Hairstyle Trend 2023: Wednesday Bangs are the coolest hairstyle trend that everyone is obsessed with!

by Kremy

Fashion shows, movies, series, social media – there are many sources of inspiration for new and exciting fashion and hair trends. 2022 is slowly but surely coming to an end and the turn of the year is the perfect time for us to do a little styling update. New year, new me, right? We don’t know about you, but we just can’t get enough of Netflix show Wednesday right now, so we’re already making some style choices for “Dark Academia”. But in addition to all the gothic outfits, actress Jenna Ortega’s hairstyle is also causing a lot of excitement. Are you also looking for a little change? Then we would like to introduce you to your new favorite look! Wednesday bangs is THE hairstyle trend that everyone is obsessed with and the new must-have styling for the coming season! What is this bangs hairstyle? How is it styled and for whom the cool bangs are suitable? You can find out all this in our article!

Wednesday Bangs: This is what makes the bangs hairstyle special

Wednesday Bangs Trend hairstyles trends winter 2022

Tim Burton’s series “Wednesday” is one of the most successful Netflix series of all time after only a few days of broadcasting and has even topped “Stranger Things”. The outfits of the title character, Wednesday, are setting a lot of new trends and the dark looks have become an inspiration for numerous fans of neo-gothic style. So it was only a matter of time before Wednesday Bangs became socially acceptable. It’s not the first time that we take inspiration from a series or a character for our hairstyles. Just think of the famous Rachel Cut from “Friends”.

Wednesday Bangs Trend Winter 2022 Bangs Hairstyles Trends



From baby bangs to Birkin bangs, there was definitely no shortage of cool bangs hairstyles this year. In general, as a hairstyle trend, Wednesday bangs are a twist on the classic curtain bangs that we all know and love. However, in this case, the hair falls a little more densely on the sides and significantly more strands are pulled into the face. While curtain bangs stand more like a curtain and leave the forehead exposed, the “open” area of Wednesday bangs is relatively smaller.

Wednesday Bangs hairstyle Trend 2022 Jenna Ortega Hairstyles


The parting in the middle is still visible, but is a bit more subtle. With Wednesday Bangs, the bangs is shortest in the middle and gradually gets longer towards the outside. How long you cut the bangs is purely a matter of taste. Shorter or longer – anything you like is allowed! So if you want a subtle change or want to cut your bangs for the first time, then the trend hairstyle is a good “starting” look.

Who does the bangs hairstyle suit?

Bangs Hairstyles 2023 Wednesday Bangs Trend

And here’s the good news! The Wednesday Bangs hairstyle trend is one of those looks that go perfectly with absolutely every hair type and every face shape. It doesn’t matter whether you have thin, thick or curly hair – the bangs hairstyle looks very subtle and really suits all women. Wednesday bangs are also a great way to add a modern touch to your current hairstyle. The fine fringe also feels super fresh and creates a youthful look – perfect for anyone who wants to cheat away a few years with their hairstyle.

This is how we style Wednesday Bangs

Bangs long hair Wednesday Bangs Trend Winter 2022

Why do we love Wednesday Bangs? Well, because the hairstyle is not only super chic, but also totally easy to style. The bangs look best in a slightly casual undone look. Simply blow dry your hair as usual, then use a flat iron to style the bangs and voilà – Wednesday bangs can be styled that quickly. However, if you want a little more volume, you can blow-dry the fringe with a round brush. Finally, to get the mystical and gloomy look of the main character, we tousle our hands through our hair. And the best? If you’re tired of Wednesday bangs or want to try a different hairstyle, the rather longer bangs grow out super quickly.

Can you cut the bangs yourself?

@m3lissahu #jennaortega #wednesday ♬ original sound – Timer povs 😝

Wednesday Addams is causing a stir on social media, and numerous Tik-Tok users are cutting their hair and trying to recreate the gothic look at home. For us personally, however, this is not a good idea, because if you have no experience, small mishaps and disasters are inevitable. And with the holidays just around the corner, this is not the best time for such experiments. So let the professionals do the work for you and rather have the Wednesday bangs cut by a hairdresser. But if you still feel adventurous, you can watch the following Tik-Tok videos.

@nadiaamayo Wednesday Addams Bangs tutorial! I had to do this look after watching Wednesday on Netflix and theres no better model than @jessi ! Would you rock this look? #wednesday #wednesdayaddams #wednesdaynetflix #jennaortega #bangs #hair #hairtutorial ♬ Goo Goo Muck – The Cramps


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