2022 Hairstyle Trends – Mullet Haircut for Women Ideas

by Kremy

The mullet haircut appeared in the 70s, was a phenomenon in the 80s and it returns today in a new version. Different versions of this haircut are worn by many fashionable people – musicians, TV presenters, actors, athletes. To many, this hairstyle seems unusual and even daring. But this season it will be at the peak of popularity so let’s look at some of the iconic mullet haircut for women.

What Is Mullet Hairstyle?

Mullet Haircut for Women Ideas 2022 Hairstyle Trends

The characteristic feature of mullet hairstyle is short-cut hair on the sides and in the upper part of the head, and at the back, the hair remains long. It allows you to make different types of bangs and the look varies according to the lengths. Based on this, the mullet that is all the rage this spring looks much more polished and sophisticated.

This is the perfect alternative for bold women. The modern interpretation of the haircut includes mohawks, fades, flat tops, the Mixie cut, etc. The mullet can be short, medium or long. Mullet haircut for women combines opposite directions in culture – conservatism and rebellious spirit. Stars as Miley Cyrus, Zendaya and Billie Eilish have already tried it, reinventing the initial concept and making it one of the most popular 2022 rebel cuts.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mullet Haircut for Women

Advantages and Disadvantages of Mullet Haircut for Women


Stylists recommend the mullet to women with thin hair. It will give the curls extra volume, creating beautiful and interesting looks. This hairstyle is suitable for any face shape. A round face looks longer due to the volume at the back of the head while a long face looks more proportional and oval. Mullet haircut for women has the following advantages:

  • Makes eyes and cheekbones more expressive.
  • Suitable for ladies who like long hair, but they do not like the fact that it constantly gets in their face.
  • Ease of maintenance. It only takes a couple of minutes to style and stay in shape all day.
  • Helps to stand out from the crowd.
  • This is a versatile haircut. It can look cute and romantic, as well as rebellious.

Long, Medium or Short Mullet Hairstyle – An Option for Every Taste

Long Medium or Short Mullet Hairstyle for Every Taste

The appeal of the mallet is in its unusual look. Most often it is still used as a manifestation of a rebellious spirit, so it is more suitable for young girls. Here are just a few different variations of the mullet.

For Short Hair

short mullet hairstyle

The mullet is an excellent choice for women who prefer calm haircuts. The volume in the crown part of the head demonstrates an active and vivid character while the longer strands emphasize the poise and coldness of the mind.

For Medium Length Hair

hairstyle trend 2022 Dua Lipa medium length haircut

To make the look softer, it is not recommended to make the hair on top too short and voluminous, showing the style of the 80s.

For Long Hair

long mullet haircut

The mullet is not often seen in its long hair version. It is not surprising, since it creates an obvious contrast between the hair at the crown and the back of the head.


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What Is Mullet Hairstyle

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