Fall 2022 Bangs Hairstyles: These types of bangs are the latest trend for the upcoming season

by Kremy

It doesn’t matter if you wear your hair long, medium or short and whatever style you prefer, there are bangs that will suit your look and give you a trendy look. Check out these trendy fall 2022 bangs hairstyles and get inspired.

Fall 2022 bangs hairstyles – Blunt Cut Full Fringe

Fall 2022 Bangs Hairstyles latest trends

Blunt Cut Full Fringe is one of the most popular bangs for fall 2022. Scientists say the universe started with a big bang, so we will too. A blunt-cut full bang is a heavy, straight-cut line that covers the forehead and typically ends around the eyebrows.

Fall 2022 bangs hairstyles are suitable for those ladies who want to make a daring statement. Typical combinations are blunt bobs that mirror the shape of the bangs, or long, layered cuts that contrast with the precise line. This type of bang suits oval faces best, but heart-shaped and square faces can also look good.

Side Swept Bangs

Swooped side bangs work best for round faces


Side swept bangs are cut at a soft angle to create rounded bangs that appear to cascade down the forehead. The way the side swept bangs are formed is important, but the styling is still an important factor in getting that rounded shape perfectly.

This type of bang works best on round faces as it visually slims the cheeks, making them appear slimmer and less round.

Wispy Bangs

Wispy Full Fringe is suitable for all face shapes

When you think of “full bangs” you usually think of heavy, blunt bangs that completely cover the forehead. But it’s something completely different! These bangs extend across the forehead like blunt bangs, ending around the eyebrows—either right above, at, or below.

The main difference, however, is the delicate, fine texture. Wispy full bangs are cut with a thinner layer of hair, so they’re not quite as heavy and thick as their blunt counterparts.

Wispy bangs are typically cut up into the tips with scissors to create a slightly uneven, loose texture. These types of bangs are among one of the coolest fall 2022 bangs hairstyles that work on all face shapes.

But square and heart-shaped faces benefit the most. Because the texture is light and tousled, these bangs help soften strong lines and angles in square faces. On heart shaped faces, it lets the forehead shine through while minimizing width and enhancing the shape of your feminine jaw and chin.

Fall 2022 Bangs Hairstyles – French Girl Bangs

Fall 2022 Bangs Hairstyles French Girl Bangs

Brigitte Bardot, is that you? Parted bangs, sometimes called French girl bangs, are one of the most popular styles right now. It is usually cut a little shorter. It is similar to the curtain bangs but styled differently – always with an open split in the middle or off-center.

They have a relaxed A-shape and are slightly longer at the sides. Split bangs usually hit somewhere around the eyebrows. As the name suggests, these bangs are styled with an open split down the middle.

We see many women wearing the French Girl Bangs with a slightly off-center split. This type of A-shaped bangs suits a variety of face shapes as long as you choose the right length and cut.

For oval faces, the bangs can be of any length. For round faces, choose parted bangs that start at the cheekbones and cover the widest part of the face. Heart-shaped and square faces should opt for thin, parted bangs.

The Korean Bangs

The korean bangs fall 2022 bangs hairstyles

Korean bangs, also known as air bangs, are among the latest fall 2022 bangs hairstyles. These ultra-fine, airy bangs transform any haircut into something ethereal and stylish. They can be as short or as long as you wish.

While the length and how you style it is up to you, two things should remain constant. These are the wispy strand of the bangs and the uneven, soft ends that should never look too blunt.

The wispy bangs cover the forehead only a little and are therefore ideal for round and heart-shaped faces. Due to the softness and almost transparent parts, it also goes well with square and oval faces.

Fall 2022 Bangs Hairstyles – Micro Bangs

Micro bangs hairstyles

Micro bangs are one of the super short fall 2022 bangs hairstyles that only cover the upper part of the forehead. They end above the eyebrows and can give you a delightful doe-eyed yet edgy look. Micro bangs have become very popular in recent years. However, they are not meant to be fused with the rest of the hair.

Depending on the length of your micro bangs, you can swipe them to the side or split them to create different looks. Since the micro bangs are so short, they’re definitely a commitment. They take a long time to grow out enough for you to style them differently.

They are particularly flattering on oval faces and any oblong face shape that is much longer than it is wide. Heart faces look great in this hairstyle, but round and square faces should opt for something longer and sharper.


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