Curved Walls in Interior Design – How to Use Them Creatively?

by Kremy

Curved walls in interior design look stylish and original. Very often they are an architectural element which must be used as well as possible. Modern developers are trying to make the housing they build original and interesting for potential buyers and in many buildings we see non-standard architectural solutions.

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Curved walls in modern apartments are not uncommon. Sometimes the outer wall of the house is semicircular, and then window openings are placed on it. Such a wall can be constructed as a room partition and divides an open plan living space into functional zones – the kitchen and dining room, the bedroom and the living room. A third option is that curved walls play the role of a support and in this case, they can be located in any part of the room.

Curved Walls in Interior Design – A Challenge or an Opportunity to be Creative?

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If you have a curved wall, do not worry. Indeed, making a stylish and harmonious interior with curved walls can be a challenging task because standard furniture pieces like beds, sofas, tables, are made to fit straight walls and 90-degree corners. Of course, there are exceptions, a curved wall in the bedroom, for example, is the best place for a round bed. Yes, the truth is that round beds are not really into the “standard” furniture category, despite the fact that they are quite popular. However, with proper design, this shape of the walls turns into a distinctive and interesting feature. The fact is that such a surface already looks decorative and aesthetically pleasing in itself.

In practical terms, the main task that needs to be solved in homes with a complex layout and non-standard geometry is the maximum preservation of the usable area. It is necessary to carefully plan the design project so that it takes into account all the features of the home.

Rooms with curved walls always create a special atmosphere with their originality. Modern decor styles like minimalism help to emphasizing the advantages of such layouts. Curved partitions can be decorated with panels made of wood or leather with vertical inserts. Furniture can echo the radius: for example, a rounded sofa, a large round carpet and a round table will look good in a bay window. An alternative solution is furniture with straight shapes – a sofa group can be placed opposite a bay window with panoramic glazing.

Door and Window Opening in Curved Walls

sliding door in Curved Wall

If a doorway is located in a curved wall, then it can also be an interesting feature. For example, paint the door in a bright color or choose a textured material and accent the shape of the door with the help of moldings. Sliding doors made of solid or reclaimed wood will look original as an accent in such a wall. Make sure that the style of your doors fits into the overall design of your home.

Windows in a curved wall are usually panoramic and decorated with curtains. If you install a sofa along the wall and provide the appropriate decorative elements, you will get an ideal nook for rest and relaxation.

How to Finish a Curved Wall – Highlight the Unique Element in Your Home

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As we mentioned curved walls in interior design may have a specific function or be purely decorative. A curved wall is a feature that makes your home unique. Such an element should be properly highlighted and emphasized so that it does not merge with other walls of the house.

When you need to emphasize a curved wall, it is recommended to use materials that are different from the ones that you selected for the other surfaces in the house. Designers often use materials with pronounced texture, natural or faux stone, wood, mirrors, mosaics, metal tiles, etc. Interior fabrics of different colors and textures are also a stylish solution, for example velvet or plain materials with shiny inserts.

How to Decorate Curved Walls?

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A curved wall is already decorative in its essence, so do not overload it with additional decor. If it is difficult for you to imagine a clean wall without decorative elements on it, then it is better to avoid bright and eye-catching colors. Opt for a solid color finish that will create the right backdrop for your accessories.

When decorating a curved wall, provide niches or shelves in which you could place interesting accessories, souvenirs, handmade crafts, etc. Install spotlights as they will make the curved wall look interesting in the dark.

Like any other wall in the house, a curved one can be decorated with paintings or photos. It is better to hang a row of small paintings than a couple of large ones, yet this depends on how long your curved wall is.


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Curved Walls in Interior Design How to Use Them Creatively

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