What are the best hair transplant Methods – A success story

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Hair transplant costs in Turkey are far below the costs to be paid for the procedure in Europe. The excellent price-performance ratio of the clinics in Turkey and the high level of expertise of hair surgeons make the procedures in Turkey particularly popular. Hair loss is common and always very stressful for those affected. They suffer from hair loss, feel less attractive, and are socially isolated. Hair transplant Turkey should correct this situation. The before and after comparison shows that the treatment is extremely effective and leads to fuller hair in the long run. Below are the advantages of DHI Direct and how hair transplant works in Istanbul.

70% Lower Cost in Turkey

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In most cases, the cost of a hair transplant has to be paid privately. Especially low prices are offered with versatile carefree packages so that more people affected by genetic hair loss can have a hair transplant in Turkey.

The packages, which are 70 percent cheaper than in Europe, include transfer, translator, free consultation, hair analysis with a special computer program, intervention, aftercare, and all necessary care products. At the patient's request, the clinic also organizes flights to Turkey.

Despite this, hair transplantation is performed with the most modern method. The hygienic and professional standard of interventions is certainly comparable to Europe.

Hermest Clinic: The Best Hair Transplant Clinic in Turkey

Hermest Clinic is one of the world-class hair clinics elite when it comes to the best hair transplant Turkey. More than 15 years of experience as a doctor at the service of patients. Due to its great expertise, Hermest Clinic achieves a 98 percent hair follicle growth rate.

Top Quality Hair Transplant Clinic: Hermest

Although the prices are lower than in Europe, Hermest Clinic offers its patients the best quality hair transplants. Shortly after the procedure, the patient sees the first improvement in the form of hair growth. A year later, nothing reminds me of previous hair loss. Hair becomes thicker and stronger. The hairline looks natural.

A large number of photos on the Hermest Clinic's official website convince us of the clinic's high standard of hair transplantation. Unlike its competitors, Hermest Clinic revealed its new hair growth with photos taken a few weeks apart. The final result after twelve months is always visible.

Those affected by hair loss can use the pictures to convince themselves that the hair naturally regrows after the procedure and does not shed again after a few months.

Hair Transplantation in Turkey: Where the Experts Feel at Home

More and more men are choosing to put themselves in the hands of professionals to treat their hair loss, as evidenced by a large number of search results for hair transplant men and women in Turkey. The first address for this is Hermest Clinic. If you don't want to let thinning hair take control, the clinic in Istanbul is for you.

Which Hair Transplantation Methods are There?

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FUE is short for "Follicular Unit Extraction." With this method, each transplant, called a graft, is removed with a scalpel and reinserted with tweezers.


DHI stands for Direct Hair Transplant. After the grafts are taken using the FUE technique, the opening of the channels with a special tool and the placement of the extracted hair follicles can be performed in one step. The so-called DHI Implanter Pen completely surrounds the plantings. The hair is perfectly protected, which prevents the fragile hair follicles from breaking.


This technique combines the best FUE and DHI methods. Grafts are removed similarly to the FUE technique. A micro sapphire blade is then used, allowing the finest cuts to be made for the implants. The removed hair is then placed back in place with the DHI Implanter Pen. This technique allows more incisions to be made, resulting in a more dense planting of the grafts. The result is more volume and a fuller, natural hairline.

When is a Person a Good Candidate for a Hair Transplant?

Anyone who enters the search terms "hair transplant turkey" in search engines will surely find what they are looking for. Hermest Clinic provides personal and individual counseling to each patient in a free consultation. This can be done online or at the Istanbul branch. Hair analysis gives information about the condition of the hair. It is also very important how much healthy hair is still available for hair transplantation in men.

The Hermest Clinic can reliably assess how promising an intervention will be based on the hairline and the condition of the hair structure. Under some circumstances, even the latest plastic surgery will not be able to help. For example, if the scalp has been damaged by extensive burns or if the hair loss has occurred as a result of trauma.


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