle on dark hair fringe that reaches te eyebrows

The hairstyle is also very suitable for those who have wavy hair. As you can see from the photo, the hair looks more than great, the overall appearance is youthful, casual and gorgeous! To further accentuate your facial features, we recommend combining a box bob with bangs, as this will make others draw their attention to your eyes and cheekbones!

Box bob and hair coloring techniques

medium lenght bob hairstyle blonde straigh hair

If 2023 is the year you decide to experiment boldly with your look, then don’t hesitate to try different new hair coloring techniques. The box bob haircut highlights your face, but you can upgrade your overall look even more if you add some highlights or try techniques like balayage, ombre, money-piece highlights, and why not completely change your hair color? You could try chocolate brown, ash blonde, copper red or pastel peachy blonde – they’ll all be particularly trendy this year, give them a go!

Box bob 2023 – Photo Gallery

box bob 2023 with straight bangs reaching the eyebrows

Trendy box bob and bangs

trendy bob hairstyle for short hair blunt bangs

Modern highlights and long bangs

trendy bob hairstyle with long side swept bangs

Short messy box bob

short box bob blonde hair and blunt cut bangs

Modern box bob haircut

modern box bob hairstyle straight black hair

Gorgeous red hair

gorgeous red hair box bob 2023 hairstyle messy look

Box braided bob

box braided bob hairstyle black hair

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