Fall decoration 2022 with physalis: simple DIY ideas with lantern flower that beautify the house and the garden!

by Kremy

In addition to pine cones, autumn leaves and carved pumpkins, physalis has become an integral part of fall decorations. The lantern plant is fascinating with its wide range of colors (unripe fruits are green, then the color can vary from yellow to bright orange depending on the degree of ripeness) and can be staged in many ways. We offer you several beautiful ideas for fall decoration 2022 with Physalis, which are super simple and effective at the same time.

Fall decoration 2022 with physalis: display the lantern flowers effectively in the living room

colorful fall decoration 2022 DIY physalis garland

For the first decoration you need Chinese lantern flowers in different degree of ripeness. First detach the physalis from the stems, then make an opening on the fruit stalk. Gently pull the fruit with the stem and remove it. Then you can thread the lantern flowers. Attach the garland to the window or to a wall in the living room.

Fall decoration 2022 for the table: Physalis in a glass

fall decoration 2022 in a jar with physalis fairy lights and moss


Physalis is a beautiful accent not only as a wall decoration. The fall decoration is also particularly attractive in the glass. You can arrange individual twigs with fruit capsules in a glass container on the garden table. This will keep them fresh longer. Or you can put physalis in a jar and drape a string of lights around the fruit pods.

A tip: put moss on the bottom of the vase or glass and water it generously. It will provide water for the fresh physalis shoots. The leaves of the lantern flower are the first to wither.

Modern fall decoration with physalis for the table

Autumn decoration with physalis and pumpkins ideas for 2022

Physalis also looks good in a vase and can be combined with other seasonal natural materials. Together with ornamental pumpkins on a wooden log slice, the arrangement is clean and modern.

To ensure that the decoration lasts a long time, you can dry the lantern flowers. You can either pick the fruit pods individually and let them dry in a well-ventilated area, or you can let them dry directly on the stem. To do this, first cut off the shoots with the flowers, then remove the leaves. Place the physalis in a vase without water in a sunny spot.

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Fall decoration 2022 with Lunaria and Chinese lantern

modern autumn decoration in vase 2022 physalis and lunaria

Lunaria and Chinese lantern are perhaps the most beautiful combination for fall. The attractive contrast between the dainty white blossoms of the Lunaria and the large fruit capsules of the Chinese lantern is particularly effective in a simple vase with a narrow neck. You can additionally spray the physalis with gold or bronze spray.

Fall decorations in the garden: DIY physalis fairy lights

DIY string lights from physalis instructions

Physalis fairy lights create a fall atmosphere on the garden table or on the windowsill in the living room. To make the fairy lights, you need fresh, ripe lantern flowers. Make a small hole at the base of the stem and insert the bulbs of the fairy lights – one bulb in each hole. The fall decoration is done so quickly and easily!

fall decoration 2022 DIY fairy lights with physalis

As with all homemade illuminated garlands, you should also pay attention to a few things when crafting the string lights to prevent fire hazards. Never leave the fairy lights unattended and it is best to use LED fairy lights that do not heat up. Otherwise there is a risk of fire.

Physalis decoration for the living room

DIY physalis fall decorations

Do you have an old lamp that you want to spice up? Put the empty, fresh fruit pods in hot water. After 10 minutes, when the fruit capsules open slightly, you can take them out again. Carefully open each individual fruit pod and spray with gold spray. Then you can decorate the lamp with it.

Fall decoration 2022 for the house entrance: DIY door wreaths ideas

DIY fall decoration door wreath with physalis

A door wreath with physalis sets accents and automatically attracts attention. This craft idea may seem a bit complicated at first glance, but in fact it is super easy to implement.

Door wreath for fall 2022 with Chinese lantern flowers

Cover a wreath base with fabric and then attach the individual fruit pods (fresh, without fruit) using a glue gun. You can then decorate the wreath with sisal. Dried grasses and snowberries are the perfect gap fillers.

fall decoration 2022 DIY physalis wreath

Another option is to make a door wreath from fresh seasonal fall flowers and decorate with physalis. It looks particularly beautiful when you combine branches of physalis with fruit pods of different colors.

DIY autumn wreath with physalis and other fresh fall flowers

Edible table decoration for autumn with lantern flowers

decorate birthday cake with physalis fall ideas

With physalis you can also decorate birthday cakes, cookies and other sweets. In this case, it is best to take opened fruit capsules with ripe fruit.

Sweets autumn decorating ideas for candies and physalis

You can also dip the ripe fruits in melted chocolate and make delicious candies. You can then arrange the physalis sweets on the guests’ plates for Thanksgiving. It is also a great decoration for the wedding table.

Fall wedding decoration: bridal bouquet made of physalis, dried flowers and autumn leaves

Bouquet with fresh fall flowers autumn leaves and physalis

Fall weddings are special. There is a wide range of natural materials and colors to choose from. If you invest some time and effort, you can also make the wedding decoration yourself. This also includes the bridal bouquet – made from fall leaves, seasonal flowers from your own garden and physalis.

The lantern flower fascinates with wonderful colors and filigree blossoms. Various creative decorations can be made with the fruit capsules. Whether as a soloist in the vase or together with fall leaves and seasonal flowers on the table: the physalis is a charming eye-catcher and a wonderful addition to this year’s fall decoration.


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