Fairy Lights on the Balcony – Create a Cozy Outdoor Space for the Family

by Kremy

Summer is here and it is time to enjoy warm evenings. This is romantic in itself, but you can add some fairy lights on your balcony and create a magical and cozy atmosphere. To add original decorative lighting on your balcony is much easier than it sounds.

Fairy Lights on the Balcony Create a Cozy Outdoor Space

Fairy lights are a fantastic decoration that attracts attention and cheers up people of all ages. With their help, it is easy to decorate the balcony not only for a holiday, but also to introduce it as an everyday accessory. A wide variety of models will allow you to choose the best option and emphasize the individuality of your balcony design.

What Are The Advantages Of Fairy Lights As Balcony Decoration?

Advantages Of Fairy Lights As Balcony Decoration


In terms of functionality and operation, in addition to a high degree of aesthetics, the following advantages of fairy lights can be distinguished:

  • Low power consumption – this is a very important property for many people, especially if you use more than one string of lights. Depending on the appearance, you can purchase a model that most effectively replaces a night light and illuminates the outdoor space. With its help, you can not only create a festive mood, but also significantly save on electricity bills.
  • Mobility – string lights are small in size and light in weight, therefore, if necessary, it is easy to transfer them from one place to another, as well as place them in spots inaccessible to traditional light sources.

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  • Easy connection – To use a string light, it is enough to connect it to a power source – an outlet or batteries. This does not take much time and effort and you do not need to deal with complex instructions.
  • Safety – Modern models are distinguished by a high degree of reliability, and thanks to the parallel connection, the garland will continue to work properly, even if one of the bulbs in the circuit is damaged. Most of the models are protected from the destructive effects of weather conditions.
  • A wide range of designs – Manufacturers offer a wide range of products that differ in many parameters, from the size of the lamps to their color variety. That is why it will not be difficult to find the best option for this or that case.

What to Consider When Choosing Fairy Lights for Your Balcony?

how to decorate the balcony with string lights

As you know, string lights can be used both indoors and outdoors. When choosing fairy lights for indoor decorations, almost any garland will do and you can be guided by your own taste and personal preferences.

However, when choosing outdoor lights, there are four main indicators to pay attention to:

  • Degree of moisture protection;
  • Power supply;
  • Wire material;
  • Type of lamps.

It is best if you purchase outdoor LED string lights. They are resistant to various kinds of mechanical stress and much more difficult to damage than their alternatives. LED lights will last a long time – at least 20,000 hours. In addition, they provide brighter light and consume very little electricity. Further to that, LED lights do not heat up, which means they do not create a fire hazardous situation.

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When installing fairy lights on the balcony, do not forget about safety precautions. Before connecting the garland, you must carefully inspect the product for bare wires, and also make sure that they are insulated. A garland light intended for the home should not be used outdoors to avoid possible short circuits during bad weather or temperature extremes. It is not recommended to hang garlands near flammable materials or spray similar substances near them.

What Type of String Lights to Choose?

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The choice of balcony lights will depend on your personal preferences. As you know, fairy lights come in 3 different versions – battery operated lights,  electric lights and solar fairy lights. Obviously, if your balcony gets a lot of sunlight, solar-powered version is the way to go.

Fairy lights fantastic balcony decoration ideas

Keep in mind that warm light is more relaxing while cold white light is stronger. Depending on your design plan for the balcony, choose the relevant type of lighting.

How to Hang Fairy Lights on Your Balcony?

how to fix string light garland on the balcony

Most people prefer ordinary transparent tape. However, it is not suitable for surfaces like plastered walls. Hooks or clips are another option that works for any balcony.

Fairy Lights On Your Balcony – How To Decorate Your Outdoor Area?

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Garden lighting, in general, allows homeowners to spend time outdoors and take full advantage of the beautiful weather. A well-decorated space creates a warm atmosphere, ideal for having a glass of wine with friends or family after work. Who wouldn’t love an evening like this?!

As far as aesthetical appearance is concerned, when you choose string lights, try to match them with the style of your balcony. If your balcony is decorated in Boho style, it is better to choose fairy lights with warm light. You can opt for models with original design – Chinese lanterns or interesting paper shades.

DIY balcony pallet furniture fairy lights

What to Consider When Choosing Fairy Lights for Your Balcony

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garland lighting ideas to add a romantic touch to balcony decoration

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