Make your garden cozy: With our tips you can create the perfect oasis of well-being with a magical atmosphere

by Kremy

It doesn’t matter if you have a large or small property, if it lacks coziness, it doesn’t really feel relaxing. Does that appeal to you? Is your garden area rather boring and not really inviting? Then change that quickly, because it really doesn’t take much to complement the lush greenery and create an outdoor space that you’ll wish you never left (and probably neither do your friends). With our tips, the whole thing becomes child’s play. This is how you can make your garden cozy:

Decorate bare walls

Decorate bare walls with plants

Aside from perhaps rustic or Mediterranean stone walls, bare walls tend to be rather dull. Shed or garage walls can also be quite boring, especially when framing a small garden. Therefore, focus on decorating such walls if you want to make your garden cozy. They can be decorated with climbing plants or hanging plants (green walls are trendy), but they can also be upgraded with lights. Even a simple coat of paint can make a big difference

Make your garden cozy – dimmed light everywhere

cozy garden design with lighting with dimmed light


Regarding the keyword “lights”, it should be said: If you want to make your garden cozy for the evening hours, you can’t make a better choice. It doesn’t matter whether it’s fairy lights, lanterns with LED candles or a wide variety of hanging lighting – a romantic dimmed light creates just the right feel-good atmosphere when it gets dark. And don’t focus just on the deck! The entire garden benefits from a few glowing accents, whether it’s solar lights along the walkways, hanging lanterns on the tree branches, or glowing lights in the flower beds.

Comfortable lounge furniture and other accessories

Lounge furniture for inviting comfort outdoors

What seems cozier than something that triggers a holiday feeling? In addition to the lounge furniture on your deck, you can also provide more comfort with a few pieces of furniture in the middle of the green garden. It doesn’t have to be a large day bed if you only have a small garden. Hanging chairs, hammock or a garden swing also do a great job and create a cozy corner in the garden.

cozy garden design with hammock

Of course, a chill area between two trees looks particularly good. But there are swings with a stand that you can place in other places. If you have a solid base somewhere in the garden, you can even put a rocking chair.

How does a garden become more comfortable – the charm of the pergola

A wooden pergola among flowers and shrubs

At first glance, nothing but framework, but in fact an addition that can enhance your garden immensely: a pergola is such a garden element that is able to improve the atmosphere in no time at all. And this “framework”, as we just called it, can be decorated in many different ways. Climbing plants that that cover the roof provide natural shade in summer, curtains can be tied to the pillars, hanging lamps and lanterns or strings of lights and of course a comfortable seating area with cozy cushions and blankets. And the best thing is that there are pergola construction methods to match the style of every garden.

garden with a beautiful pergola with curtains and fairy lights

It can be simple and made of metal, for example, if you want to make a modern garden cozy, while Mediterranean, rustic and vintage pergolas are made of wood. They can be screened or completely open. So if you have space for such an element, it is definitely worth considering.

Cozy fireplace in the garden

cozy garden design with fire pit or fireplace

A cozy seating area in the garden is given a wonderful addition with a fireplace. Just imagine watching the flickering fire from your lounge on a crisp evening! A large, brick garden fireplace is not for everyone, especially since it can be quite expensive and of course also takes up a lot of space. Fortunately, there are alternative options, such as a fire pit, for example. Or how about a fire bowl for the table that you can even make yourself?

Make the garden cozy – the right style

Cozy garden design with the right garden style

No matter which decorations and furniture you choose, the right style gives the whole thing the finishing touch. And that is why it should also match your personality. It would be strange, and not just for the visitors you know, to come across a garden that doesn’t match your character at all. Believe us, you wouldn’t feel comfortable and relax in it either. If you don’t like minimalist decorations and garden styles, why should you choose such a garden design just because it’s trendy? Stay true to your style so that you can really make your garden cozy.

How to make your garden cozy trick for more comfort

Nice combination of lighting and fireplace

Inviting seating area with fireplace hanging lamps and lights

Solar lamps save electricity and are environmentally friendly

Place solar lamps in the garden

Pergolas for any style of garden

pergola for every style and every garden

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