Should I Wear Gold or Silver? Here’s How to Make the Right Choice for Your Skin Tone!

by Radost P.

When it comes to buying new jewelry for yourself or as a gift, the most popular question that comes to mind is whether gold or silver is the better choice. Both metals are considered to be precious, together with several other ones, due to the fact that they are rare and highly valuable. However, depending on your skin tone and undertone, one of these metals could be more suitable for you to wear. The variations increase even more when you add white gold and rose gold to the mix. Below, you will find all the information you need, concerning your question ‘’Should I wear gold or silver?’’. So, do not skip out on reading it because it is important.

Should I Wear Gold or Silver? Here’s What You Need to Know Before Making a Choice!

should i wear gold or silver when it comes to buying a new jewelry for yourself or as a gift the most popular question that comes to mind both metals are considered to be precious

The truth is, choosing the right jewelry for you is not the easiest task. At least for the women who have high standards concerning their appearance. In fact, this can be as challenging as doing your makeup professionally or buying clothes that reflect your personal style as much as possible. To make the process easier for you, we collected the most important information to consider when choosing between gold and silver!

How to Check What’s Your Skin Undertone?

how to choose between gold and silver rose gold white gold depending on your skin type and undertone


The main types of skin undertone are warm, cool, and neutral. To check which one you have, perform the so-called light test. Shine a flashlight over your veins – if they appear blue, your undertone is cool. On the other hand, if they are more greenish – you have a warm undertone. For the people with neutral one, it might be difficult to see the color of your veins – you can wear both silver and gold. For cool undertones, white gold is best.

Types of Skin Tones

how to choose between gold and silver what are the main types of skin tones light fine dark how to decide which accessory type to buy

You can have either a fair, light, medium, or dark skin tone. It is easy to determine it by the way your skin reacts to the sun. People with fair and light types get sunburned quicker. If you are a person with a darker skin tone, go for gold. On the other hand, if you have lighter skin tone, choose between gold and silver.

When Should I Choose Rose Gold Jewelry?

should i wear silver or gold which factors to consider when buying a new necklace for woman does my hair color matter does my eyes color impact your choice

Rose gold jewelry is good for people with warm or neutral skin undertone. This metal is durable and will make you look stylish and classy. The only disadvantage is that rose gold is not a hypoallergenic metal. More on this later on.

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What About White Gold?

White gold is great for people with cool or neutral skin undertones. The advantage is that this metal is suitable for both men and women and is more affordable than platinum. White gold is a hypoallergenic metal that needs to be maintained regularly.

Your Hair and Eye Colors Matter

rose or white gold or yellow gold how to see what my skin undertone is choosing the right metal for your necklace depending on a few factors personal preferences and likes

Another important factor not to skip is to take into account the colors of your hair and eyes. Typically, people with blue or green eyes and light hair wear silver jewelries. On the other hand, those with brown or black eyes and dark hair color prefer gold. At the end of the day, it is your choice.

What’s Your Clothing Style?

You should also look at the colors of the outfits that you wear most frequently. If you tend to wear warm colors, like red and orange, it is probably good to choose gold. Conversely, if you prefer clothes with cool colors, like blue and green, silver will fit them better.

Things to Keep in Mind for Allergic Reactions from Jewelry

In order to be sure that you have an allergic reaction towards a metal, it is crucial to know the signs. The main ones include your skin becoming warmer and red after wearing the jewelry. In addition, notice if there are any dry patches.

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Jewelry and Makeup

white or rose gold here is what you need to know when buying a new necklace for someone or for yourself skin tones factor skin undertone types

Your makeup should complement the type of metal that you are wearing. In this way, your appearance will be stunning and attract everyone. For example, choose warmer colors for your lipstick and eyes, if you prefer gold necklaces. On the other hand, use nude or lighter colors for your makeup, in case you wear silver jewelries.

Should I Wear Gold or Silver? Take Into Account Your Preferences!

Last but not least, never neglect your likes and preferences, no matter what the experts say. To gain some insight into what is good for you, consider the information above. Yet, do not rely only on it. Feeling truly confident in your own skin is what is most important.

In a nutshell, there are certain factors to remember when choosing between gold and silver. Things like your skin tone and undertone, clothing choices, and veins’ color can lead you to the right option. We hope that this article was helpful!

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