Rebel Cuts 2022 – 5 Hair Trends for Women to Stand Out From the Crowd

by Kremy

Rebel cuts 2022 are aimed at enhancing your look and hottest hair trends for spring show exciting and unconventional hairstyles. Hair trends for 2022 show bold colors, adventurous styles and you can experiment with dramatic change in length, color and texture. Which rebellious hairstyles are at the top of the 2022 hair trend? In a word – rebel cuts 2022 will get you out of your comfort zone and if you are brave enough to experiment – anything is possible.

Rebel Cuts 2022 after Covid: Octopus Haircuts

Rebel Cuts 2022 after Covid Octopus Haircuts

Apparently, the stylists are tired of the same type of bob and cascades, so they decided to diversify their work with the octopus haircut. The octopus is a fresh take on layered hairstyles, where hair is cut short at the crown for extra volume, while thinner, longer strands fall down in layers. In fact, this is a mullet haircut, but with a smoother transition. When you are in the salon explaining what kind of haircut you want, just say that the shape of the hair should resemble an octopus or show our examples. Girls whose hair is above their shoulders, unfortunately or fortunately, cannot consider such a hairstyle. For the bottom layer, you need to have enough length.

If your hairstyle lacks volume, then the octopus will easily solve this problem, since short hair on the top makes the hairstyle lush, and the hair seems visually thicker. This haircut requires daily styling and regular care: some can straighten their hair while others prefer the rebellious version with disheveled curls.

Rebel Cuts 2022 – Mullet Hairstyle

Mullet Hairstyle Rebel Cuts 2022 Trends


The mullet hairstyle is one of the popular rebel cuts 2022. Why? Because it is a part of the fashion trends of the 80s and if you follow the latest changes, you surely noticed that high-waist jeans and bomber jackets are also returning. The mullet is an iconic haircut of the stars of the 70s and 80s. For example, it is absolutely impossible to imagine David Bowie, Phil Collins or Paul McCartney with a different hairstyle, it has become their hallmark.

Famous actors and athletes, including David Beckham, Rob Lowe, Hugh Jackman, Rihanna and Scarlett Johansson have made the cut absolutely socially acceptable. As far as hairstyles from the past go, there is no other as controversial as the mullet – you either love the cut or you hate it. But one way or the other, one thing is certain – the hair trend is back! The traditional mullet is a hairstyle in which the hair on the sides and front is short, and the back is elongated. Bright or multi-colored strands will add the rebellious touch to the image.

Bob Cut Wigs

Bob Cut Wigs 2022 trends

The bob haircut is a real phenomenon. It never goes out of fashion and suits almost every woman. That is why every year the bob is among the most popular hairstyles. Bob is a versatile hairstyle that does not require special care and styling, is convenient in everyday life and beautiful for going out. Stylists came up with the idea of rebel wigs, so if you are attracted to the idea of being rebellious but you don’t want a major haircut or a dramatic change in your color, Bob cut wigs are the ideal choice for you! You can choose a vibrant color that will definitely make you stand out in the crowd!

Shaved Head Dyed Designs

Shaved Head Dyed Designs Ideas

Today, there is a huge number of different and bright women’s haircuts for any appearance. They vary in length, color and shape. Whether simple or more complex options, you can always find one that emphasizes your individuality and uniqueness. Shaved head dyed designs are among the most daring haircuts and this trend is gaining more and more popularity every day.

There is no doubt that shaved head dyed designs are among the most daring rebel cuts 2022. They look stunning and will attract the eye with original patterns and bold color combinations.

Women’s Mohawk for Short Hair

Womens Mohawk for Short Hair

Women’s mohawk is a hairstyle for brave girls at the height of fashion and certainly one of the most interesting Rebel cuts for 2022. Creating a bold, flashy image is impossible without shocking. Short Mohawk hair allows you to attract attention, emphasize individuality and courage. Hair color does not affect the opportunity for a mohawk haircut. Light, dark, natural or dyed strands – everything is suitable. This rebellious cut is often complemented with creative coloring. Contrasting combinations and accent spots are a possible option.


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