Garbage Can Cladding Ideas for the Garden: How to Disguise Trash Bins in Style!

by Kremy

Beautify your outdoor area by finding garbage can cladding ideas and implementing them in style!

If you want to prevent an unsightly mess in the garden area, you can use a garbage can cladding ideas as inspiration. There are numerous creative and inexpensive ways to do this, and you can also use your garden plants or other privacy screens. Thus, any outdoor area can be both spruced up and made more accessible and generally kept more organized. If you plan to keep trash cans out of sight in your garden area or yard, the following examples and tips may help you.

Garbage Can Cladding: The Best Ideas for the Garden

garbage can cladding ideas for the garden area equipped with a connected lid

Keeping trash cans outside can often cause them to draw attention and affect the overall look. Luckily, nowadays this can be prevented in a clever way, using diverse garbage can cladding ideas and DIY projects you can implement yourself. Moreover, depending on the position, you can cover either the back or the front of such areas with practical and stylish camouflage. This will prevent your bins from tipping over in bad weather and causing chaos in the garden. Besides, this would also be a practical solution if you want to keep wild animals away from the trash in the garden area.

combine modern front yard design with garbage can cladding ideas


All of these benefits can make all the difference in the design of your outdoor spaces and save you many headaches when it comes to litter storage. Choose from sturdy trellises and wooden or metal boxes and screens, as well as structures with vibrant green and planted areas. You can also build your own garbage can box, using different materials depending on the style and the available space. You can also create more storage space and hide unsightly waste bins by stylishly implementing ideas in the front yard or in front of driveways using the options for garbage can cladding described below.

If You Want to Simply Hide Your Trash Cans

garbage can cladding with lights

Do you have a garage, shed, or other outdoor structure? If so, you might consider moving your garbage cans there. The space under steps or other hollow spaces that you may have around your house can also be used for this purpose. Such a height difference would be the perfect opportunity if you need to hide your garbage cans. So by using some visual tricks, your storage space can also be less noticeable. Although this does not hide the bins, it can help coordinate the lines and colors of your garbage can box with the rest of your garden area.

compact and practical garbage can cladding ideas

Incorporate such an element into your surroundings in a carefree manner, taking advantage of spaces under steep stairs. This allows you to add some storage cabinets for your dumpsters in an unobtrusive way. You can then equip these with sliding or folding doors to achieve a more elegant look. Although this could be a bit more complex for garbage collection, such an idea would be a quick and free solution to the problem. This also offers the possibility of adapting the storage of garbage cans to existing elements in your outdoor area.

Build Your Own Garbage Can Box and Use Suitable Materials

place large potted plants as decoration next to a wooden garbage bin box and beautify the area

Another cheap option if you have DIY skills is to make your own garbage shed as a DIY project. This would be a great way to recycle existing and otherwise unusable materials. For example, turn old pallets into practical protective walls, creating a rustic and practical garden decoration through using their versatility. It may take you a little more time and effort, but it will definitely be worth it.

aluminum garbage can cladding modern garden ideas

When choosing building materials, you can also consider wood, plastic and metal. Although metal is usually the most expensive, it is a low-maintenance material. As far as plastic is concerned, this would be the cheapest option and you can choose from attractive designs that will look great in your garden. However, plastic tends to crack over time, so you should consider sturdier options. Also, with metal and plastic, keep in mind that these heat up much faster than wood in the summer and could lead to bad smells in the bins. With such materials, you should ensure adequate ventilation.

decorative panels can hide your trash bins

Also, consider the style of your space to decide on the best possible garbage can cladding. The material for most outdoor storage options is wood. It naturally blends in with the similar look of the garden and can be very durable if properly maintained. In this regard, it is advisable to paint or varnish wood once a year. You can easily do this at the same time when refreshing your garden fence or cleaning and maintaining your deck. In addition, pressure treated wood would be a better choice as such a treatment will protect the material longer in adverse weather conditions.

Garbage Can Cladding Ideas for Bike Sheds

corten steel for garbage bin cladding

If you have limited space, you can combine a built-in waste container with a bicycle shed, for example by using CorTen steel. This would be a practical industrial style solution that could function not only as a garden wall but also as a spacious and secure storage space. This will give you more space for bicycles, garbage cans and even garden equipment or tools, while you can also add colorful plants to the top.

compact and modern solutions to hide trash cans in the front or backyard

In this way you can also camouflage an unsightly front wall or facade and implement modern looking garbage can cladding ideas with metal or steel. This allows you to be practical when space is limited. In addition, bricks also have a larger carbon footprint than steel, which can be recycled and reused. For example, you can opt for a custom design with folding or sliding doors made of wood slats or metal.

Use Trellises or Hedges as Camouflage

use pressure treated wood and build a stylish garbage bin box for the garden area

You can also use climbing plants on trellises or fast-growing green hedges as a protective screen. All-season plant varieties and versatile trellises are suitable for this purpose. The plants will then grow quickly and can be used as a living screen in front of your trash can. To implement such garbage can cladding ideas in the garden, you can also use plant screening of parts of the garden area. Once established, this requires little maintenance other than pruning and occasional watering.

diy garbage bin box from natural materials like wood

In addition, a hedge not only serves as camouflage, but can also provide habitat for wildlife. This would be an easy way to conceal unsightly garden areas. By choosing appropriate hedge plants, you allow for an ever-changing carpet of foliage that can be more visually appealing and much more attractive than a wooden fence or brickwork. If time is not an issue and you prefer a more varied look, you can opt for a mix of native hedge plants. Plant species such as hawthorn, blackthorn, hazelnut, dog rose or alder provide valuable food and shelter for birds and other wildlife. They can also be a wonderful display of seasonal plantings in any garden.

Screen Trash Cans with Wicker or Panels

garbage bin screen ideas

You may also consider placing inexpensive woven screens around your garbage cans as privacy screens. This allows them to be kept out of sight quickly and easily. There are numerous materials that are suitable for this and such a panel can be made of almost any material. Natural options such as bamboo or willow, for example, blend in perfectly with the outdoor landscape and would be an ideal choice for natural environments. Protective screens made of plastic can also be used in a variety of ways, although there are many options that are inexpensive and still protect garbage cans from prying eyes. These can also be easily lifted up and pushed aside when it’s time for garbage collection. The only thing that can be a disadvantage is the durability of such materials.

wooden slat screens can hide your garbage cans

Areas for storing garbage cans can be well concealed with paneling and slats as well. In this way, you can screen any available corner and elegantly disguise unsightly dumpsters. All this creates a feeling of space and tidiness. For example, you could opt for wooden partitions in various styles, and pressure-treated wooden panels will naturally blend into the outdoor space. The slats can be either vertical or horizontal to visually enlarge the area. Of course, there are trellises with a diamond pattern that can be planted and create a lively garden decoration. You can enhance the effect by adding large potted plants and use them as privacy screens.

Combine Garbage Can Cladding Ideas with a Seating Area

modern and practical solutions for garden areas garbage can cladding ideas

Storage space for garbage cans can be combined in a practical and stylish way with seating in the garden area. You can opt for garden structures like pergolas or sitting areas that are both for entertaining and allow for storing garden stuff. For example, some designs combine glazed seating areas with separate garden sheds or spacious cabinets where you can store everything. Depending on the available space, you can customize the size and shape to fit your lot, whether it’s long, narrow, or a simple corner.

the best garbage bin cladding ideas

All of this also includes structures with canopies as useful options for any season. These are mostly open at the side and offer both weather protection and outdoor seating. Of course, if you want to be even more comfortable in the cold, you can consider closed options. Plus, with custom garbage can cladding, you can elegantly adapt ideas like this to your location and needs. This gives you both a concealed storage space for your garbage cans and a covered seating area. This can turn into a focal point in the garden and keep the outdoor space clean and tidy.

More Tips and Garbage Can Cladding Ideas

how to hide your trash bins

Now that you have seen some inspiring examples of stylish garbage can cladding ideas, you can also optimize the garden design by keeping a few important points in mind. Considering the following factors will help make the outdoor space even more attractive and practical by using garbage can cladding.

  • Plan the location in advance – Where will your bins be the least visible? For example, if they are placed directly under the kitchen window, the view might not be very pleasant. Also, if possible, avoid placing such items near garage doors or garden entrances. When choosing a location, also consider the viewing angle to prevent any mistakes.
  • Work according to the available space – you should consider in advance how much space you are willing to sacrifice for such structures. Some ideas for garbage can cladding often need very little space, as is the case with privacy screens. However, if they are purpose-built sheds, they can take up more space.
  • Provide Access– To make garbage collection convenient for you, you should also provide a convenient route to your garbage cans. If these are in a remote location, it can make accessibility difficult. For example, when it’s cold or rainy outside, dragging a heavy garbage can could be challenging. In addition, do not block the way to this area and ensure that the dustbin can fit through your garden paths or gates.
  • Think of a stable base for heavy structures – The stability of the ground under your bins is also an important factor and it should not be too muddy either. Try to support organic waste garbage cans or those for compost well, and possibly place a platform underneath to maintain hygiene in this area.



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