Mixie Cut is the coolest trend hairstyle for fall-winter 2022: it looks wonderful on women of all ages!

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Apparently, the ’90s isn’t the only decade making a big comeback this year. The 1970s are also very trendy when it comes to hairstyles, and the mixie cut – a combination of mullet (short in the front, long in the back) and pixie – is a prime example of this. The short length and shaggy haircut is proof that your hair can be both fancy and low-maintenance. So if you’re thinking of getting yourself a rebellious look without the constant hassle of maintenance, a mixie haircut might be for you. Discover all the details about the retro haircut here!

What is a mixie cut?

The smart haircut is already up to date

How to style a mixie cut

Mixie haircuts have been all the rage for about a year now. With so many different styles of pixie haircuts out there, it’s only logical that the mixie gets its time too. Every year there is a daring haircut that dominates the beauty trend reports and tops the list of most requested hairstyles for those of us brave enough to make a change. For 2022, a haircut is emerging that has already taken over: the mixie cut.

The coolest hairstyle trend 2022

A combination of mullet and pixie is the mixie haircut


The mixie is a really fun edgy haircut that is catching on in the fall and winter of 2022. As already mentioned, it is a cross between a mullet and a pixie. The look is a renaissance of the wolf or shag retro haircut we saw this year and is ideal for anyone wanting to experiment with short hair.

Mixie cut is the modern trend 2022

The hairstyle is fluffy, wild, cute and at the same time easy to care for. It has a skewered front and is easy to style, especially if you fix it with some hair gel. Exactly where the haircut falls is up to you and your hairdresser, but most likely it will consist of bangs that end around your temple and a mullet that ends just below your shoulders. Think of Miley Cyrus in her rock days.

What is a mixie cut smart trendy hairstyles

The mixie cut is a pretty sharp departure from the hair trends of the hour, like long layers and soft curtain bangs.

Mixie cut as modern hairstyle in 2022 current trends

Rather, the key to this hairstyle is embracing the rough edges and rebellious retro look that comes with it. Mixie is a haircut that’s quite different from what we’ve seen before, but it also has a slightly retro ’70s look that feels familiar Rather than sticking to the ’90s, this style goes back two decades.

Find the right hairdresser

mixie cut for younger and older ladies

Just like a mullet, the mixie hairstyle is both a mood and a haircut. However, there is a little more room for error with an edgy short haircut like this one. In other words, choose your hairdresser wisely. You should really look for a hairdresser who is known for edgier hairstyles, someone who understands the look and also knows how to alter it depending on face shape and structure.

Mixie cut is the latest trend in hairstyling

No matter where you go and which hairdresser you visit, make sure to bring plenty of mixie cut pictures to show him. It is always advisable to bring reference pictures to ensure that both the client and the hairdresser have a clear idea and expectations.

How to style a mixie cut?

Mixie Hairstyle nice styling ideas

You should style a mixie haircut according to your likes and desires. The styling itself takes only 5 minutes in the morning. All you need is your hair styling cream and a small, fine-toothed comb. Make sure to brush the hair and work with clean, blow-dried hair.

Mixie haircut hairstyle trends for fall 2022

Style your hair sideways or center parted depending on what you want and prefer. Add a bit of hairspray to make the hairstyle last. Once in place, your mixie hairstyle won’t move for hours.

Mixie hairstyle suits women of all ages

This haircut is also not so complicated that you have to constantly go to the hairdresser to maintain it. Depending on your hair texture, this hairstyle is fairly easy to maintain because the length is loose around the hairline. You can wear longer than a short, tight pixie.

hairstyles 2022 pixie and mullet

If you want to keep the hairstyle ultra fresh, you should have it trimmed every five to eight weeks.

Who is the Mixie cut best for?

Mixie cut for older ladies fresh trend hairstyle 2022

Luckily, the mixie look works for all hair types and textures, whether you’re younger or older.

Mixie haircut suits young and mature women

Styling for ladies with loose curls and wavy hair could be a little easier. But that doesn’t mean that women who don’t fall into these categories (e.g. fine, straight or curly hair) can’t follow the hair trend. It is definitely possible with the right tools and products, but one should be aware that it requires a greater commitment.

Mixie cut ideas hairstyle trends

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