Ibiza Style Garden Furniture – 11 Easy Tips to Help You Transform Your Outdoor Space Into an Oasis

by Stephanie Yankova

Whenever I think about an aesthetic that embodies the true feeling of summer, the Ibiza style is the first thing that comes to mind! It’s organic and simple yet has that luxurious flair that makes you feel like you’re on vacation on a tropical island. Do you want to bring that energy into your garden space? You’ve come to the right place! The best part – you don’t need a beach house in order to feel like you live in one! Scroll on to learn my simple tips on choosing Ibiza style garden furniture that will transform your outdoor space into a true Oasis!

luxurious minimalist ibiza style garden furniture decoration ideas summer 2023 outdoor design

Can Wooden Garden Furniture Be Left Outside?

Most outdoor wooden furniture has a protective top coat which makes it weather-resistant. When buying patio furniture make sure that you check if it has been treated. If it has been, it’s completely okay to leave it outside all year round. However, professionals suggest reapplying sealant every 6 months to a year to ensure the longevity of your garden furniture.

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Ibiza Style Garden Furniture Trends 2023

island living ibiza style garden furniture ideas rattan chairs summer 2023


If we had to narrow down the Ibiza style to a couple of essential elements they would be: organic fabrics, white and nude colors, rattan and wooden furniture and minimalist decor. In order to embody the true Ibiza aesthetic you should go for accessories and furniture pieces that look hand-made. Take for example the rattan chairs from the image above. They have a simple silhouette, yet there is evident craftsmanship that went into their creation.

Outdoor Swing Bed

outdoor swing bed ibiza style garden furniture ideas trends 2023

The outdoor swing bed may easily be one of my favorite outdoor Ibiza-inspired pieces. It’s a fusion between a daybed and a hammock and it’s a great way to add some character to your outdoor space. I guarantee you this will be the new favorite leisure spot for every member of your family! The only downside – they are quite pricy. The upside – you can easily make one on your own! Take a look at the video below to see how you can make your own outdoor swing bed on a budget!

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White Macrame Hammock

knitted white textile hammock ibiza style garden furniture ideas 2023

If the swinging bed doesn’t quite fit your aesthetic, we have another suggestion for you! Elevate your outdoor design by switching up the classic hammock for a white macrame knitted one. It will instantly bring an island vibe into your garden and truly add a more aesthetic appearance to it!

Ibiza Style Outdoor Kitchen Furniture

ibiza style outdoor kitchen garden furniture trends 2023

The Ibiza design style is all about raw materials, artisanal furniture and a lot of wood. When decorating your spaces in this style less is certainly more. In this particular case, these simple wooden bar stools work perfectly with the all-white outdoor cob kitchen. Together they create an earthy, elegant and minimalist kitchen corner that also feels warm and inviting.

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White Ibiza Style Garden Furniture

white ibiza style garden furniture simple minimalist outdoor decor 2023

Nothing says Mediterranian style quite like all-around all-white furnishing. While the white paint may wear off over the years, the final effect is worth the occasional upkeep. This is a great way to lighten and open up your space. It’s simple, chic and there’s no doubt that this white wooden dining table will make your summer outdoor dinners feel extra special!

More Ibiza Style Garden Furniture

white beige organic natural fabrics minimalist decor ibiza style garden furniture ideas

Solid Wood Coffee Tables in Different Sizes 

solid wood different size coffee tables ibiza style garden furniture island living minimalist aesthetic

Textile Tassels Umbrella 

textile umbrella ibiza style garden furniture decoration ideas summer 2023 small backyard decor

Raw Wood Dining Table and Matching Benches with Organic Fabric Cushions

raw wooden table benches organic fabrics ibiza style garden furniture ideas summer 2023

Rattan Ottomans in Different Shapes and Sizes 

rattan ottomans simple ibiza style garden furniture inspo ideas summer 2023

Classic Wickerwork Chairs

wickerwork chairs ibiza style garden furniture summer 2023 decoration ideas

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