Why Hair Transplant in Turkey? We talked to Dr. Ziya Yavuz

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There is no doubt that hair transplant in Turkey is a brand when it comes to such procedures, and it strengthens its leadership in this field day by day with the opportunities it offers to patients. However, while these are happening in Turkey, many European countries, especially the Netherlands and Germany, are developing their expertise in hair transplantation.

Dr Ziya Yavuz Clinic Hair Transplant in Turkey

We talked to Dr. Ziya Yavuz, one of the leading clinics in hair transplant Istanbul, about hair transplantation practices, which are one of the most in-demand applications in the world, and whether hair transplantation should be done in Europe or Turkey. While hair transplantation practices are increasing in popularity day by day, Turkey is setting a new record in health tourism with hair transplantation.

What do you have to say about this at Dr. Ziya Yavuz Clinic? What do you think is the secret of hair transplant in Turkey success?

Today, when it comes to hair transplantation, there are many reasons why Turkey comes to mind first. Hair transplant specialists in our country do their job really well. They go through a very rigorous and good education, and they have a lot of knowledge and experience because they've witnessed a lot of different cases. Today, many of our colleagues abroad come to Turkey with various trainings and seminars and exchange ideas with us and observe our cases. When it comes to hair transplant in Turkey, we should say that Turkey is a brand. In addition to the experienced and competent staff, the importance of Turkey's position, which has been taught to us since our first school years, comes into play here.

Turkey is a transit country. So much so that today you are passing through either Turkey or somewhere near Turkey, where you try to go from one end of the world to another. We are close to both Europe and the Middle East. Therefore, we are at a distance to meet the high demand for hair transplantation in these two regions, which we do not say that we already welcome a lot of patients from the Middle East and Europe when we say hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation has also started to be widespread in Europe. As Dr. Ziya Yavuz Clinic, do you have a hair transplantation clinic based in Istanbul, despite the increase in hair transplantation cases in Europe, still in a preferred position in Istanbul and Turkey hair transplantation? What would you like to say about that? Naturally! It is a fact that hair transplantation practices are on the rise in Europe.

Hair transplant is more common in the Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain and even England today than in previous years, especially in Germany. But this is where the advantages of being in the industry come into play. Today, Turkish hair transplant specialists in Istanbul are much more knowledgeable and experienced than hair transplant specialists in many parts of the world, including Europe, because they have seen a lot of different cases.

That's one of the details that still makes us attractive. Another, of course, is the costs. Today, the average cost of having a hair transplant in a good clinic in Europe is 6.000-7.000 euros, according to the technique selected in some places. In the UK, the price is going up even more. In Turkey, today you can perform hair transplantation at prices of 2-3 maximum 4 thousand euros. Moreover, patients do not only return from Istanbul, where they come for hair transplantation. They travel around the city and give themselves a full holiday break.

Can we say that hair transplantation in Istanbul means both holiday and entertainment?

You could say absolutely. Today, within the scope of health tourism, many guests from abroad enjoy the Bosphorus air of Istanbul as well as hair transplantation examinations and procedures, and discover the historical texture of the cultural capital of a time.

Then can we say that those who want to have hair transplantation should choose Turkey over Europe?

Of course, the expectations of the patients who want to have hair transplant in Turkey are very valuable at this point. The final decision is always up to the patients. However, if they want to have a good hair transplantation application with the best quality materials and most experienced teams in the world and then to reach the experience of a historical city that melts traditional and modern in the same pot, we can say that they should definitely prefer Turkey and then Istanbul.

Besides touristic reasons, why should hair transplantation be preferred in Istanbul? At the Dr. Ziya Yavuz Clinic family, what distinguishes you from other clinics?

At Dr. Ziya Yavuz Clinic, especially hair transplantation, we have been transplanting hair, beards, mustaches and eyebrows for many years. In addition to the experience and training of our team, we have every technique at stake in hair transplantation. Hair transplantation application; it is a process that requires serious knowledge on talent, precise intervention and techniques to be applied. Considering the cost as well as the persistence of the results, we think that those who want to have hair transplantation should be examined and weaved frequently, which we, at Dr. Ziya Yavuz Clinic, have been aiming for high satisfaction in our patients by showing the same sensitivity in every case. We inform our patient in the best way in every field from the consultation examination to the completion of the procedure and even the follow-up stage, and we choose the technique that is best for him. Today, we have a growing portfolio of patients as we cherish our patients and meticulously plan every step of the way.

What hair transplantation techniques do you focus on at Dr. Ziya Yavuz Clinic?

In fact, there are several major hair transplantation techniques today. These are the ones that are going to FUT technique, FUE technique, Sapphire FUE technique and DHI technique made with implanter or choi pen.

We use every technique in hair transplantation and decide which technique to use in which patient together with our patients during the consultation examination. During this decision phase, many factors such as the condition of our patients' hair, expectations of hair transplantation, vital habits play a big role in our selection of related hair transplantation technique. As you know, hair loss separates itself. We face many different hair problems, from male hair loss to longer-lasting and regional baldness. Therefore, instead of a single hair transplantation technique, Dr. Ziya Yavuz Clinic evaluates the condition of the patients, determines the best technique to suit the patient and we plan the hair transplantation process accordingly.

When we think of hair transplantation, we always think of male tourists who wear headbands. Is hair transplantation in Turkey only performed on men or do you have female patients?

At Dr. Ziya Yavuz Clinic, we provide hair transplantation services to both men and women. Especially the baldness that occurs after male hair loss is manifested as often in women as men. But yes, it's very likely that you'll see more men who have just had their hair patch transplanted. Because although hair transplantation is performed on women in Turkey today, there is no doubt that the number of male patients who have hair transplantation not only in Dr. Ziya Yavuz Clinic but also in many hair transplantation clinics today is much higher. In fact, depending on hair transplantation, our male patients also have eyebrow, beard and mustache transplantation at the same rate.

Finally, before we finish our interview, what are your recommendations as Dr. Ziya Yavuz Clinic for those who want to have hair transplantation today?

Hair transplantation is a procedure that requires serious knowledge and knowledge. Therefore, they should express their expectations correctly and contact clinics with the knowledge and knowledge to best meet their expectations. However, they should prefer the technique recommended to them, taking into account the results of the consultation examination. In addition, in order to prevent a possible complication, they must take care to have hair transplantation procedures in a fully equipped facility that complies with the pandemic rules. Thank you so much for your descriptive answers. It was quite a pleasant conversation.


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