Layered Bob 2023: These are the coolest bob variations that are very trendy this year!

by Kremy

Is there a woman who has never tried a bob haircut? Versatile, timeless and chic – there is hardly any other hairstyle that is as popular and changeable as the bob. Whether short, medium length, long or with bangs – the timeless classic with all its variations has become our absolute favorite look and will probably never go out of fashion because of its distinctive style. But blunt haircuts are a thing of the past as hairstyle trends for 2023 are all about layers. A layered bob for 2023 provides a light and casual finish, but still feels wonderfully feminine. The next hairdressing appointment is just around the corner and you would like a hairstyle update? Then be sure to read on, because below we have put together the coolest bob variations that will be mega hot this year!

What does a layered bob look like?

layered Bob 2023 trendy hairstyles for short hair Bob variations

Whether a layered bob for 2023 or layered medium-length hairstyles for women over 50 – layered haircuts are more popular than ever and have already taken our hearts by storm. Blunt and accurately cut hair looks beautiful, but often feels too harsh and strict. And this is where a layered bob comes to help. Compared to the blunt bob or Paper-cut bob, the short hairstyle provides a subtle, soft and wonderfully light finish. To get the layered look, the hair is cut in different lengths. Whether distinct or subtle layers, is purely a matter of taste – the layered bob always looks great and frames the face perfectly. A layered haircut can work wonders, especially for women with thin hair, and will make your mane look much more voluminous and livelier in no time at all. Sounds like the perfect hairstyle, doesn’t it?

These layered bob 2023 hairstyles are trendy

haircuts trends 2023 short hairstyles layered bob with bangs


A layered bob is our absolute favorite among short hairstyles and can be styled from elegant to rocking and casual. Sometimes with bangs, wispy bangs, curly or with an undercut – the trendy hairstyle is available in a wide variety of variations, so it is certain that there is something for every taste and style. So discover the most beautiful layered bob 2023 variations with us and find your new favorite look below.

The box bob as a trendy hairstyle for 2023

Box Bob Trendy hairstyle 2023 layered bob variations

Still referred to as a “hair facelift”, the box bob is one of the most popular hairstyle trends for 2023. The layered bob gives the hair an extra portion of volume and dynamics and ensures an elegant, feminine look. The haircut ends just above the collarbone and the hair is slightly layered at the back of the head. This makes the haircut look a little lifted and our mane immediately gets more structure and volume. And the best? The bob variation is perfect for every face shape and can be easily adapted to the contours of the face. To benefit from this volume effect for as long as possible, the box bob needs a little styling and regular visits to the hairdresser are a must so that it retains its shape. When it comes to styling, the layered haircut is a real all-rounder and looks great with both straight hair and fine beach waves.

The shaggy bob

Shaggy Bob with bangs trendy hairstyles short hair

Hybrid hairstyles have been a hot trend for months, and the shaggy bob is staying with us this year. The trendy hairstyle is a combination of two classic hairstyles – the shaggy haircut and the bob. The layered bob is perfect for all women who like it casual and chic, but don’t want to look “too styled”. The many short layers make the entire hair look more voluminous and thick and the hairstyle feels super refreshing and modern. To add even more dynamism and volume to the look, we prefer to style the Shaggy Bob with light beach waves.

We love the choppy bob

hairstyle trends 2023 layered Choppy Bob

A layered bob can be worn in so many different ways, but we love the choppy bob! In this trendy hairstyle, the hair is layered and the individual strands of the top hair are usually cut to different lengths. As a result, the cutting technique immediately provides more structure and dynamic volume in the hair. The choppy bob is chic, casual and styled in a jiffy. For the most natural look possible, we work with our natural hair structure and let our hair air dry. Then shape it with some hair gel and your layered bob is perfectly styled.

Short bob with bangs

french bob with bangs layered hairstyles for short hair

Stylish, simple and a great eye-catcher – a short layered bob with bangs has everything you could wish for in a trendy hairstyle. The cut ends between the chin and the mouth and accentuates our cheekbones. The bob becomes even chicer if the hair at the back of the head is cut a little shorter than at the front. This layered hairstyle also suits every hair structure and every face shape and looks really beautiful in the trendy “undone look”.

Wispy Bob as a hairstyle trend for 2023

layered haircuts for short hair Wispy Bob trendy hairstyles 2023

A layered bob is the best choice for all girls who want more thickness and volume and the wispy bob is just made for it! The layers are so gently worked into the hair that they are hardly visible. This subtle trick visually lifts the hair, creating the illusion of more dynamism. The short hairstyle also works with thicker hair, but it should be thinned out slightly first. And for those who want bangs, the Wispy Bob can be done with the Wednesday Bangs that are in style right now.

Layered bob with undercut

Undercut hairstyle women layered bob 2023 trendy hairstyles short hair

You are not afraid of radical changes and love to experiment with your hair? Then a layered bob with an undercut is just right for you! The undercut is becoming increasingly popular among women and is still one of the coolest hairstyle trends for 2023. The hair on the sides or at the back of the head is cut much shorter, and in some cases even shaved off. The layered bob with undercut takes a little getting used to, but looks super exciting and unusual.

Layered Bob 2023: The most beautiful looks

layered Bob 2023 hairstyle trends

Layered short hairstyles feel light as a feather

Bob hairstyles for thin hair French Bob with bangs

To create the illusion of more volume, we wear the layered bob with a side parting

Choppy Bob Trendy hairstyle 2023 layered bob hairstyles

Wispy bangs also go perfectly with the layered haircut

Trendy hairstyle 2023 layered bob with curtain bangs

The multiple layers will make your thin hair look visually thicker

layered bob 2023 medium length hairstyles

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