Hair Transplant Turkey Istanbul – A guide to new hair growth

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Hair transplant Turkey Istanbul Cosmedica Clinic

Figure 1: Hair transplant Turkey Istanbul Cosmedica Clinic

Before getting a hair transplant Turkey Istanbul, it is important to research the different transplant methods and choose one that is aesthetically pleasing and meets your expectations. Hair transplants in Turkey have become popular because they are less expensive than in some other countries but still guarantee quality results.

Why are so many people heading to Istanbul for hair transplants?

Getting a hair transplant in Istanbul is a more viable option for many people because the average cost of a procedure is much lower than in Western countries. For example, a hair transplant in London can cost up to £30,000. That's more than most people can afford. But Turkish clinics will do the same procedure for £3,000 or less.

Many clinics in Turkey have found a way to offer inexpensive medical care in the form of accreditation by the Joint Commission International. This popular international accreditation group enables medical centers to provide high-quality care at rates as little as half of the other medical facilities, due to government incentives.

Price may be a factor in the rise of hair restoration operations in Turkey, but it is not the only one. Many patients report being attracted to talented Turkish doctors who have been practicing for years. The skilled specialists can carry out the operation with extreme precision, making sure that patients get excellent results.

Hair loss is a common problem, but with Turkey's advances in the field and its growing number of hair restoration specialists, it is easier than ever to look your best.

There are more than 500 clinics and hospitals with long traditions where hair transplantation is performed and the surgeons are receiving recognition from a growing number of patient referrals. Because the service is so great, it's just natural that Turkey would immediately come to mind for people looking for a great transplant.

Is it safe for hair transplant in Turkey Istanbul?

hair transplant procedures in Turkey Istanbul

Figure 2: Cosmedica’s Dr. Acar during a consultation with a patient

Absolutely! Hair transplant Turkey is incredibly popular across the world. Since Turkey's healthcare standards are so high, many patients come from dozens of countries around the world to have work done by their skilled surgeons.

The latest hair transplant technology is generally pioneered in Turkey, which has a huge number of patients suffering from hair loss visit often for hair transplant treatment.

There are a lot of Turkish doctors that have experience with this type of procedure because Turkey is very advanced in the field of medicine and has had many studies on the subject.

There are over 500 clinics and hospitals that perform hair transplants in Turkey. These institutions have been in the business for over a decade, and they provide quality treatments. Their surgeons have at least 10 years of experience and are dedicated to offering their patients the best treatments available.

As time progresses, Turkish hospitals are providing more and higher-quality healthcare services to more patients each year. Through the patient referral system, hospitals can bring in new clients and improve their reputation for being one of the top establishments for healthcare in the country.

How much is a hair transplant in Istanbul?

It is the cost of hair transplant procedures in the clinics in Turkey that is the primary and decisive factor for over a million men from every corner of the world to choose hair transplant operations in Turkey.

Turkey is the most affordable market for hair transplant surgery. Those looking to get hair transplants in Istanbul can expect to pay between $2,500 and $7,500, depending on the number of grafts they need and the clinic they choose. These prices are much lower than those found in other parts of the world like Dubai, London, Toronto, and the UK where costs can run as high as $8,000 to $30,000 for FUE transplant surgery.

Why is Turkey cheap for a hair transplant?

The lower cost of rent, materials, and products in Turkey allows hair transplantation procedure prices to be much lower than in other countries. The high exchange rate difference between the Turkish Lira and the US Dollar, Pound Sterling, and Euro make living in Turkey much more affordable, while the low cost of rent, material, and product makes hair restoration treatments cheaper than those in other countries.

Which clinic in Turkey is best for hair transplants?

modern operation room for hair transplant procedures

Figure 3: Hair transplant Turkey Istanbul Cosmedica Clinic operation room

The Cosmedica Clinic in Istanbul is a Turkish medical center that specializes and offers high quality services in scalp hair transplantation. Dr. Levent Acar, a leading expert in the field of hair transplant, has led the clinic since 1997. Patients come to the clinic from all corners of the globe, both men and women alike. The team of doctors offers effective solutions for patients looking to cure their hair loss issues.

Cosmedica has found success in the hair transplant business, which is why the clinic is one of the most sought-after firms. In their continued quest to build a name for themselves, Cosmedica has yet to let down a single patient. This narrow specialization has helped them become an industry leader in hair restoration.

Advantages of the Cosmedica Medical Center

Treatment cost is fixed, and there are no hidden fees or additional costs. After a free consultation and a general evaluation of the patient's hair and scalp using advanced technologies and tools, the most suitable basic service package is determined, which includes a certain number of transferred follicular unit and laboratory tests.

Advanced transplant technology. Using the Sapphire FUE hair transplant or the DHI hair transplant technique under local anesthesia allows for up to 5,000 hair follicles from the donor area to be used with no scarring. The direction of hair growth of the transplanted hair will be exactly as it was previously, nature's way.

The duration of the transplant operation at Cosmedica is minimal at only one day, as opposed to other clinics that take several days to complete. This is a result of the advanced technology used by Cosmedica.

The operation comes with an official guarantee. No matter what the complications are, there is an official document for the patient to fill out and understand before undergoing the surgery. It also comes with a guarantee in the form of a certificate, paperwork, and a seal.


So, are you lacking confidence because of your hair loss? It’s time to change that. With the information gained from this guide, you should be able to get your hair transplant surgery in Turkey and at a lower cost, too. What are you waiting for?


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