Want to Know How to Make a Cocooning Bedroom? Find Out Now with the Top 5 Best Advice!

by Kristiyana

The bedroom is the sanctuary of any individual. It is the place where one is supposed to feel most at ease and relaxed. A place where you can peacefully read a favourite book, while a scented candle burns by. Somewhere where you can recharge your batteries for the tough work day ahead. We as people need to look after our minds and bodies, and this goes hand in hand with our homes as well. How you take care of your home is proportioned to how you take care of yourself. And the bedroom is the heart of the house. Wouldn’t you say? So if you are looking on how to make your bed space the most calming and ethereal it can be, keep on reading and discover the top 5 best and most stylish advice on how to make a cocooning bedroom!

1. For a cocooning bedroom, colours are top priority

what colours to choose for a bedroom_relaxing colours for bedroom

Anyone who has, even the slightest interest in interior design, probably knows that colour is key to everything! The colours in which you create your personal space play a big role in how that room will make you feel. So you should be careful which ones you pick out. The thing is that choosing a calming colour for your cocooning bedroom is a completely personal choice. Some might feel like the colour blue calms them down, while others just may not like the colour itself.

Think about how each colour makes you feel. Stop on the one that just gives you a sense of inner peace once you picture it. Any colour can be incorporated into the room by using softer tones or accents, so don’t let that worry you! If you can’t figure out which is that colour for you, go with more neutral ones. Examples are beige, nude, ivory, cream, porcelain, etc. Can’t go wrong with them! And for those of you who are not afraid of adding darker colours, select them for your room to get the best cocooning experience! Dark walls will make your bedroom feel cosy and comforting. And will give you a deep good night’s sleep!

2. Make your bed as comfortable as possible

how to make a cocooning bedroom_plush headboard


When thinking about how to make a cocooning bedroom, it easily comes to mind that the bed has to be as comfy as imaginable! Invest in high-quality bedding. Choose cotton, linen, silk or bamboo sheets. Spoil yourself with some luxury, you deserve it! Going with these fabrics will make you never want to get out of your snugly bed! Pick a soft duvet and purchase a plush headboard for maximum comfort in your bedroom. This headboard will give you a nice support while you are enjoying your favourite TV show or are reading before bedtime.

Add cocooning accessories to your bed like fluffy cushions and soft warm blankets. And if you want to feel even more secluded in your safe-space, hang curtains around your bed! I had always wanted to do that! Ever since I first watched princess movies as a little girl. They had those beautiful extravagant pink beds with flowy sparkly curtains hanging down that were just to die for! To get the best curtains, select from fabrics such as velvet and wool. The colours of your curtains can be light, but the texture will look heavy and give you a sense of complete solitude!

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3. Soft lighting for a real cocooning experience

lighting for bedroom ideas_how to make a cosy bedroom

Lighting is of absolute importance when designing your new cocooning bedroom. You need to opt for soft and low lighting. If you have harsh and sharp light in your bedroom, that would just completely ruin the cosy atmosphere you are striving towards. Pick a variety of sources from which the light can shine, so it is spread softly around the whole room. Display night stand lamps and a string of lights, hung around the headboard of your bed.

When choosing your lighting, also try to go for such coming from natural materials. Amber seagrass or bone china are great choices if you want to achieve that calming, soft effect. Natural materials make you feel more close to nature and give you a sense of peace. And if you want to go with an easier lighting option, invest in a mood lighting system! With this system, you can change the light in the bedroom based on how you are feeling. Go for darker or lighter, you decide! I actually have the exact same system back in my childhood home. My dad set it up in my bedroom as a birthday present. It’s delightful! And it goes with a remote control, so you can easily adjust it to your preferences.

4. Go with quality texture for a cosy bedroom

relaxing bedroom ideas_velvet bedroom ideas

On the topic of how to make a cocooning bedroom, texture is also of great importance. We already mentioned how the quality of bed linen is crucial, but it’s not only just about the bed. You might have a small sofa or comfy armchair in your bedroom, that you just love to spread out upon after a long day. Most of the time, I myself tend to fall asleep on the velvet armchair in my bedroom! It just feels so comfy when I put up my legs on the smaller chair nearby, hide myself in my white cotton blanket, and suddenly drift off to dreamy land. Ah, that is the life!

If you want to create a stress-free atmosphere in your bedroom, try upgrading its cosiness with some soft layers. And It’s not just about putting a pillow there and a carpet here, but the quality of the fabrics is key! Invest in fabrics like cashmere, cotton, velvet, and wool that are known to arouse feelings of softness and relaxation. Layer up your room with soft cushions and woollen rugs in cheerful colours! A sheepskin rug under the bed will feel so warm and nice in the morning when you lay your cold feet on it.

5. Relaxing fragrance for a cocooning bedroom

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We have already discussed the importance of the sense of touch and sight when it comes to relaxation, now let’s focus on our sense of smell. The fragrance you have in your room can arouse in you a sense of peace and mindfulness if chosen wisely. There are a variety of ways to appeal to your sense of smell in your cocooning bedroom. You can select aroma sticks in natural fragrances that make you feel like you are in a forest, sleeping under the stars!

To combine the sense of smell and sight, invest in an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser. Soft lighting combined with aromatic relaxing smells will give you just what you need to fully submerge in your own personal cocoon! And of course, when we are talking about the sense of smell, we cannot leave to mention my all-time favourite item – candles! All my friends know that I am probably the most obsessive fan of candles. I spend more money on candles that I probably do on clothes! Well, I do purchase them in the thrift shop…so yeah, no surprise there! When choosing candles, pick out the perfect smell you would picture for your bedroom! For mine, I personally go with something that calms me like cinnamon, caramel, vanilla or wild berries.

I really hope all the ideas displayed here, help you out in achieving a cocooning experience for your bedroom! You of course don’t need to incorporate all the mentioned ideas into your bedroom. Select the ones that are most appealing to you! But remember, colour is of most importance! All in all, we all deserve a little break now and then, so let’s make the most of it by designing the bedroom of our dreams. Cheers!

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How to Make a Cocooning Bedroom—Photo Gallery

A string of lights and a candle creates the perfect cosy atmosphere!

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Soft neutral colours and an abundance of soft pillows

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I think the kitty is enjoying this cocooning bedroom, don’t you think?

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Dark walls and a touch of nature for a soothing effect

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Minimalistic, stylish and comfortable

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Soft lighting, quality bedding and natural materials

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A rich colour palette creates the cocooning bedroom of your dreams! 

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Light spread around the whole room

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