Haircut for square face for women over 60: 6 anti-aging hairstyle ideas that will change your life!

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For each face shape, the haircut that suits it! Thanks to the many hairstyles now available, each woman can find the one that best suits her preferences, but also her morphology. However, after a certain age, it becomes more and more difficult as the hair tends to thin out. So what can you do to stay on top and flatter your facial features? To better assist you in the choice, our editors offer you 6 haircut ideas for women over 60! Which is the best haircut for square face? Let’s find out!

Haircut for square face for women over 60: 6 ideas that will change your life!

haircut for square face for women over 60 ideas

When the first signs of aging show up, it’s not just natural anti-aging skincare to consider. The mane starts to get thinner over the years, which significantly reduces the volume and movement in the hair. To camouflage these annoying effects, it is important to choose a cut that suits both your hair type and your square face. Which one? According to professional hairdressers, short haircuts flatter people in their 60s best since they add structure to the mane. That’s why today we’re going to talk to you about these hairstyles in particular, presenting the variations that adapt to square faces. Let’s go!

The mid-length degraded square haircut

The mid-length degraded square haircut for women over 60


Here is a classic haircut that flatters all face types, especially square ones. The layered mid-length bob helps bring volume to fine hair with the strategically cut layers. This hairstyle can be worn either with a curtain fringe or with a side fringe as shown in the example above. On the styling side, a simple brushing will do the trick, but be sure to use a heat-protecting spray and set the hair dryer on low. To absolutely dive into the hair trends world, check out the best bob with curtain bangs for women over 60 to try out in 2023!

Haircut for square face for women over 60: The Clavicut

clavicut haircut trend 2023 women over 60 with gray hair and glasses

Simple, yet stylish and easy to wear, the Clavicut cut was all the rage last year and will still continue to wow us in 2023. This square face haircut for women over 60 stops at the collarbones and features a perfect middle between square and long hair. But unlike the square, it benefits from a uniform length, at the back as well as in front. This trendy cut is best worn with more volume. You must therefore style it using a hair dryer and a round brush. Don’t forget to protect your hair from heated styling tools.

Short hairstyles for women over 60 with side bangs

what haircut for square face for women over 60 to adapt in 2023

Which haircut suits the square face best? The answer is the mane that ends at the neck and is accompanied by a layered side fringe. Result: A hairstyle that refreshes and flatters the square face while giving it a youthful look. To style your bangs, the hair dryer or the straightener will be your best allies.

The tapered fringe to camouflage forehead wrinkles

The tapered fringe to camouflage forehead wrinkles for women over 60

The haircut for a square face woman 60 years old can not do without the tapered bangs which promises to be all the rage in 2023! Simple and easy to style, it also conceals wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead. Adopt it with a classic short bob to add more volume to your hair. The only downside to wispy bangs is that they can get greasy quite quickly and you should wash them regularly.

Haircut for square face: Try out the Shag!

shaggy haircut for square face ideas trends 2023

Do you have a bold spirit at 60? Do not hesitate to appropriate the Shag haircut whose length stops at the neck. This stylish and rejuvenating hairstyle works especially well on wavy and curly hair to give your square face some pizzazz. The Shag goes very well with a curtain or slightly tapered fringe that will certainly enhance your eyes. And to style a curtain fringe, nothing could be simpler! And if you need more inspiration for your curls, check out the natural curly hairstyles for women over 60!

Short bob haircut with a side parting

short bob haircut for women over 60 with side parting

We are ending with a haircut for a square face that flatters particularly fine hair and square faces. Thanks to the locks cut too short, this hairstyle opens the face and enhances the cheekbones. Certainly, a perfect hairstyle to bring life back to your mane that has lost its volume with age.

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