Barbiecore French Nails – 20 Ideas for a Stunning Doll-Like Manicure!

by Stephanie Yankova

The Barbie-mania has us all in a chokehold, and I’m here to ride the wave while it’s high! In the spirit of the highly anticipated Barbie movie which is FINALLY premiering tomorrow (July 21st), we’re going full pink-glam! Channel your inner doll with these stunning Barbiecore French nails designs!

Barbiecore French Nails: The Biggest Trend of Summer 2023

shades of pink rainbow french manicure barbiecore summer nails ideas

If you’ve been thinking about whether to get a pink manicure this summer or not – the time is NOW! French tips are the hit of the season, as always, and pink is the it-color of the month! Celebrate your inner Barbie with a gorgeous set of magenta nails – they will make your life fantastic! Which design would you choose?

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Pink Chrome French Tips

chrome pink french manicure barbiecore nails summer 2023


Have you had enough of the chrome nail trend yet? Me neither! There’s just something about the metallic tips that makes you feel edgy but in a refined and subtle way. This pink chrome French manicure is right on the money for this season! It’s sleek, playful with just the right amount of color and glitter to draw attention.

Melted Pink French Tips

melting effect abstract pink french tips summer barbiecore manicure ideas 2023

It’s so hot outside even your manicure is melting! This quirky French tip design reminiscent of melting ice cream is the perfect summer accessory!

Elegant Gold Leaf and Pink Watercolor Manicure

gold leaf watercolor effect pink french tip manicure barbiecore nails ideas

While we’re on the topic of food, this watercolor effect makes your nails look as if you’ve just dipped them in raspberry cheesecake cream! The gold leaf is also a great touch that reflects the light in such a beautiful and dreamy way!

Magenta Ombre French Nails

pink ombre french nails minimalist white heart summer barbiecore manicure ideas

As soon as the summer sun comes out, it’s time for the ombre nails to make their glamorous appearance! This blend of baby pink and magenta is definitely on the top of my nails-to-do list! You can add a little sentimental element like these subtle white hearts to make it extra cute and girly!

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Double French Tips in Neon Green and Pink

neon green pink double french manicure matte barbiecore summer nails ideas

As soon as I saw these nails all I could think about was “Watermelon sugar“. Bold, playful, and super on-trend – these matte neon shades of green and pink are the perfect mid-summer combination!

Sugar Style Pink French Tips

sugar style barbiecore pink french manicure ideas summer 2023

As I mentioned sugar, I simply couldn’t resist showing you this showstopper of a manicure! I know we buried the sugar effect nails a long time ago. HOWEVER, it’s Barbie season! That means everything pink, bubbly, and sugary is ON! So, we’re bringing back this design with full force (for now)!

Edgy Barbiecore French Nails

pink flames french manicure gold chain decoration edgy barbiecore nails summer 2023

For my badass Barbies out there, I’ve prepared this edgy moment here! Pastel pink base, neon pink flames, and an edgy gold chain because who doesn’t like some bling? It’s abstract, it’s fun and best believe – it won’t go unnoticed!

P.S. The flames are low-key paying homage to Oppenheimer.

Pink Zebra Print French Nails Design

pink french tip frame zebra print barbiecore manicure ideas

Hot doll aesthetic checklist – animal prints! I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. The summer is the BEST time to go as crazy and experimental with your manicure as you wish! 10/10 times you’ll not only get away with it but also get a bunch of compliments on it! This abstract nail art composition combines two of my favorite elements – zebra print and nail frame! The thin outlining of the nail is like an elevated version of the French tip that can instantly make your manicure pop when done in a bold color!

More Stunning Barbiecore French Nails Design Inspiration

deep pink tie dye french tip nails barbiecore summer manicure ideas 2023

Cow Print “Cowboy Barbie” French Manicure

cow print barbiecore pink french manicure ideas long oval nails design summer 2023

Two-Tone Pink Waves Tips

abstract pink waves french tips barbiecore manicure ideas 2023

Abstract Mismatched Illustrated French Tip Nails

abstract mismatched illustrated pink french nails barbie inspired summer manicure 2023

Magenta Tips with Minimalist Floral Decoration

magenta pink french manicure babrbiecore nails minimalist floral decorations 2023

Elegant Pastel Pink French Manicure with Small Pink Pearls

gentle minimalist barbie pink french manicure pearl decorations oval nails

Elegant Pink French Manicure with Realistic Butterfly Drawings

elegant pink french manicure butterfly nails decoration

Pastel Pink Tips with Colorful Gems

elegant pastel pink french nails colorful gems barbiecore abstract manicure ideas

Pastel Pink Base with a Thin Magenta Frame 

pink french tip frame manicure dark skin barbiecore nails ideas 2023

Simple Two-Tone Negative Space Pink French Nails

minimalist negative space two tone french tips barbiecore summer nails ideas 2023

Pink Gradient Straight Line French Tips

pink gradient french manicure barbiecore nails 2023

Two-Tone Neon Pink Tips Summer Barbiecore French Nails

two tone barbiecore neon pink french manicure ideas 2023

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