Is It a Good Idea to Have Your Hair Transplant in Turkey? Smile Hair Clinic

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Virtually everyone deals with hair issues on occasion. Tangled and frizzy hair can be a nightmare to handle, oily hair requires constant attention, and dry hair can be prone to dandruff.

However, all these issues can usually be solved with the right products and hair care routine. What you can’t solve with shampoos and lotions is hair loss.

Diminished hair growth can be one of the many side effects of a poor diet, stressful lifestyle, or some medications you might be taking. It can even be the result of your genetics; in this instance, you can only solve it with a hair transplant.

No longer an invasive hair replacement surgery with a side of scalp reduction, hair transplant is fast, efficient, and effective, and more and more people are choosing to have it done in Turkey.

Learn what makes Turkey the best country to visit if you’re dealing with thinning hair on different areas of the scalp.

What does Turkey have to offer?

Smile Hair Clinic Have Your Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey’s always been a wonderful holiday destination. Its pristine beaches, architectural wonders, natural beauties, and diverse culture have attracted travelers for decades, but those aren’t the only things the country is known for.

Turkey has some of the best universities in the world. Its strong educational system has gained the country quite a renown, producing skilled experts across fields and industries.

Its medical schools and hospitals are especially famous, attracting the top internationally-recognized medical professionals. That’s precisely why so many of those suffering from hair loss opt to have a hair transplant surgery there.

Going to Turkey gives you access to the leading surgeons who can deliver outstanding service and provide exceptional medical care.

What you can expect from top-tier hair transplant clinics

Smile Hair Clinic Hair Transplant

Dr. Gökay Bilgin – Dr. Mehmet Erdoğan

Although hair transplants are low-risk surgeries that are generally considered very safe, it’s still critical to find a top-tier clinic with experienced staff. After all, inexperienced surgeons can damage healthy hairs, incorrectly transplant grafts to the bald area, and give you odd-looking results.

Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a good clinic.

The Smile Hair Clinic is often regarded as the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey and abroad. Established in 2018, it’s grown to become 100+ strong, hiring some of the country’s best talent. Its surgeons have treated over 10,000 patients so far, performing advanced transplants with excellent results.

The clinic is led by Dr. Mehmet Erdogan and Dr. Gökay Bilgin and boasts an impeccable reputation.

Dr. Erdogan graduated from the esteemed Faculty of Medicine at Yeditepe University and honed his skills at Acıbadem Health Group and Medicana Health Group. He’s performed over 4,000 hair transplant operations to date.

Dr. Bilgin obtained his medical degree at the Faculty of Medicine at Istanbul University-Cerrahpasa. Starting his surgical career in Medical Park Health Group and continuing his work at Medicana Healthcare Group, he’s also performed over 4,000 successful hair transplant surgeries.

Dr. Erdogan and Dr. Bilgin specialize in sophisticated follicular unit extraction FUE hair transplant surgery, delivering permanent, natural-looking results.

The two have built the Smile Hair Clinic from the bottom up, turning it into an advanced medical facility with cutting-edge equipment that attracts thousands of patients annually.

An affordable option for treating hair loss

While you can expect premium services at the Smile Hair Clinic, their pricing doesn’t reflect that. The Smile Hair Clinic was established to make hair transplants easily accessible to everyone who needs them, so the pricing is surprisingly affordable.

The surgeons can work with you to design a treatment option that suits your needs and budget. Since transplants are usually charged based on the number of hair grafts that need to be transplanted, they can reduce the number to ensure you get both the desired results and the desired price.

Moreover, since the costs of living in Turkey are much lower than in countries like the US, you can expect to pay up to 90% less for your surgery, even with the maximum number of grafts possible.

Hair Transplant packages offer convenience to medical tourists

Although traveling to a foreign country for a medical procedure such as a hair transplant can seem overwhelming, the Smile Hair Clinic streamlines the entire process. The clinic offers unique transplant packages that will ensure your stay in Turkey for the duration of your treatment is as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

The Smile Hair Clinic’s transplant packages include a 3-night accommodation at a luxury hotel, transport from the Istanbul airport to your hotel, the clinic, and back, required medication pre- and post-surgery, personal interpreters speaking your native language, and free online aftercare consultations.

Types of hair transplants you can get at the best Turkish clinics

As previously mentioned, the surgeons at the Smile Hair Clinic specialize in FUE hair transplants. With these types of hair transplants, they transplant individual hair grafts from the donor to the recipient area.

The surgeon will administer pain-free anesthesia, assess the donor hair, and strategically extract hair follicles from it. Then, while the follicles rest in a nutrient-rich solution, they will make small incisions in the recipient area (the balding part of your head) to make room for the new follicles.

They’ll bandage your head and give you thorough instructions on washing and caring for your newly transplanted hair.

The surgery is minimally invasive, so both the recipient and the donor site will heal quickly, leaving virtually no signs that you ever had the procedure. You can return to work and your everyday life only days following the surgery.

Final thoughts

Medical facilities such as the Smile Hair Clinic in Turkey provide advanced treatments for hair loss at an affordable price. You can enjoy high-quality services and rest easy knowing you will have a full head of luscious hair within months.


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