Trend Alert: Pink Summer Nails – The Latest Barbiecore Beauty Craze That’s Dominating 2023

by Stephanie Yankova

Barbiecore is currently the most prominent fashion trend that’s turning the world pink (thank you, Margot Robbie), and everyone is rushing to the nail salon to get the perfect pink manicure for the upcoming summer season! Give way to your soft, feminine side with these stunning pink nail designs we’ve selected for your next nail appointment, so you too can live out your Barbie fantasy!

 Pink Summer Nails Designs that Will Swoon You Over

pink summer nails floral decoration french tip

If you’re just as excited for the upcoming release of the largely anticipated “Barbie” movie coming out this summer, you too have probably been feeling a Barbie fever attempting to manifest itself in some way! Well, my dears, look no further, because the pink manicures you’re about to see are the pure embodiment of Barbiecore I can’t wait to rock on my paws all summer long!

Two-Tone Pink French Tip Manicure

two tone pink french tip summer nails design ideas 2023


Did I hear someone say pink on pink? There’s no denying the fact that French nails are forever going to remain an unprecedented classic, however, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be open to its abstract interpretations! This hot pink French tips manicure with a pink base is a set that even Barbie herself would get jealous of!

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Pink Polka Dots and Floral Decorations

fun abstract pink summer nails design floral decorations polka dots pattern

This fun abstract manicure is guaranteed to bring a spark of positivity into your day every time you take a look at it! The minimalist floral decorations complement the polka dots pattern perfectly in this stunning summer nail design!

Abstract Swirl Nails Design

abstract orange pink summer nails design swirl manicure inspo barbiecore

Orange and pink was a nail color combination that took the world by storm last summer, and the trend is slowly but surely making a comeback in 2023! This chic swirl nail design is a great way to add a playful element to your pink manicure this season!

Pink Turtle Shell Manicure

turtle shell pink summer nails design fun manicure ideas

While on the topic of abstract nail designs, the turtle shell is the newest animal pattern craze that’s been growing in popularity over the last month and we are yet to see more of it in the upcoming summer!

Hot Pink Summer Ombre Nails

burgundy pink ombre summer manicure short square nails

When it comes to summer manicure trends one thing is for sure – we do love a good pink ombre nail design! It’s just one of those tried and tested, well-loved classics that we hold onto so dearly and quite frankly – we’ll probably never get enough of it! It’s a fool-proof, effortlessly chic and incredibly versatile design that allows for endless color combinations and interpretations -what’s not to love about that?

Barbiecore Pink Nails for Women Over 50

short squoval nails women over 50 pink summer manicure silver glitter reverse french

Age ain’t nothing but a number, especially when it comes to self-expression! Ladies over 50 – don’t shy away from the pink summer nails trend and book your nail appointment ASAP for a funky fresh set like the one above! Hot pink and silver glitter? Sign me up – there’s a new Barbie in town!

Abstract Pink Manicure for Women Over 60

abstract pink nails women over 60 summer manicure design ideas 2023

Pink is for everyone – young selves, your mama and your grandma, too! If you’re a woman over 60, this is your sign to step outside the box this summer and give the Barbie pink manicure a try! We have a feeling that you’re going to love it!

More Ideas for Pink Summer Nails

hot pink black white polka dots pattern summer manicure design ideas

Minimalist Pastel Pink French Tip on Short Square Nails

simple minimalist pastel pink french tip summer manicure

Real Flower Pink Summer Manicure Design

real flowers vibrant pink summer nails beautiful manicure design ideas

Pink Swirl Manicure with Purple Watercolor Decorations

purple watercolor pink swirl summer manicure long almond nails

Pink Abstract French Tip Manicure with Gold Foil on Short Stilleto Nails 

pink summer stiletto nails abstract french tip gold foil manicure ideas 2023

Short Pink Barbiecore Summer Nails with Black & White Polka Dots

pink summer nails black white polka dots decoration ideas

Hot Pink Barbiecore Style Manicure with Zebra Print Decoration 

neon pink zebra animal print summer manicure design ideas 2023

Neon Pink French Tip Summer Nail Design

neon pink french tip summer nails design inspo trends 2023

Mismatched Pink Nail Design with Abstract Floral Decorations for Short Squoval Nails

mismatched pink nails abstract minimalist floral pattern summer manicure design inspo 2023

Classic Pink French Manicure on Short Square Nails with Simple Pink Floral Accents

minimalist floral pink french tip summer manicure short square nails

Long Oval Nails with Abstract Pink Swirl Nail Design

long oval nails two tone abstract pink summer manicure design ideas 2023

Vibrant Neon Pink Summer Nails with Watermelon Decoration

hot nean pink summer nails watermelon decoration 2023

Pink Gradient French Tip Manicure on Short Oval Nails

gradient pink french tip manicure summer short oval nails design inspo 2023

Abstract Pink Gradient French Tips 

gradient pink abstract french tip manicure summer deign inspo short oval nails

Pink Double French Tip Design on Long Ballerina Nails 

double pink french tip summer manicure long ballerina nails

Elegant and Minimalist Dark Pink French Tip Manicure with Simple Floral Pattern and Polka Dots 

dark pink french tip summer nails minimalist floral motifs simple manicure

Abstract Pink and White French Tip on Long Square Nails

abstract pink white french tip summer manicure square nails design inspo 2023

Quirky Mismatched Pink Summer Nail Art Designs

abstract decoration pink summer manicure long square nails

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